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Introduction to the Subaru Booth.

Think. Feel. Drive.

The phrase "Think. Feel. Drive." symbolizes our wishes: a car that realizes pleasurable driving, very high safety and excellent environmental performances at the same time. The Subaru booth at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show features a stage that suggests the Subaru world leading from present to the near future. The exibits here include the Symmetrical AWD, the core technology to our ideal performance criteria, and the next-generation power source that brings driving fun in the future, indicating the goal we are aiming at. Also shown here are the latest results of our philosophy in car manufacturing: touching automobiles that exceed the stereotypes and mere spec-sheet figures. The new Legacy series models that featuring true "high-quality performace" are their good examples.
Subaru's own advanced technologies are shown in the booth, too. Aimed at solving the problems automobiles are facing at now, including hot issus like enhancing environmental performances, the technological exhibits indicate the key factors to high performance that actually can move and satisfy the drivers.



1-7-2 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8316 JAPAN

The Exhibits
The Subaru Booth

At the Subaru booth is a blue cocoon that churns out new products and new technologies; ergo, the entire booth is called "Blne Cocoon." Lighted with bright Subaru blue, the main stage features two concept cars that indicate future Subaru design trends and the shape of driving fun and environmental performances to come. At the center of the stage is a simple mechanical art that symbolizes Subaru Symmetrical AWD's advantages and offers at-a-glance understanding. The latest Impreza WR car uses the Symmetrical AWD and competes to verify the system's excellence in the toughest proving ground, the World Rally Championship. What's more, the driving simulators introduce the latest safety technologies and truly realistic "driving" of our AWD cars.


A two-seater Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) that reflects Subaru's concept to offer a refreshing, near-endless open-air motoring in harmony with the nature both on and off the roads. The car's power train is called Sequential Series HEV (SSHEV), a fusion of our own Symmetrical AWD and the latest HEV technologies.

< Features>

  1. The styling, free from stereotypes and existing limitations, is advanced yet give somewhat familiar feelings. The design elements found on the B9 Scrambler suggest Subaru's tradition as an aircraft manufacturer and our design trends in the Future.
  2. The run-flat tires offer added reliability to the driving, while the variable-height air suspension that can increase ground clearance to 200mm offers exquisite performances on rough roads.
  3. The dashboard is designed with aircraft wings as the motif and its top panel and instruments move when the ignition is turned on.
  4. The SSHEV system drives the car at the most frequently used speed ranges (up to around 80km/h) with a high-performance motor, and realizes smooth acceleration, good fuel efficiency and superb environmental performances.
SUBARU R1e [Concept Car]

The R1e reflects Subaru's idea that a small electric vehicle best fits the environmen-conscious urban life. It features a minimal, no-frill 2+2 layout that fits well with personal use. The Electric Vehicle (EV) power unit uses a high-performance battery and advanced power control technology.

< Features>

  1. A novel packaging that fits urban lifestyle and provides joyful driving. This results in an overall length shorter than Japanese ultracompacts, with emotional and energetic proportion.
  2. The 2+2 packaging is ideal for urban single- and two-person lifestyle. Compact sizes offer ease of parking and flexibility: indispensable elements to urban life.
  3. The EV system uses a light, compact brushless motor with high output and excellent reliability and NLE's manganese lithium-ion battery featuring very high energy density. The battery can be charged by taking electric power out of the single-phase 200V AC outlet which is generally used for home air conditioners.
  4. Driving the R1e is done with two pedals (throttle and brake) just like normal AT cars. The AT's shift range is comprised of usual "P-R-N-D," with a "B" range in which strong regenerative brake operates. In addition, the creep control and electric motor-assisted power steering enhance driving ease in actual daily use.
SUBARU R2 [Prototype]

The R2 is a fashionable, lively car that offers richer driver life. Despite of its small sizes, the R2's exquisite build quality makes the car having classless, strong and tangible presence.

< Features>

  1. The "One-Motion Form" flowing from the front end to the roof top underlines the R2's distinctive silhouette, while the exterior and interior represents "Sportiveness" and "Elegance."
  2. The 4-cylinder DOHC engine with AVCS is newly developed for the R2. Combined with the i-CVT, the engine offers excellent fuel efficiency. The supercharged version of this engine offers enjoyable sport riding.
  3. The chassis members with maximum-strength forms, along with the body panels having optimal curves for increased strength, are used to achieve important goals in this environmentally conscious age: to save resources and energy.
  4. Weight reduction and improved offset crash performance go hand-in-hand on the R2; smooth interior design reduces passenger injuries and the optimal body form constributes to pedestrian protection.
Subaru officially launches the Legacy Outback which is one of the mainstays of the new Legacy line. In 1995 Subaru lead the world by launching the Legacy Grand Wagon (called Outback in foreign markets) which represented our unique "crossover sport" concept. The novel model made a phenomenal success, especially in the North American and Australian markets. The model has been continuously evolving since then and the model name changed from Grand Wagon to Lancaster. The model name has changed to Outback in all markets to correspond this year's full model change and its extra sportiness and toughness. photo
Celebrating its 10th year in the WRC, the Impreza's awsome performance is characterized by the Symmetrical AWD using horizontally oppesed engine and longitudinal transmission. In spite of its frequent improvements using the latest technologies, the Impreza's fundamental layout remains the same, and supports the topnotch racing machine. The latest Impreza WRC and the highlits from the 2003 WRC explain Subaru's policy for motor sports and underline the superb potential of Symmetrical AWD. In addition, Toshihiro Arai, the Subaru works driver contending the PCWRC joins in the talk show held during the Show. photo
SUBARU LEGACY Touring Wagon Transcare [Prototype]
Designed to provide comfortable driving to handicapped person and senior citizon, this Legacy uses a rotative passenger wing seat. The passenger seat rotates and protrudes from the body by 80mm, making it easier to sit in and get out of the seat. The seat's rotation can be done by hand or with a wireless remote. The comfortable seat is same as other Legacy models, and its electric slide control with 240mm of slide range makes long-distance drives a joy. The model shown at this year's Tokyo Show is equipped with a special drive aid developed for the drivers with a leg handicap. A pull-type throttle ring and brake bar are positioned behind the steering wheel to control acceleration and braking. The devices can be operated by non-handicapped person instead of the driver. photo
SUBARU LEGACY B4 CNG (shown at the Environment Experience Land)
The Legacy B4 CNG is a low exhaust-gas emission vehicle and utilizes natural gas which is a resource that can be produced and supplied within Japan's soils. Using Subaru's 2.0 liter horizontlly opposed DOHC 4-cylinder engine with AVCS as a base and combining it with a multi-point fuel injection developed specially for CNG, the engine produces high performance over wide rpm ranges and realizes U-LEV equivalent environmental performance at the same time. The use of Symmetrical AWD that offers superb active safety will contribute to propagate the low-emission vehicles in the cold districts where the demands for Subaru AWD cars are particularly high.
Driving Simulator
This compact, electric 6-axis simulator was developed by utilizing Subaru Aerospace Company's technical knowhow in building aircraft flight simulators, and features low cost and easy maitenance. The latest model has a quick steering ratio (2.5 turns from lock to lock), offering a real "driving" experience. A total of 6 driving simulators will be exhibited at the Show, and a variety of entertaining events will be held, including Active Driving Assist (ADA) test drive and back-to-back competition on the Subaru AWD cars with the interconnected simulators. photo
Models on Exhibition
  1. B9 SCRAMBLER [Concept Car]
  2. R1e [Concept Car]
  3. R2 NA [Prototype]
  4. R2 Super charged [Prototype]
  5. LEGACY Touring Wagon 3.0R
  6. IMPREZA WRC2003
  8. IMPREZA Sedan WRX STi
  9. IMPREZA Sports Wagon 15i-S
  11. LEGACY Touring Wagon 2.0R Transcare [Prototype]
  12. LEGACY B4 2.0GT spec. B
  14. TRAVIQ S packge

* LEGACY B4 CNG (shown at the Environment Experience Land)

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