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Jaguar Japan PAG Import, Inc
10F Shuwa Kamiya-cho Bldg., 4-3-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001

Highlights of the exhibits

The Jaguar XJ, beloved by executives of the world since its debut in 1968, recently evolved into the 7th generation, showcasing the company's latest technologies to meet various demands from the luxury segment customer. The new XJ represents a modern re-interpretation of the traditional Jaguar style in a fully aluminium monocoque body that supports a further improvement in sheer dynamism. It also provides a spacious and comfortable cabin with the cutting-edge features. The light alloy body contributes to safety and economy, setting an innovative benchmark in the class.
In Japan, the sales began on the 31st of May, 2003. The new XJ has received accolade from the media and the customer, especially who expect the maximum luxury and sophistication from the vehicle. With the new XJ, Jaguar Japan looks forward to greater market share and sales.

All Aluminium Monocoque Body: The World-first Rivet Joint Technology for Mass-production Vehicle.

One of the new XJ's technological highlights lies in the adoption of the composite joint technology using rivets and epoxy resin adhesive for the first time in the automotive world to assemble the aluminium components. The new body achieves a 40% weight reduction and a 60% improvement in torsional stiffness over the conventional structure. It also makes contribution to ride comfort, handling precision, suppression of NVH, long-term durability and reliability. The bolt-on-front-end construction prevents frontal crash damage from affecting the basic body structure when a crash speed is up to 16 km/h. It allows an easy exchange of major exterior panels that reduces repair costs while improving working efficiency.

Styling with Tradition and Pride

Throughout the new XJ styling, there are many modern interpretations of the design clues that formulated the classical XJ more than 30 years. The front end is characterized by the sculptural bonnet, traditional and yet modern circular headlamps with the lattice radiator grille; all of them have long been regarded as the important design keys of the company.
As many statistics show, our body has become larger, requiring the extended cabin and luggage spaces without sacrificing the proportion unique to the marque.

New Air Suspension and Latest-generation CATS: New Standard Features for All XJ family for Evolutionary Ride Comfort and Sophistication

The new XJ is fit a sophisticated air suspension system . The natural performance of the suspension is further enhanced by the latest-generation CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension) adaptive damping. It takes ride comfort and vehicle handling to new levels. The air suspension provides the best possible ride even when any load transfer occurs, making the full use of the ample wheel travel. At the four edges of the vehicle are the rideheight sensors that transmit a signal to reduce the road clearance by 15mm when the vehicle speed reaches 160 km/h for high-speed stability and improved fuel economy.
The new CATS ensures a real-time automatic switching between the two damping force setups -- soft and hard -- according to the driving style and condition. The ECU, regulating all the functions of the CATS, monitors the vehicle status by information provided every 1/1,000th second from the vertical/lateral G-force sensors and brake switch. The CATS then reduces understeer/oversteer and a nose-dive condition under braking, strengthening dynamic performance and emphasizing luxury ride comfort at the same time.

Interior: A Marriage between Traditional Craftsmanship and State-of-the-art Ergonomics.

The interior combines the advanced technology with the style and elegance unmistakably of the Jaguar. The designers differentiate the car from others by creating the detail in accordance with the company's traditional design equation. The new XJ, now longer, wider and taller, ensures a comfortable and relaxed ride for five adults with the oversized luggage compartment (470 liters) and glove box. The ergonomic highlight is a 16-way power front seat with a cushion length adjustment. The electric adjustment goes further to the pedals (maximum adjustment: approx. 64mm), tilt/telescopic steering column, so drivers in any posture can find the best seating position.
The DVD navigation system, standard for all the versions, now features a wide 7-inch screen for increased use of ease. The new rear multimedia system (Super V8: Standard, Others: Optional) offers a special in-car entertainment experience through the two exclusive 6.5-inch colour screens. The rear system supports DVD, audio CD and TV reception.

Highest Level of Safety by Technological Advancement: Compliance with FMVSS208.

The A.R.T.S. (Adaptive Restraint Technology System), monitors the front-seat occupants' status, namely seating positions, postures, relative location to the steering wheel and with/without seatbelt fastened. Based upon the information available, the A.R.T.S. ensures the safest possible deployment of the airbags to maximise the occupant protection while minimising the risk of injury. The new XJ is also equipped with the anti-whiplash impact absorbing front seats.
The bodyshell, the core of the overall safety, is extremely light and yet robust. The aluminium monocoque structure keeps the overall energy that the body must deal with in a crash at a very low level. The new XJ is the first road-going model that passed the U.S. FMVSS208, one of the most strict crash safety standard in the world.

Jaguar Brand Presentation at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show

[Prices indicated below are the suggested retail prices in Tokyo area.]

Jaguar X-TYPE 3.0 Sovereign [JPY5,580,000]

The X-TYPE 3.0 Sovereign is the limited edition (300 units available in Japan) of the new-generation Jaguar. The top-of-range limited version enhances the image of this premium compact, which has been accepted by customers of a wider age spread. The model carrying a special name of Sovereign features chrome-finished trims, walnut panels and leather seats with contrasting stitches for more conservative customers who value the marque's tradition and prestige. It strikes the balance between comfort and dynamism at a high level through the AJ-V6 3.0, Traction-4 (full-time 4WD system), touch-screen navigation system and other innovative technologies.

Jaguar S-TYPE 2.5 V6 [JPY5,280,000]

Positioned in the middle of the Jaguar Saloon family, the S-TYPE embodies the marque's core values of dynamism, agility, aesthetics and contemporary luxury. The entry-level 2.5 V6 offers a full range of the standard equipment and driving pleasure with a high value-for-money character. The major standard features include; a 2.5-liter V6, ZF six-speed automatic transmission, classical leather upholstery, DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), A.R.T.S. (Adaptive Restraint Technology System), DVD navigation system. With those high-tech units, the Jaguar S-TYPE 2.5 V6 ensures higher levels of comfort, ease of use and safety.

Jaguar S-TYPE R [JPY9,630,000]

The Jaguar S-TYPE R was designed as a pure driving car that inherits the marque's racing spirit. The 4.2-liter Supercharged V8 generates the highest ever power output in the Jaguar history (298kW/406PS). To cope with the monstrous power surge, the vehicle is equipped with the four-piston Brembo brake calipers, CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension) and other advanced technologies to ensure outstanding dynamism and handling. The "R" version is identified with the mesh-type radiator grille, rear spoiler, HID xenon headlamp, 18-inch alloy wheels for a more dramatic presentation of the power and luxury. The Jaguar's core value of "Performance and Passion" is also reflected inside the cabin; R-performance leather steering wheel, 16-way power seat and gray bird's eye maple wood interior trim.

Jaguar XJ 4.2 [JPY9,930,000]

The Jaguar XJ 4.2 V8 represents comfort, refinement and sheer sense of luxury. The combination between a naturally-aspirated 4.2-liter and light aluminium monocoque structure (Vehicle weight: 1,680 kg) has stamped a clear footprint of the innovation in the luxury large saloon segment. Roomy and comfortable cabin, thanks to the extended dimensions, is perfectly supported by the air suspension. "Guests" to the rear seats are entertained by the premium sound system (Rear-seat multi-audio switch pack), power rear seat with reclining and lumber support mechanism, electrically-operated rear shade and manually-operated rear side blind.

Jaguar XJR [JPY11,930,000]

Among the new XJ family, the XJR was specially designed for drivers who prefer to the spirited and elegant driving experience. The 4.2-liter V8 Supercharged generates 298kW/406PS, ensuring superb dynamism under various driving conditions. The sporty elegance is accentuated on the exterior with the mesh-type radiator grille and 19-inch alloy wheels that add the motion of emotion to the clear wedge-shaped form. The air suspension and brake systems (with four-piston Brembo calipers), combined with computer-controlled driver aid devices (including CATS, DSC and EBA), bring the new spectrum of large-saloon driving pleasure.

Jaguar XJ Super V8 [JPY12,530,000]

Powered by the V8 Supercharged engine identical to the XJR, the Super V8 is aimed at the ultimate in performance and luxury that suit the new XJ flagship model. The interior design features elegance and luxury to the minute detail. The seats are covered with the selected soft grain leather while the quality walnut is used for the instrument panel and the steering wheel, creating an aesthetic cabin with a classical elegance.
The rear-seat comfort is further upgraded by the dual 6.5-inch colour displays, exclusive in-car entertainment system with audio (CD, MD, radio), DVD and TV functions independent from those for the front-seat occupants (Independent control for the right and left passenger is also available).
Jaguar's cutting edge technologies are incorporated into the supercharged sporty model with an astonishing power output in order to achieve the best balance of vehicle dynamics, ride comfort and driving pleasure.

Jaguar XKR Coupe [JPY11,930,000]

The Jaguar XKR Coupe strikes a unique balance among styling, performance and emotion. The exclusivity of the model lies in a double-sided character of luxurious grand tourer and real sport car. Dressed in a sleek styling carried over from the previous Jaguar sport models, the XKR Coupe provides the driver a very unique opportunity of directly commanding the vehicle with colossal power generation of the supercharged 4.2-liter V8 (298kW/406PS) and six-speed automatic transmission. The low and wide proportion is enhanced by the mesh-type radiator grille and 18-inch alloy wheels with low-profile tyres (Front: 245/45ZR 18, Rear: 255/45ZR 18), resulting in a more aggressive appearance.
Two different themes are prepared for the interior, namely bar walnut and gray stained maple panels and trims. The sporty sophistication can also be felt when one sits in a quality leather sport seat.

Jaguar R4 [Exhibition only]

The Jaguar Racing made debut its fourth championship contender R4 this year. The car is based on the preceding R3 and, design-wise, it was aimed at the modification and evolution of the previous package concept for minimising the risk. The design team began their work by modifying the aerodynamic performance and then stepping into the structural design. This systematic approach allows the team to move closer to the optimum balance and, as a result, the team has made a steady progress.
The Cosworth Racing created the new CR-5 V10, which features a widened Vee-angle of 90 degrees instead of the conventional 72-degree design, opting for an advantage given by a lowered center-of-gravity. This provides a packaging leeway for a more intelligent overall design. Additionally, the CR-5 generates a higher power than the CR-4, boosting the car's overall potential significantly.

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