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The Highlights of the Peugeot Stand
The biggest highlight of this Peugeot stand is the first 307 CC to be publicly displayed in Japan, and for which the acceptance of orders will commence. With its dynamic form, this Coupé Cabriolet, newly added to the latest 307 series, is displayed in a slightly elevated location. Another 307 CC, and also a 206 CC, which has likewise been a topic of conversation since it first went on sale, are arranged on two arches extending from the glass house, becoming a strikingly noticeable, high-floating display.
Adding to the show's vitality is a concept car, the 407 Elixir, just arrived from the Frankfurt Motor Show. This concept model heralds the future generation of the "4"series, which has aroused expectations worldwide. With the 407 Elixir being placed on a turntable, you can look closely, from every angles, at its styling and packaging - a design study rich with suggestions of motifs, and of diverse body variations, that will be inherited by models produced in the future.
At the back of the stand, attracting people's notice with its vivid colouring is the 206 WRC, which has proved victorious in the last three year's World Rally Championship. It appears, dressed in red, the color of this season's sponsor.
The 206 RC, the hottest model born from infusing the spirit of the 206 WRC into a commercial vehicle, is also being displayed. These are two models that fans of "Peugeot performance" will not want to miss. The current lineups of the 206, 307, 406 and 607 also form part of this richly packed show.



Peugeot Japon Co., Ltd.
F Nissei Ebisu Bldg., 3-16-3 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011



  • Peugeot stand : Center Hall
  • Booth area : 650m2
  • Number of vehicles displayed : 13
The Vehicles Displayed
Peugeot 307 CC

The biggest topic at this show is this 307 CC. The 307 version of the innovative Coupé Cabriolet that created a sensation in the 206 series is here making its Japanese debut. Featuring an elegant 2-door body, this convertible has an electric-powered retractable roof that can be opened with the flick of a switch, allowing exhilarating open-air driving to be enjoyed. It? a 4-seater whose rear seat can comfortably accommodate two adults. The impact made on the world by the 206 CC has been scaled up and further polished in the 307 CC, which will undoubtedly elicit new excitement. A couple of 307 CC is being displayed at the stand: a 2-liter AT. The acceptance of orders for the 307 CC will commence at the Tokyo Motor Show. Delivery will take place starting next spring.

  • 307CC : 2-door convertible/1997cc/137ps/4-speed AT/RHD
Peugeot 307 XSi

The 307, which debuted in Japan in the autumn of 2001, is Peugeot's core model. The XSi is its sporty hatchback version. The exterior, which includes large-diameter 17-inch alloy wheels and tires, and the full-leather interior combine to create the pleasure of the top-class 307.

  • 307 XSi : 5-door hatchback/1997cc/137ps/5-speed MT/RHD
Peugeot 307 SW

What most embodies the "SW" concept, which creates a new life scene, is the 307 SW, a panoramic wagon developed from a 307 base. The overwhelmingly open feeling created by its huge glass roof, which extends back from the front window; the removable modular seats in the second and third rows; and a body longer than the 307 hatchback's provide exceptional comfort and functionality. In everything from city use to vacations, the 307 SW can serve as both a people mover and a station wagon. It is a popular Peugeot with variegated and versatile qualities.

  • 307 SW : 4-door stationwagon/1997cc/137ps/4-speed AT/RHD
Peugeot 607 Sport

As Peugeot's top-class saloon, the 607 cuts a brilliant figure as an intellectual model imbued with French taste. Equipped with a 3.0 L V6 engine, a Tiptoronic 4-speed AT packed with intelligent program, and numerous cutting-edge devices, the 607, which has taken elegance and dynamism to new heights, could be called Peugeot's flagship. Moreover, thanks to "607 Haute Couture," an ordering system that allows you to freely choose body and interior colours, you can select an order-made vehicle from up to 42 combinations.

  • 607 Sport : 4-door sedan/2946cc/206ps/Tiptronic 4-speed AT/LHD
Peugeot 406 Coupé

Born from Peugeot engineering and Pininfarina's artisan-like sense of beauty, this is an intellectual coupé for adults. In the 5 years since its debut, it has undergone minor changes, especially in its front mask, increasing the dynamism of its styling, which even now, in terms of beauty, is without flaw. The interior trim has become a 2-tone combination; the full-leather seats are made by Recaro; and there is a powerful 3.0L V6 engine. However, what is most distinctive about this coup·could be said to be its elegance, its universal sense of presence that transcends the times and current trends.

  • 406 Coupé: 2-door coup·2946cc/206ps/4-speed AT/RHD
Peugeot 206 CC S16

This is a specialty car of the 206 series, which, as a city runabout and as an open compact, seems to have also become firmly established in Japan. Thanks to the electrically opened and closed metal roof installed on its stylish, compact body, you can enjoy its two personalities, Coup·and Cabriolet, depending on the life scene. Equipped with a 2-liter sports engine, the S16 is the hot version of the 206. Its sharp performance is created by the combination of a powerful 2.0 L 16-valve engine and a 5-speed MT.

  • 206 CC : 2-door convertible/1997cc/137ps/5-speed MT/RHD
Peugeot 206 CC Roland Garros

The limited version of the 206 that was put on sale as "a collaboration model" of the "Roland Garros" the French Open Tennis Tournament, which Peugeot officially sponsors, has also become a CC and been added to the formal 206 lineup. The body colour is Tie-Break Green, and its vivid 2-tone (tan and green) leather seats give it a personality that will undoubtedly attract attention during top-down driving.

  • 206 CC Roland Garros : 2-door convertible/1587cc/108ps/4-speed AT/ RHD
Peugeot 206 Roland Garros

Among the numerous models in the 206 series, the one that most stands out is the premium hatchback with "Roland Garros" specifications. Based on the 206 XT Premium - a 5-door model with a 1.6 L engine - it has a huge panoramic glass roof. Bathed in the brilliant light that pours down through the smoked glass, one can enjoy exhilarating driving to one's heart's content. As with the Coupé Cabriolet model, 2-tone leather seats are exclusively used for the interior. This model is also fitted with electric blind and alloy wheels.

  • 206 Roland Garros : 5-door hatchback/1587cc/108ps/4-speed AT/RHD
Peugeot 206 SW XS

The 206 SW is the second model to be created based on Peugeot's new "SW" concept for its new-generation of wagons. While having inherited the 206's compact feel and sportiness, it also has an extended utility space with a maximum size of 1136 L. In addition, it features an easy-to-use glass hatch, offering a functionality and practicality that will expand the user's fields of living and playing.

  • 206 SW XS : 4-door stationwagon/1587cc/108ps/5-speed MT/RHD
Peugeot 206 RC

Recently added to the 206 lineup, this is the hottest, most powerful model in the series. Of all the production models, it most clearly conveys the feeling of driving the 206 WRC. The know-how and essence that Peugeot has cultivated in the motor sports field have been unstintingly introduced into it, and it has been given the finish of a real sports model. Acting in concert with its 177-ps maximum output, and its 20.6-kgm maximum torque are tuned-up suspension and brakes, a short-stroke shift lever, and bucket-type sports seats. All of this will appeal to motor fans who love pure driving.

  • 206 RC : 3-door hatchback/1997cc/177ps/5-speed MT/LHD
Peugeot 206 WRC (Reference Display:Race Car)

For three consecutive years beginning in 2000, Peugeot has won the WRC's Manufacturer's Title, and this year, too, is continuing to rank among the top positions and the top drivers' points. The defending champion machine in these exploits is the 206 WRC. Based on the 206, it is armed with a 1997cc engine developing approximately 300ps and has a state of the art 6 speed sequential gearbox.

  • 206 WRC : 1997cc/300ps/sequential 6-speed MT/LHD
Peugeot 407 Elixir (Reference Display)

The 407 Elixir is a concept car full of innovations in styling; architecture and engineering that give a glimpse into the future trends of the Marque.
The style, reflecting the universal values cherished by Peugeot, expresses both dynamism and elegance. The very steeply inclined windscreen gives way to the glass roof and reinforces the expression of this original personality, identified at the front by a wide "mouth" and expansive headlamps. The inclined sides of this wide car adopt the slightly negative camber of the 21-inch diameter wheels.
At the back, the dynamic effect is enhanced by a twin exhaust pipe, LED-type rear lights and an opening rear window accommodated in a relatively upright tailgate. The rear window extends sideways in a reverse-angle slope as far as the pillars of the rear quarter panel.


The 407 Elixir is designed to seat four people in comfort. The doors open to reveal an interior with no partition or rear parcel shelf, housing four identical, adjustable seats.
The bright passenger compartment features impressive materials such as light-colored leather.

  • 407 Elixir : 4-door stationwagon/2.7 L HDi direct injection diesel engine/200 ps/sequential 6-speed /LHD
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