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As we pursue the NISSAN 180 plan to create sustainable, profitable growth, we are celebrating our 70th anniversary and embarking on challenges that promise further transformation.
We are seeking driving exhilaration combined with cabin comfort.We are seeking a new human-machine interface (HMI) for this age of computerized communication.
And we are seeking to incorporate the concept of wa, to create uniquely Japanese cabin comfort.
At this show we are presenting a wide range of concept cars that represent our answers so far.
SHIFT-THE FUTURE. It is through ideas that excite our customers, like these, that we will commemorate the beginning of our 71st year.

Booth design concept

"Beyond Shape of Booth Design"

  • A dynamic configuration
  • A clear central point that exerts centripetal action
  • Two-level construction (round theater) for effective spatial presentation and staging.



17-1,Ginza 6-chome,Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-8023,Japan

High lights of the exhibits.

Proposing a new direction in luxury cars that are both sporty and roomy

The Fuga's sporty exterior suggests its superb dynamic performance, while the interior offers roominess unimaginable in the conventional concept of a sedan.The interior abounds in Japanese imagery and is unified in a modern design taste. From the moment users enter the car, they are enveloped in a fine-quality atmosphere that also engenders expectations of stellar driving performance.As its platform, the Fuga adopts the FM (Front Midship) Package that has been highly acclaimed on the Skyline and the Fairlady Z

  • Overall length (mm) 4,930
  • Overall width (mm) 1,850
  • Overall height (mm)1,510
  • Seating capacity 4
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,950
  • Track, front/rear (mm) --
  • Drive system Front engine, rear drive (FR)
  • Engine --
  • Transmission --
  • Suspension, front/rear --
  • Tires, front/rear 245/40R20

A fusion of sport sedan and MPV -- Nissan's proposal for a next-generation multipurpose saloon

The Serenity is a next-generation multipurpose saloon with seating for six occupants, combining the sporty luxury of a sedan with minivan habitability. Serenity Offers an optimal balance of driving performance, luxuriousness and spaciousness. Serenity thoroughly pursues comfort for all occupants.The design theme of the Serenity is "Japanese DNA." Both the exterior and interior are imbued with a unique Japanese feeling that projects a refined tranquility characteristic of Japanese culture.

  • Overall length (mm)4,700
  • Overall width (mm) 1,780
  • Overall height (mm)1,550
  • Seating capacity 6
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,900
  • Track, front/rear (mm) --
  • Drive system Front engine, front drive (FF)
  • Engine NEO VQ35DE
  • Transmission XTRONIC CVT
  • Suspension, front/rear
  • Tires, front/rear 225/45R19

he C-Note packs an array of comfort features into its compact body.

Comfort is provided by generous interior roominess that goes far beyond the size projected by its exterior appearance. Comfort features include the quality execution in the interior, as seen in the dashboard and seats, and the exceptional ease of everyday use, including nimble maneuverability and effortless ingress/egress.
Meticulously selected materials and superior workmanship combine to create a premium-quality interior within a dynamic and active body form. Representing Nissan?s proposal for a new "petit premium car,

  • Overall length (mm) 4,240
  • Overall width (mm) 1,695
  • Overall height (mm)1,550
  • Seating capacity 5
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,600
  • Tread, front/rear (mm) --
  • Drive system Front engine, front drive (FF)
  • Engine --
  • Transmission --
  • Suspension, front/rear --
  • Tires, front/rear --

A new FCV commuter car concept that suits future urban life

The Effis city commuter car combines Nissan's newly developed Super Motor and Compact Lithium-ion Battery with a fuel cell stack. The Effis shows one possibility for future fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) that will require an ultra-small, lightweight design. An all-new concept is incorporated in the multiconfigurable arrangement of the instrument panel and seats. This arrangement secures comfortable seating space for three occupants plus enough room for one more person. The three-meter overall length allows agile maneuverability.

  • Overall length (mm) 3,000
  • Overall width (mm) 1,600
  • Overall height (mm) 1,550
  • Seating capacity 4
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,050
  • Motor type Super Motor
  • Battery type Compact Lithium-ion Battery
  • Tires, front/rear 165/55R15

A new-sensation open-roof car for active young people to enjoy the thrill of open-air cruising

Loaded with an array of newly conceived equipment and ideas, the new-sensation Redigo open-roof car enables users to enjoy fun-filled drives in the open air.The large glass roof on either side slides open toward the center for a feeling of oneness with the wind, which is one of the Redigo's unique attractions. Advanced IT technologies and various entertainment features make drives even more enjoyable. The Redigo promises space for comfortable travel by four occupants

  • Overall length (mm) 3,830
  • Overall width (mm) 1,695
  • Overall height (mm)1,660
  • Seating capacity 4
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,465
  • Track, front/rear (mm) --
  • Drive system Front engine, front drive (FF)
  • Engine 1.4-liter, inline 4-cylinder engine
  • Transmission CVT (continuously variable transmission)
  • Suspension, front/rear --
  • Tires, front/rear 195/60R17

A new-age specialty car executed in a beautiful and harmonious fusion of sport sedan and SUV

The MURANO is named after MURANO glass, a famous variety of Venetian glass. Beautifully sculpted exterior and interior styling. In addition to smooth acceleration and superb handling, the MURANO also provides high safety performance and an array of advanced technology features, all of which promise exceptional driving comfort. The objective set for the MURANO was to be the class leader in every aspect.

  • Overall length (mm) 4,765
  • Overall width (mm) 1,880
  • Overall height (mm) 1,690
  • Seating capacity 5
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,825
  • Track, front/rear (mm) 1,630/1,625
  • Drive system All Mode 4x4 System
  • Engine NEO VQ35DE
  • Transmission XTRONIC CVT
  • Suspension, front/rear Strut/Multi-Link
  • Tires, front/rear 235/65R18
Cube3 + Conran & Partners

Presenting a new "Cube world" created through the collaboration between Nissan and Conran & Partners

Conran & Partners has created a world in which it proposes cutting-edge designs and sophisticated lifestyles. Conran & Partners and Nissan joined to give new possibilities to the three-row Cube3 (Cube Cubic).Sebastian CONRAN, Creative Director at Conran & Partners, regards "calm" as being a key element of Japanese DNA. The form he envisaged for the expression of Japanese beauty is "circle." The Cube3 + Conran & Partners has resulted from a blending of "circle" with the Cube's design theme of "a square with rounded corners."

  • Overall length (mm) 3,900
  • Overall width (mm) 1,680
  • Overall height (mm) 1,645
  • Seating capacity 7
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,600
  • Track, front/rear (mm) 1470/1455
  • Drive system Front engine, front drive (FF)
  • Engine CR14DE
  • Transmission E-ATx
  • Suspension, front/rear Independent struts/torsion beam
  • Tires, front/rear 175/60R15
Nissan's Efforts
Nissan's Environmental Efforts

The basic concept underlying automotive design and engineering at Nissan is the "symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature." In January 2002, Nissan announced the Nissan Green Program 2005, a medium-term environmental action plan that specifies the company's comprehensive environmental activities. Nissan is actively engaged in the development of hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

Information Technology (IT) and Telematics

At Nissan, we want to provide our customers with safer, more enjoyable and more convenient driving experiences.
The CARWINGS menu provides operator-based service for a personalized response to customers' requests, roadside assistance service and hospital information 24 hours a day and helpful information and other forms of assistance in a wide variety of everyday driving situations. Providing human-machine interfaces (HMI) that are safe and easy to operate in all sorts of situations. Nissan's near-future HMI concepts are incorporated in the Fuga.Ideas envisioned for possible later application are verflected in the Serenity.

Nissan's Advanced Powertrain Technologies Support Driving Pleasure

The versatile VQ engine currently used on a wide variety of models, is continuously evolving For nine consecutive years, this engine has won the "10 Best Engines Award" given by Ward's Auto World, a U.S. automotive magazine. Nissan is the only automaker to have developed a full lineup of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) that deliver smooth acceleration, low fuel consumption and crisp shifting performance matching the driver's wishes, regardless of the vehicle size or drive system differences. The XTRONIC CVT, a large-capacity steel-belt unit featured on the Teana sedan, is the world's first CVT capable of being used on 3.5-liter class front-wheel-drive cars.

Pursuing "Real-World Safety” with the aim of reducing by half the number of fatal and serious injuries occurring in Nissan vehicles in Japan

With the goal of reducing the number of fatal and serious injuries by half compared to 1995 statistics, Nissan is developing safety technologies based on thorough actual analyses of traffic accident data involving Nissan vehicles in Japan. We will continue our efforts to promote the expanded application of Active Head Restraints, Curtain Airbag Systems and other safety technologies in the coming years.

Production models
  • MARCH 12SR
  • CIMA
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