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Highlights of the Suzuki Booth

(1) Suzuki Booth (Automobiles and Motorcycles)

Presentation Concept
We, Suzuki aspire to help enrich the lifestyles of each one of our customers through our products and services created with new ideas and concepts inspired with continued communication with people around the world.
At the 37th Tokyo Motor Show, we are exhibiting various concept vehicles for both cars and motorcycles - the two product ranges that most strongly represent Suzuki - which were created pursuing the functions that are especially desired in today's world and which embody new values. They reflect our constant efforts to create products that satisfy our customers' demands and deliver the joy of driving. The Junior WRC rally car and motorcycle racing machines express the wonderful world of motorsports.
As a reflection of Suzuki's global business, various cars and motorcycles manufactured at our overseas plants will be exhibited, conveying Suzuki's strong bond with people around the world.






(2) Presentation Theme for Suzuki Motorcycles " Power to the future"

Dreams, and thus the future, that people seek from motorcycles are varied: the "comfort" of being one with the flow of the wind; "excitement" that enraptures one's senses; "enjoyment" of sharing time with one's beloved motorcycle; "convenience" that enriches daily life; "technology" that presents a powerful promise that such dreams can turn into reality.
At Suzuki, we believe it is our role to realize each dream and usher in an exciting future for motorcycles.
" Power to the Future" -- under this theme, Suzuki booth will present, with sensation and satisfaction, the new realm of "comfort," "excitement," "enjoyment," "convenience" and "technology" that Suzuki will create to realize the dreams, and thus, the future.

(3) Features of the Suzuki Motorcycle Booth

Up on the main stage will be the G-Strider - a concept model that lets riders experience a novel riding feel and which embodies uniqueness and innovativeness that are typically Suzuki - along with big-displacement bikes that represent the Suzuki lineup and have won high acclaims around the world. An easy-to-understand and sure-to-impress large multi-screen visual presentation with narrations will depict Suzuki motorcycles today and their future outlook, as well as the products' powerful appeal and high technology. On the sub stage will be models such as the ST250 and ST250 E type. At the racer corner will be various racing machines competing both in Japan and around the world. These vehicles together present a comprehensive picture of the world of Suzuki motorcycles.
In addition, there will be a section for motorcycles manufactured overseas, representing Suzuki's global business activities.

Suzuki Motorcycles - Exhibition Highlights
(1) Overview of the Motorcycles Exhibited
  • Suzuki Motorcycle Booth Total number of motorcycles exhibited: 53
    Reference vehicles: 33
    Models currently available: 20
(2) Suzuki Motorcycles - Some of the Vehicles Exhibited

Reference Vehicles

  • G-Strider
    photo The next-generation, automatic-transmission motorcycle G-Strider lets you enjoy smooth rides through city streets, presenting a unique sensation like taking a flight on a glider. With an innovative power system - a 900cc engine combined to an electronically controlled CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) - the G-Strider delivers a distinct riding feel quite different from conventional motorcycles. The head-turning new styling is full of originality and freshness that have characterized so many groundbreaking Suzuki products in the past; the combination of its simple operation requiring no gearshifting and a laid-back riding position opens a new, "simpler" and "more comfortable" world of motorcycling.

  • ST250/ST250 E type
    photo A "street" motorcycle with a traditional, simple design, the ST250/ST250 E type is styled to create a feel that's both familiar and nostalgic. Its performance and equipment make it optimally suited for casual, daily rides (E type is a version equipped with electronic and kick starter).

  • Choinori SS
    photo Choinori SS, the new member of the Choinori selection, comes with a tomboyish outlook, with bared handlebars and headlight. Choice of front baskets has also been expanded. The world of Choinori continues to offer customers a rich variety.

  • GSX-R750
    photo Ever since its debut in 1985, the GSX-R750 has continued to rewrite the records in racing circuits around the world. This is the new GSX-R750, which has undergone the first full model change in four years. Using a newly designed engine and chassis, the new model is even lighter and more compact. (Export model introduced at Milan Show.)

  • GSX-R600
    photo This 600cc model of the GSX-R series is popular for its highly sporty performance delivered with its lightweight chassis and high engine power. Following a model change, the new GSX-R600 is lighter than ever and has the smallest power-to-weight ratio compared to preceding models. (Export model introduced at Milan Show.)

  • GSX1400_data
    photo Suspension movements and chassis attitude changes can be recorded on a data storage medium incorporated with the main ignition key. Data gathered during riding can be checked visually on a computer screen at home, etc., and can be used to receive advice on suspension settings from a dedicated internet site.

  • Sky Wave 650 Type-S
    photo The Type-S versions of the Sky Wave 250 and Sky Wave 400 received much popularity. This is a Type-S version of the Sky Wave 650 - the large scooter equipped with an electronically controlled CVT. This design study, fitted with tubular handlebars and short windscreen, complements the base model's high-status image with functional and quality enhancements.

  • DR-Z400S Supermotard
    photo Based on the DR-Z400, a serious dual-purpose model powered by a 400cc liquid-cooled DOHC single-cylinder engine, this design study is fitted with 17-inch wheels and special bodywork for an agile, "supermotard" image. (Supermotard races, popular especially in Europe, are open to off-road bikes fitted with on-road tires, competing over a course containing both paved roads and dirt tracks.)

Models currently available

  • GSX1400/ SV1000S/ SV1000/ Sky Wave 400 Type-S/Sky Wave 250/ GrassTracker Bigboy/ VanVan 200/GSX1300R Hayabusa (export model)/GSX-R1000 (export model)/ Vinson LT-A500F (export model)/Senior Car ET4D/ others

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