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Highlights of Renault booth

Considering a booth in a motor show as a jewel box, and a displayed car as a jewel, Renault has made its booth luminous and full of clearness and material-classiness this time. Being elegant, arches set up in the display space are associated with powerful contemporary architecture. The glass, which is the material of the pillars, creates a clear and open space, combining with the unwalled display space. While lightning the pillars permits the clearness to show up, the ceiling decorated by cloth that seems to be soft and warm is harmonized exquisitely with hardness of the glass.
Two concept cars that propose future cars, are exhibited on the corner of the front space, one Formula one (F1) car that symbolizes Renault's challenge spirit technology on the opposite corner of the back, and the current models between these cars, which indicates the flow of the Renault range from the present to the future. At the same time, it claims visually the safety that is one of Renault's strong messages and the No.1 sales performance in Europe.
The displayed cars consist of mainly two concept cars, named Be Bop, one F1 car, R23 whose chassis and engine are manufactured by Renault since last year and that performs brilliantly in races through 100% Renault system, having already won the Hungarian Grand Prix this year, three models of the Mégane family that became a big hit after the award, the car of the year in 2003, one New Lutecia RS V6 that is of the school of F1 technology, one Kangoo that was launched this August in Japan and the Laguna.



Renault Japon Co.,Ltd.
17-1 Ginza 6-Chome,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-8023

Highlights of displayed cars [Displayed models]
Be Bop and Be Bop

Be Bop and Be Bop are Renault's interpretations of the compact MPV theme.
Be Bop (SUV) is an off-road going model with 4WD system. The car is equipped with 84kw (115bhp) 1.6-litter engine.
Length 4,040mm x Width 1,770mm x Height 1,680mm
Weight 1,300kg Ground clearance 210mm
Cd: 0.35/CdA: 0.86
Be Bop is a Renault-Sport version reflected F1 technology as well as a sporting compact SUV equipped with 165kw (225bhp) 2-litter turbocharged engine.
Length 4,040mm x Width 1,800mm x Height 1,550mm
Weight 1,300kg Cd: 0.32/CdA: 0.770

Mégane Renault-Sport

This is a high performance model of the new Mégane applied under the Renault-Sport brand reflecting technology in the F1 field. The 2-litter turbocharged engine is combined with a six-speed manual
gearbox and outputs 165kw (225bhp)/300Nm.

Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet

This stylish open-air model with 2-litter petrol engine of the new Mégane has a folding hardtop made of glass.

R23 (F1 car)

It took only one and a half season before being a winner of F1 Grand Prix race after Renault had came back to the F1 field with the 100% Renault system. Fernando Alonso, the youngest winner in the F1 history, proved Renault's top level of technology by his win.

Highlights of displayed cars [Models on sale]
Renault Mégane 2.0 Premium

The winner of the car of the year in 2003 is marking good sales results in Europe. This C segment model is one of the Renault's core models. Megane has 7 various types of bodies.
The impressive exterior design reminds you of driving pleasure. It will be unveiled in Tokyo Motor Show.
Length 4,215mm x Width 1,775mm x Height 1,460mm
Weight 1.350kg

Renault Laguna V6 Wagon

Renault Laguna is the first model ranked in the highest rate; 5 stars, in Euro NCAP crash tests. The result comes from Renault's long study of safety. It's stable chassis and powerful 3.0-litter V6 engine allow you to have a comfortable long distance drive. And its French touched design makes the wagon body elegant.
Length 4,695mm x Width 1,790mm x Height 1,485mm
Weight 1.450kg

Renault Kangoo 1.6

The new Kangoo fitted with powerful 1.6-litter engine and double back door was launched in the end of August in Japan. The variation of body colors have been extended from 5 to 10.

Lutécia Renault-Sport V6

A tuned car to drive on public roads from the racing car based on Lutécia (Clio), developed to reserve for one-make race "Clio Trophy" in Europe.
Length 3,840mm x Width 1,830mm x Height 1,355mm
Weight 1.400kg

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