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SIVAX, a 40-year-history company, was founded in wooden model production with growth of the auto industry of Japan. Currently, SIVAX is the only comprehensive automobile developmant supporting company that is also known as " Carrozzeria " in Japan. SIVAX has a fully integrated system in its organization to cope with a wide rang of work from planning, design, to various model creation, component-engineering developmant, mass- produced productdesign, and checking fixture designing.

  1. In this Tokyo exhibition, SIVAX unveils two original concept cars, which have been released at overseas auto show in the past. You would benefit the design of global standard, the introduction of developmant process by the newest digital technology, and the screen image adapting digital technology.
  2. The booth design has a tranquil atmosphere without ostentatious decoration in order to let you take a good look at the vehicles design. The description image is played on an 80-inch screen.



255-3 Kawawa-cho,Tsuzuki-ku,Yokohama-City 224-0057 JAPAN

Concept Car
(1) GENOS ( " PAL " in German)

A concept car released at Frankfurt Motor Show 1999. The approach of the design concept is based on an image of the 5th generesting " GOLF " , as a benchmark of compact sedan for next-genertion. It would be interesting to compare with the original new GOLF, which was announced recently.

Length 4180mm
Width 1760mm
Heigth 1550mm
Wheel Base 2700mm
Displacement 1800cc
(2) KIRA

Another concept car released at Paris Motor Show 2002. The concept of KIRA is Tokyo Street Fashion, which gathers, intersects and reconfigures brand new information from all over the world. To propose KIRA as a cruising " STREETSTER " (not roadster), the approach is to pursue from Tokyo Street point of view, which adds fresh dimension to Neo Japaneque (New Japanese Style). KIRA was introduced as one of the main features in Paris Motor Show.

Length 3980mm
Width 1800mm
Heigth 1050mm
Wheel Base 2500mm
Displacement 2000cc
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