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Highlights of the Suzuki Booth

(1) Suzuki Booth (Automobiles and Motorcycles)

Presentation Concept
We, Suzuki aspire to help enrich the lifestyles of each one of our customers through our products and services created with new ideas and concepts inspired with continued communication with people around the world.
At the 37th Tokyo Motor Show, we are exhibiting various concept vehicles for both cars and motorcycles - the two product ranges that most strongly represent Suzuki - which were created pursuing the functions that are especially desired in today's world and which embody new values. They reflect our constant efforts to create products that satisfy our customers' demands and deliver the joy of driving. The Junior WRC rally car and motorcycle racing machines express the wonderful world of motorsports.
As a reflection of Suzuki's global business, various cars and motorcycles manufactured at our overseas plants will be exhibited, conveying Suzuki's strong bond with people around the world.






(2) Presentation Theme for Suzuki Automobiles: " Small Cars, - for a Big Future"

The cars on exhibite highlight how Suzuki cars are created to realize our philosophy that "small cars" - our special field of expertise - can open a "big future." Featured here are cars that are small in size but are packed with useful functions, as well as being enjoyable and comfortable to drive.
They are Suzuki's suggestions for car designs that can lead to a big future.

(3) Features of the Suzuki Automobile Booth

The Suzuki automobile booth is divided into two areas, one for mini vehicles and another for small and subcompact cars. On the stage are six concept cars. Together with a large-screen presentation, they compose a vivid expression of Suzuki's inspiration and determination to let "small cars" open a "big future."

Suzuki Automobiles - Car Exhibition Highlights
(1) Overview of the Cars on Exhibit
  • Suzuki Automobile Booth
    Total number of automobiles on exhibit: 23
    Reference cars: 9
    Models currently available: 14
(2) Suzuki Automobiles - Cars on Exhibit
Reference Cars
    The CONCEPT-S2 convertible inherits the image and concept, from the CONCEPT-S concept car we introduced at the 2002 Paris Motor Show and further enhances the fun factor. The CONCEPT-S2 elevates driving pleasure with a newly developed "3-piece electrically rotating/retracting roof." The compact body provides room for four people to share the refreshing experience of open-air driving. At the center of the instrument panel is a 13-inch telematics-compatible information display.
  • S-RIDE
    The S-RIDE, created with the concept "an active commuting car as an urban transportation tool," is an urban commuting car targeted to young people and which presents motorcycle-like driving enjoyment together with the practicality of an automobile. In the aluminum outer shell two seats are arranged in tandem layout; its engine is mounted amidships, toward the rear. The S-RIDE also offers a suggestion for the future of "telematics" - the technology which has gained increased attention in recent years.
    Made with the concept "a compact SUV employing advanced environmental technology to coexist in harmony with nature," the LANDBREEZE is built with naturally recyclable materials, aluminum which is easily recyclable, and tires made entirely of natural resources not based on petroleum. Its hybrid engine, despite being a 660cc naturally aspirated unit, delivers ample low-to-mid range torque for SUV driving, thus realizing low fuel consumption. In terms of packaging, reviewing of seat layout and use of sub rear doors improve passenger comfort and make for smoother ingress/egress.
  • MR wagon FCV
    MR wagon FCV is a fuel cell vehicle powered by a fuel cell system jointly developed with General Motors under our partnership. The fuel cell unit is neatly installed within the limited confines of a mini vehicle. Space is provided for four people and luggage, even while carrying two high pressure hydrogen tanks.
  • Mobile Terrace
    The Mobile Terrace, based on the concept "a relaxed space created by innovative packaging" represents our future outlook for fuel cell automobiles. By optimizing the General Motors' fuel cell platform "Hy-Wire" to suit small cars which are Suzuki's special field of expertise, the Mobile Terrace, within its 4-meter-long body, offers an attractive interior which breaks new ground in spacious 3-seat-row layout and wide-ranging utility. An "open terrace like" cabin has sliding doors on either side, roof to take in the blue skies above, and floor and seat sliding functions, together presenting a relaxed ambiance you can bring along to your travel destinations.
  • Twin My Style
    Created with the concept "the Twin tailored for demanding young women; a Twin just for myself," the Twin My Style, based on the existing Twin, offers a comfortable and stylish personal space for the solo driver and serves the needs of young women who demand much from cars and who drive alone much of the time.

Models currently available

  • Wagon R/ Wagon R RR (Double R)/ Alto/ Jimny/
    MR wagon/ Alto Lapin/ Twin/Kei Sports R/ Aerio/ Solio/
    Escudo/ Chevrolet Cruze

Other reference cars

  • Ignis (model produced overseas)/ Swift (Ignis Super 1600, rally car)
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