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Point of Booth

Company's Theme

" Cars are not for 'the Strong'."
Automobiles were originally created to higher the moving abilities of mankind. However, reality shows that we are limiting the future society by polluting the environment. Furthermore, people who are receiving benefits from cars are the people without physical defects, and the ones which truly need "mobility," such as the old and the handicapped (=the weak), are getting no merits.
By combining Electric Vehicles that emit no gas and have high efficiency with Automatic Driving Technology that reduces accidents and traffic jams, our dream is to realize an "at anytime, by anyone, to anywhere" universal "mobility," and to "create a better world."


Keio University


Keio University Electric Vehicle Laboratory


Exhibition Concept

" FUTUREAL -the realistic dream-"
We will have the people feel, the new electric vehicle which is to be realized in the near future. We will try our best to show the greatness of electric vehicles which will characterize the traffic community of tomorrow, and have everyone think that they will be able to drive this electric car as a real existing car that satisfies the ultimate environmental performance, the ultimate safety, and the ultimate comfortableness.

Features of Our Booth

Students of Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) have produced totally from planning to management. From booth design, movie/sound creation, document design, and to narration companion, all are volunteers made up of SFC students, and we have created a booth that shows the students' flexible mind and action.

Point of Exhibited Cars
Car Name:Eliica
  • Electric Vehicle with Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Ultimate Car to meet Environmental Needs
  • Super High Performance
  • Super Safe
Specification typeA typeB
Length 5100
Width 1900
Height 1365 1415
Passengers 5
Batteries Li-ion
Motors Permanent magnet
synchronous motor
Motor Performance 60kW8
Top Speed(target) 400km/h 190km/h
Top Acceleration 0.4G 0.8G
0-400m Acceleration 15.3sec 11.3sec
Range 200km 320km
Car Name:KAZ
  • Electric Vehicle with Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 8 Passengers
  • Maximum Speed of 311km/h
  • Large and Flat Floor
  • High Comfortability
Length 6700
Width 1950
Height 1675
Passengers 8
Batteries Li-ion
Motor Performance 55kW8
Top Speed(target) 311km/h
0-400m Acceleration 15.3sec
Range 300km
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