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Welcome to Tokyo R&D !
Fusion of cutting-edge technology and inspiration.
Racing cars, electric vehicles and carbon fiber composite materials, where achieving the ultimate performance is our paramount requirement. Our technical prowess refined in these fields is practiced in our highly efficient, high-speed and comprehensive research and development of production cars,
research vehicles, show models and competition cars.
This is the first time in the history of Tokyo R&D to exhibit itself in the Tokyo Motor Show, and we wish to introduce our own products as well as our characteristics and capability in the field of Automotive R&D. We also would like to invite you to meet our group companies; PUES Corporation, R&D Sport Co., Ltd., and Vemac Car Company Ltd.

Tokyo R&D


TOKYO R&D Co.,Ltd.
Head Office:2-4-5 Roppongi,Minatoku,Tokyo 106-0032
Atsugi Office:1516 Aiko Atsugi,Kanagawa 243-0035

Exhibited Products
Vemac RD200
2.0l L4 DOHC 162kW(220ps)
Following the styling and basic construction, the RD200 is a new model ready to boost the well-received superb handling and comfort of its forebear, RD180, with its higher performance 2 liter engine and 6-speed transmission.
High power engine on lightweight and compact bodywork provides excellent performance.
Vemac RD350
3.4l V8 DOHC 368kW(500ps)
RD350 is the road version of RD350R, one of many All Japan GT Car Championship regulars. It mounts high power V8 engine and 6-speed sequential transmission. While complying with all regulatory requirements for use on public roads, it delivers its outstanding performance on circuits in extreme conditions as well.
ELE-ZOO [pronounced ele-zo:]
Rated output 0.58kW
Excellent maneuverability and operability of the electric scooter, ELE-ZOO, powered by high-performance electric traction system, compact on-board battery charger and lightweight Ni-MH battery pack manufactured by PUES Corporation is well comparable to those of petrol engine scooter. Cruising range of approx. 25km at one charge caters for everyday use in cities.
Standard charging time with its on-board battery charger is 2.5 hours by plugging into regular wall outlet.
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