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What to see at the booth
As for smart, you can see the expanding variations of the unique characteristics of the smart brand that has previously been represented by the single model named as micro-compact.
Exhibition booth of the smart brand is located at a corner of the DaimlerChrysler group's stand, which clearly shows the brand being one of those thoroughbreds of the group.
Welcomepylons, a common sign of the DaimlerChrysler's exhibition, also prove the origin of the brand, and yet, the blue neon sign at the cross section of the exhibition floor proclaims its identity.
The exterior design of the exhibition booth featuring the tridion safety cell of the smart emphasizes the car with its simple motif of white-prevailing color. The smart cabrio BRABUS is placed between smart coupé and smart K, two smart-roadsters are at the right side of the stage and the study model, the smart forfour sits on the other side of the stage.



Daimler Chrysler Japan Co., Ltd.
Roppongi First Bldg. 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo 106-8506
Mercedes-Benz/smart Products Public Relations

Introduction to smart exhibition
smart forfour (study model)

smart has brought a new spectrum in automobile values by launching a series of two-seater micro-compact vehicles.
The company now decign forfour as the first four-seater model from smart brand Featuring the tridion safety cell structure with a horde of safety concepts unique to the brand, the smart forfour wears a two-tone coloring scheme, which has characterized the brand's models since they made debut, in a five-door configuration with a relatively short overall length of 3.75 meters. The four-seater smart will establish another standard in the micro-compact segment with its fun and sporty character.

smart coupé

At the beginning of the 2003 model year, the smart coupé evolved into the second generation. Among them, the mostimportant technical modification lay in an increased enginedisplacement. The new engine features a displacement of698 cc, increased from the previous unit's 598 cc byextending the piston stroke as well as widening the bore.The basic architecture, remains unchanged from a three-cylinder turbocharged SOHC with a charge-air intercooler.As a result of this, the power output has increased to 45kWfrom 40kW and the maximum torque has been increased by80 Nm to 95 Nm. Additionally, such a high torque isgenerated at 2,000 rpm, a 500 rpm lower than the precedingengine, and consistently maintained up to 4,000 rpm.
The more dynamic engine is mated with "SOFTOUCH", a six-speed automatic transmission with a manual-mode function.A new gear ratio was determined according to thepower/torque increases. Ease of use has been furtherimproved through the standard Hill Start Assist that aids theIn terms of safety, the second-generation smart city-coupé is safeguarded more comprehensively by the ESP®(Electronic Stability Program) and the BAS (Brake AssistSystem) as standard.
The smart coupé has the sporty aluminum alloy wheels as standard. The optional sliding roof, offered as option,further enhances cabin comfort.

smart K

The smart K, launched in the Japanese market in October 2001, was designed exclusively to conform the Japanese kei-car standards by adopting specially developed rear fenders and modifying the track width and tire dimensions. As a result, with a reduced width of 1,470 mm, the smart K complies with the Japanese kei-car car standard. Also, the engine displacement remains unchanged from 598 cc, as specified in the standard.

smart has made a further stride in safety and peace of mind. As a result, the smart K is now equipped with the ESP®(Electronic Stability Program) and the BAS (Brake Assist System) as standard for enhanced safety. The smart K also facilitates the driver's starting procedure with the Hill Start Assist that makes a start on an inclined road easier.

smart cabrio BRABUS

The smart cabrio BRABUS, as was the case of the smart coupé BRABUS, is a high performance version of specially tuned by smart BRABUS, a joint venture between the two companies.
While maintaining the original displacement of 698 cc,identical to those of smart coupé and smart cabrio, the engine generates the maximum power of 55kW and the maximum torque of 110 Nm by means of an additional turbocharger and a modified engine management strategy. The strengthened power unit provides a dynamic margin under any situations.
The performance potential of the vehicle is expressed by its sportier exterior design. smart cabrio BRABUS features a special-design front spoiler, side skirts, a radiator mask and a heat shield. The critical final touch is given by exclusive 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels / wider tires and dual sport exhaust system.
Looking at the interior, specially prepared leather interior trims and leater upholstery sport seats with integrated SRS side airbag system. The steering paddle shift behind the steering wheel enables the driver to change gears with holding the wheel with two hands, which enhances safety, ease of use as well as operational exhilaration.

smart roadster

Putting an emphasis on driving pleasure, the smart roadster and smart roadster-coupé, the two dual-seater lightweight and sport cars ensure dynamic experience, high levels of safetyand environmental compatibility.
The new platform, developed exclusively for the two driving machines, the smart roadster and roadster-coupé feature the proven tridion safety cell structure and resin body panels, achieving high body stiffness and lightweight at the same time.
The open-air roadster distinguishes itself from its sisterswith the electrically-operated soft top that opensapproximately ten seconds. The 698 cc in-line three-cylinder turbocharged SOHC with acharge-air intercooler outperforms the BRABUS versions interms of power generation with its power rating of 60 kW.The maximum torque is at 110 Nm, identical to the BRABUS-tuned versions. The roadster rides on tyres of 185/55 R15 at the front andrear. In terms of safety, both the smart-roadster and coupé are equipped with the ESP®(Electronic Stability Program) and the BAS (Brake Assist System) as standard. The hill start assistance, steering steering paddle shift and electric power assist enhance operational ease and fun to drive.

smart roadster-coupé

The smart roadster-coupé features the identical architecture and performance potential to the roadster variant. It differs, however, from the pure roadster with its two-piece detachable hardtop provided as standard. The vehicle has a glass dome and glazing rear hatchback for an increased luggage compartment volume.
The coupé version rides on tires of 205/45R16 at the front and rear, which are wider than the smart roadster.
The instrument features black faces instead of white ones of the roadster, emphasizing the sophistication of the vehicle rather than sportiness.

smart Production Car Lineup (Steering)

smart coupé (RHD)
smart k (RHD)
smart cabrio BRABUS (RHD)
smart roadster (RHD)
smart roadster-coupé (RHD)

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