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Highlights of the Opel Booth
With over a hundred years of history and tradition of making automobiles, Opel has sold over 200,000 vehicles in Japan while providing the tasteful ride and quality expected from German cars. Last year, Opel announced a new slogan of "Fresh Thinking - Better Cars", and since the introduction of the new Vectra Sedan, the company has released numerous products embodying dynamic design, dynamic driving, versatility and flexibility. The Opel booth includes displays for the new Astra that was unveiled in the September Frankfurt show, the Insignia concept car that shows Opel's new design direction, the Signum, which is the latest addition to the Vectra series, and the Meriva compact minivan, which is enjoying much popularity in Europe.



General Motors Japan Ltd.
Yebisu Garden Place Tower 27th Floor 20-3, Ebisu 4-chome, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-6027,Japan

Highlights of the Cars on Display

The Insignia is not a mere large luxury car, but is a car that embodies the three core features of the Opel brand: excellent driving dynamics,versatility and expressive styling. It plays the role of an ambassador, communicating Opel's newfound confidence. The dynamic design and attractive proportions of the Insignia (length/width/ height: 4,803mm/1,914mm/1,414mm) are achieved with a short overhang, long wheelbase of 2,915mm and wide track of 1,666mm. This driver-oriented rear-wheel drive car is equipped with doors fitted with an innovative pantograph structure,and unique rear gate, and it is possible to arrange the seats from a comfortable 4-seater active in the business scene to a 5-seater that is convenient for weekend activities, family drives and recreation. The 344 horsepower aluminum engine produces a maximum speed of 250km/h and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in under 6 seconds. The Insignia also has many other innovative features such as lavishly using LED technology for interior illumination.

New Astra

One of the stars of the Opel booth is the new third- generation Astra. The new Astra hatchback that is scheduled for release next year is a return to a traditional hatchback style, while taking the form of the Vectra with the front that has become the "face" of Opel and the V-shape from the bonnet to the bumper. The car has clearly drawn body lines, a tense surface and subtle detail, manifesting the new generation of Opel design themes. The adaptive IDSPlus (Interactive Driving System) that has been set in the new Astra is equipped with an electronically controlled CDC (Continuous Damping Control System) to automatically control the damping power of dampers in real time according to road surface changes and driving conditions. Furthermore, complex chassis control is made possible by linking ESP (Electronic Stabilizing Program) and ABS sensors and control units. The new Astra is the world's first mass produced car equipped with such a system that was conventionally only seen in luxury cars and sports cars.

Vectra Station Wagon

The all-new Vectra Station Wagon is a model that completes the Vectra series following the Vectra sedan, GTS, and Signum. The car is 4,820 millimeters long and its wheelbase is 2,830 millimeters that is the same as the Opel Signum, respectively. The Vectra Station Wagon has a cargo volume of up to 1,850 liters. A three-seat rear bench split-folds 60:40 and has an integrated load through hatch that is more than two-meter long (2,046 millimeters). The maximum load length is more than three meters with the folding front passenger seat. The Opel Vectra station wagon also includes an Interactive Driving System (IDS) with standard ESP-Plus, and a number of comfort and safety equipment.


The Meriva is a compact minivan based on the Opel Corsa (Japanese name: Vita) and is enjoying great popularity in this segment that is rapidly growing in Europe. It also uses the "FlexSpace" concept seen in the Signum and it is possible to slide the rear seats independently depending on the number of passengers or amount of cargo, providing space equivalent to a mid-sized sedan for four passengers while offering the option to expand the luggage compartment capacity by folding the rear seat down. The Meriva's unique flexibility is achieved through the overall length of 4,042mm while having a wheelbase of 2,630mm and height of 1,624mm. The model is fitted with a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine and an Easytronic transmission that allows easy manual operation.


Based on the same platform as the new Vectra released in Japan in summer of 2002, the Signum is a car with functionality and style that transcends the framework of segments to date and is scheduled for a release in Japan within the next few months. The greatest feature of the Signum is the rear seat area dubbed "FlexSpace" that makes it possible to obtain maximum legroom or increase the size of the luggage compartment thanks to the wheelbase of 2,830mm, which is 130mm longer than the Vectra Sedan. The two outer rear seats that slide back and forward 130mm. The rear seat can be moved by 30 degrees from an upright position to a comfortable reclining position and the center section of the rear seat can be folded to make an armrest complete with two cup holders. If the rear seat is folded flat, the luggage compartment can be expanded to a capacity of 1,410 liters. The length is only 25mm longer than the Vectra Sedan giving the Signum a carefree body style and sound C-pillar form, with the short rear overhang contributing to the car's elegant and dynamic style. In Japan, the car is available with Opel's first straight four cylinder 2.2 liter direct gasoline injection engine or a 3.2 liter V-6 engine combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Vectra GTS

Following the Vectra Sedan, the GTS was released in Japan this spring marking the second stage of the new Vectra series. It is a beautiful 5-door hatchback with a fiercer front mask than the sedan and coupe style flowing roofline. In addition to the 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engine, there is a 211 horsepower 3.2 liter V-6 and the maximum speed is 248km/h,

which is the highest for an Opel stock car. The combination of a highly rigid body and excellent chassis performance gives the car the highest level of handling available for a mid-sized FF car. Over 140,000 Vectra Sedans were sold in Europe last year making it a best seller in the mid-sized sedan segment.

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