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A Guide to the Mitsubishi Motors Booth

[ Theme and concept ]

"Does your car give you enough exhilaration?"
New encounters, surprises, revelations, exhilaration, and heart-throbbing sensations ·these are just some of the experiences your car may provide.
Mitsubishi Motors, the creator of "Heart Beat Motors," has created a range of models that offer a new level of communication between man and automobiles.

[ Characteristics of the booth ]

The booth is designed to vividly present exciting relationships to be built around man and automobiles. For instance, it deliberately incorporates a minimalist space devoid of all extraneous decorative elements, as well as a space where natural materials and lighting are delicately arranged. The resulting juxtaposition of cool composure from the bare materials themselves, with the emotionality that derives from the materials, leads to expressions that totally differ from their original looks. The two elements have been elevated to a new height of coexistence.




16-4, Konan 2-Chome,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-8410

Points of Interest: Showcased vehicles [ Major Models on Exhibit (Concept test car) ]
"i" concept test car (Premiere appearance in Japan)
"i" is a compact-size concept test car which will serve as a model for the next generation of small cars, which will be built on the newly developed MR Platform, where a newly engineered 1.0-liter engine is mounted in the midship.
In the FIA/ADAC Eco Test, an environmental performance test conducted by Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club, "i" successfully met the Euro 4 emissions and 90-grams-per-kilometer Three Liter Car fuel economy standards with an average fuel consumption of 3.8 liters/100 kilometers and with CO2 emissions of 89 grams per kilometer. Also, it was the first car to be awarded the highest 5-star ratings in both categories of fuel consumption and emissions testing.

"i" reflects Mitsubishi Motors·quest to provide more room inside than the actual dimensions suggest, and for securing superior protection against collisions - the challenges faced by all models in the small-car category.
In Japan, a small car to be modeled after "i" is scheduled to debut at the end of 2005, so "i" is not just another concept car but has a solid future, with commercialization in the pipeline.

SE · RO (World premiere)
SE·RO is a concept car which, like "i" is built on the newly developed MR platform. Scaled down to the size of a light-motor vehicle, SE·RO uses a newly developed 0.66-liter engine, which sits nicely in the midship of the MR platform.
With a roomier interior and seating arrangements thanks to the new design package, this one-box shaped car proposes mature adults new lifestyle variations that go beyond the values conventionally presented by light motor vehicles. Both "SE·RO" and "i" are bold attempts by Mitsubishi Motors to create vehicles that capture the essence of future lifestyles in advance and to generate wider interest around the world in the light motor vehicle category, which has been a category unique to Japan. With this model, Mitsubishi Motors offers a variety of new lifestyles including getting together with friends and heading for a party together, making the interior function as a place for having fun when going on an outing.
CZ2 Cabriolet (Premiere appearance in Japan)
Showing off its stylish shape, the CZ2 Cabriolet is just the right size for easy steering in city driving, yet it seats four adults comfortably. This Cabriolet version is a casual chic, open-top compact car that lets the driver enjoy carefree-driving in the open air. With all the latest technology, the CZ2 Cabriolet offers full communication between man and car. photo
Tarmac Spyder (Premiere appearance in Japan)
The real thrill of sports driving is the ability to manipulate the car exactly as you like. The Tarmac Spyder is a sports model that delivers outstanding athletic performance thanks to its high-performance engine and sophisticated chassis technology built into the compact body. Designed for those who know how to handle their hi-tech gear and lead unique lifestyles that reflect their own individuality, the Tarmac Spyder has a versatile appearance that exemplifies Mitsubishi Motors·commitment to driving. photo
Lancer Evolution VIII MR (A sample model; World Premiere)
The Lancer Evolution delivers more than just high performance. It creates a world where drivers can immerse themselves in the pleasure of being able to fully manipulate the machine. The Lancer Evolution VIII MR, which is to be unveiled at this show, is the latest in the continually evolving Lancer Evolution series. Originally used for the first generation of Galant GTO, the "MR" in Lancer Evolution MR denotes high-performance sports model. photo
Eclipse Spyder (A sample model)
The Eclipse is a sporty coupe/convertible manufactured in North America by Mitsubishi Motors, now in its third generation. All Eclipse models have been noted for their sophisticated styling that stays ahead of the times combined with driving performance that's superior to the rest of the market. For this show, the Eclipse Spyder, the model allowing dynamic steering and refreshing open-air driving, has been selected to represent the Eclipse series of models. photo
Pajero Evolution (A rally car)
The Paris-Dakar is famous as the harshest motor rally in the world. Hiroshi Masuoka, who became the first Japanese to be crowned for two straight years in 2002 and 2003 will be driving a Mitsubishi Pajero again as he seeks his third championship title in the 2004 Paris-Dakar with a new navigator. photo
Lancer Evolution WR car(A rally car)
In preparation for its return to the WRC circuit in 2004, work is in progress at Mitsubishi Motors to develop a vehicle for the World Rally Championship. With the arrival of Gilles Panizzi, a driver who signed with Mitsubishi, together with a powerful crew, Mitsubishi Motors is poised for success. photo
Points of Interest: Showcased vehicles [ Models available for sale ]
  • eK Sport
  • Colt
  • Lancer Wagon
  • Lancer (Hearty Run)
  • Airtrek Turbo
  • Airtrek Sport Gear
  • Grandis (Sport)
  • Grandis (Elegance)
  • Grandis (Hearty Run)
  • Pajero
Points of Interest: Showcased vehicles [ Technical Exhibit ]
New generation of engines (World premiere)

Mitsubishi Motors is known for its aggressive introduction of new engine technologies ahead of other auto manufacturers. Past achievements in this area included the MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control) engine and the GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine. For the Motor Show, four next-generation engines, built on the technological foundations of the past engines, will be unveiled.
All four engines, developed on the basis of the same underlying concepts, take advantage of the latest engine technologies and deliver high performance, low fuel cost, and reduced gas emissions.


The Mitsubishi FCV is a fuel cell vehicle powered by DaimlerChrysler's fuel cell technology and based on Mitsubishi Motors' Grandis minivan. With this vehicle Mitsubishi Motors plans to participate in the Japan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Demonstration Project (JHFC Project) initiated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in fiscal 2003.

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