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Developing a Kawasaki-ism Approach to biquitous Motorcycles

With the increasing design and manufacturing technologies used in motorcycle production of recent years, there have been even greater increases in motorcycle functionality and safety. As a result, some are saying that it is getting harder to note brand distinctiveness, and that an overall homoge-neity has begun to pervade the market.
Kawasaki has taken a fresh approach to enliven its long his-tory of development concepts. In so doing they have given physical expression to a palpably different Kawasaki look, one that Kawasaki feels will meet the expectations of their many waiting customers.




World Trade Center Bldg., 2-4-1 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-6116 Japan
1-1 Kawasaki-cho, Akashi, Hyogo 673-8666 Japan


Three Key Words Signal Kawasaki's Development Directions:

  • Challenging
  • Unconventional
  • Hard-core

Kawasaki's development direction has created a new strike zone for the company; the concept work is defined by three key words. Avoiding conventional market designs, Kawasaki has worked hard to create values its long-waiting customers can understand. Put differently, Kawasaki's objective has been to allow its experts to create, without compromise, the kind of motorcycle they have wanted to build. The three key words, which symbolize Kawasaki-ism, have given birth to practical functionality, modeling and motorcycle technology. Without a doubt, you will be excited!

Simply and Easily Visible The main focus of the Kawasaki booth is the elegant line of motorcycles.

On display for the first time in Japan, as we proceed down the central aisle, are the VN2000, a cruiser with a V twin engine and the world's largest exhaust volume, the ZZR-X, a concept bike at the booth's center, and the Ninja ZX-10R and Z750, super sport bikes both, further back on the stage. In addition there are the Ninja ZX-RR MotoGP Racer and a works model of the motocross cycle, the KX250F-SR. Also on display is the Super SHERPA that Megumi Takemoto, the first female pitcher at Tokyo University's Baseball Club, rode on her trip throughout Australia. An additional fifteen cycles, including some demonstration models, are on dis-play for you to try out in the demonstration zone.

Cycle Sights
Aiming for Ultimate Potential, the Ninja ZX-10R

The Ninja ZX-10R has been developed as a thorough response to the desire for the ultimate in speed, one of the objectives in owning a motorcycle. With a light high-power unit on board a 600-class body, this is a motorcycle with a rare power-weight ratio. The lightweight compact frame was chosen to allow for the greatest enjoyment of racing poten-tial, and as a result, we achieved the ideal short wheel base, even while using a long swing arm. The power unit is a DOHC Inline 4, the product of knowledge gained on the MotoGP racer team. From the simplest functions, flat-out running, curves, stopping, everything about this motorcycle has become exciting.
Kawasaki's super sport motorcycles, aiming to be the best in the circuit, have come a long way.

Going beyond a Cruiser for its Impressive Appeal and Beautiful Form, the VN2000

The VN2000 boasts the world's largest exhaust volume for a V-twin cruiser. With an incredible capacity of 2,053cm3 and a twin-cylinder engine equipped with pushrods, this motor-cycle has an awesome air, yet its elegant form will captivate any rider. In addition, the latest designs have been used in its styling: the head lamp, for example, uses a four-light system that employs a three-lens projector beam light, helping to comprise a very new and unique front look.
In addition to the throb of an engine that will stir your very soul and an emotional torque sensation, all will combine to give the rider a super-dimensional sensation of speed as she drives down the road. Own, ride, Kawasaki's big-gest cruiser, and experi-ence an incomparable joy that the world will soon know.

A New Generation Middle-weight Naked Motorcycle that will let you Know Speed, the Z750

For the adult rider seeking to enjoy a high performance motorcycle in a light and enjoyable way, this hyper-middle-weight cycle delivers both a compact frame for a 600 class and a high-power unit that can compete with cycles boasting up to 1,000cc. This is a category that bears watching! Even in a 750 within the naked designation, this cycle uses new designs that incorporate dual throttle valves and fuel injec-tion that have greatly improved power and fuel consumption. In addition, this system also works to clean up exhaust gas-es as it runs. The Z750 is a Spartan version of the Z1000. Take note of the high lev-els of functionality this bike offers, from touring to circuit runs.

Presenting the Ideal Form for a High-Speed Tourer, the ZZR-X Concept Model

Kawasaki presents an ideal tourer that combines the plea-sures of high-speed cruising with superior sports handling. The ZZR-X comes with a mode changing capability that allows you to select positions and functionality based on the type of ride you anticipate. There are three modes to choose from: High-Speed Touring, Touring, and Sport. In addition, the cone-shaped rim-mounted brake discs have increased cooling capabilities. The adjustable flap allows for optimal wind protection while cruising. The central location of the fuel tank also contributes to concentrating the bike's mass. All of these technologies combine to offer the rider the thrill of riding for as far as he wants, and in the process, becom-ing one with the machine. This is the superlative high-speed tourer that Kawasaki set out to create. You will also find the muffler built into the cow-ling, an adjustable back-rest, and large storage capacity at the front of the seat.

Display Models/Products

The demonstration zone allows you to try out for yourself what it would be like to ride these motorcycles. For the first time in Japan, the Ninja ZX-10R, the VN2000 and the Z750. Also available are the 2004 Ninja ZX-12R and 6R models. From powerful big bikes to pleasure-inducing 250-class bikes, Kawasaki is putting out fifteen cycles for you to expe-rience. Kawasaki's sport model bikes have always put the three basics first: functionality, feel, and ease of ride. Experience it for yourself at the Kawasaki booth.

Tokyo Motor Show Display Models
Ninja ZX-10R Reference Model 3 Ninja ZX-10R (Cut Model) Reference Model 1
VN2000 Reference Model 2 VN2000 (Cut Engine) Reference Model 1
Z750 Reference Model 2 ZRX1200R Sales Model 1
ZZR-X Reference Model 1 W650 Sales Model 1
Ninja ZX-12R Reference Model 1 ZRX Sales Model 1
Ninja ZX-6RR Reference Model 1 ZZR400 Sales Model 1
Ninja ZX-6R Reference Model 1 ESTRELLA-RS Sales Model 1
Z1000 Reference Model 1 250TR Sales Model 1
ZZR1200 Reference Model 1 D-TRACKER Sales Model 1
Ninja ZX-RR (MotoGP racer) Reference Model 1 EPSILON250 Sales Model 1
KX250F-SR Reference Model 1 KSR110 Sales Model 1
Super SHERPA Reference Model 1  
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