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Honda Motorcycle Corner Highlights
Each of Honda's four motorcycle exhibition stages at this year's Tokyo Motor Show expresses Honda's global brand slogan, 'The Power of Dreams' - our continuing challenge to make dreams come true. The main theme for the four stages in the Honda corner is: 'Dream Wings.' We invite visitors to give wings to their own dreams and join us in turning those dreams into reality. Honda is a company that was built on the power of a dream, and we want all those who ride with us to share that dream.
On display this year is an exciting variety of unique machines for the present, and for the future. Included are machines which will very soon be making dreams come true, bikes of the near future, and motorcycle dreams for tomorrow. By combining innovative ideas with advanced technology, we at Honda continue our pursuit of the dream of contributing to society through products which help people live more productive and more enjoyable lives.




Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
2-1-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8556

Main Stage (Honda New Sports / Performance Cruiser / CBR & CB)

On the main stage are an exciting concept model, interesting machines for the near future, as well as eye-catching import models. Loaded with high technology and strikingly individual, these stunning machines have a presence that reflects their performance.

GRIFFON Exhibition Model (Prototype)

This uncompromising fusion of motorcycle and scooter combines avant-garde styling with advanced technology to create a new generation of sports commuter. This concept model is powered by a horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. Cutting edge technology includes linked front/rear wheel ABS and a vehicle proximity warning system. The ignition features an immobilizer function using 'Smart Keys,' while the capacious front trunk has room for two full-face helmets. See if you can find the other rider-friendly high technology.

GOLDWING Exhibition Model (Scheduled for release)

This new, sporty Goldwing is the ultimate in sports touring luxury. Produced in the U.S.A. and imported to Japan, it is shown here in stunning Flare Red livery. The powerful, horizontally opposed, 6-cylinder, 1,832cm3 engine delivers impressive amounts of turbine-smooth thrust for sport-touring excitement. A supremely comfortable seat is just one of this fine machine? many luxury features that make it so suitable for comfortable and speedy long-distance touring.

Valkyrie Rune Exhibition Model (Special import model)

Stylistically extreme and visually stunning, this neo-retro factory custom revolutionizes the cruiser genre. The powerful 1,832cm3 'Flat Six' engine delivers an unmatched spread of silky smooth torque for effortless acceleration. Build quality and attention to detail are simply exceptional. When it comes to pride of ownership and presence, no other machine even comes close.

VTX1800S Exhibition Model (Special import model)

Gutsy torque and a feel-good pulse is what this muscular 1,795cm3 V-Twin engine is all about. Rolling proudly at the front of Honda's V-Twin cruiser line-up, the VTX1800S is an American custom with a powerful, performance-oriented retro design. Spoked wheels and high-quality chrome plating on the side covers and other parts give the VTX the look and feel of a true V-Twin custom.

Shadow <750> Exhibition Model (Scheduled for release)

The Shadow 750 is Honda's basic custom cruiser, and for the new model year this low-and-long middleweight gets a fresh new look. The low 658mm seat height is 17mm lower than the current model, giving riders a relaxing and in-control feel. Reliable shaft drive replaces the earlier chain, while front and rear retro-style fenders enhance this custom bike's timeless image.

CBR1000RR Exhibition Model (Scheduled for release)

The world watched in awe as Honda's incredible RC211V dominated the MotoGP championship in 2002. Much of that technology is now available in the new CBR1000R high-performance supersports machine. Race-winning potential and fun to ride, the design comes straight from the hard-charging RC211V. The color scheme is Honda's famous tricolor.

CB1300 Super Four Type-R Exhibition Model (Prototype)

This machine was developed by the CB1300 development team for the Suzuka 8-Hour road race and is based on a standard CB1300 model. The engine has been specially tuned for racing. For this year's 8-Hour, the team was called 'Project BIG-1,' and the bike completed the race in fine style, showing everyone the true potential of the CB1300.

CB750 Exhibition Model (Scheduled for release)

The long-selling CB750 gets a flashy new identity with a brilliant new red and white color scheme for a sporty new image. Reservoir-equipped rear suspension, theftpreventive HISS and a host of other upgrades make the new CB750 more attractive than ever.

CBR600RR Exhibition Model(Scheduled for release)

Loaded with RC211V technology, the 'RR' designation marks CBR600RR as one of Honda's new-generation supersport machines. On sale since July, 2003, it has received many accolades from the world press. The development concept was: 'Innovation Creates Newness.' Like the CBR1000RR, the CBR600RR shares the racing DNA and styling of the RC211V. Even the Candy Tahitian Blue color is new.

CB400 Super Four Hyper VTEC Exhibition Model (Scheduled for release)

Even without the sharp new rear cowl design, the new CB400 Super Four would attract attention. The rev-hungry Hyper VTEC engine has been up-rated to 'SPEC III, for enhanced fuel consumption at 100 km/h cruising speeds without sacrificing sport-riding performance. New carburetor settings improve both low-rpm power and driveability. Passenger comfort is improved, as is the rider's ability to reach the ground.

CB400SS Exhibition Model (Scheduled for release)

The CB400SS is a sporting single in the finest tradition. Wearing new colors and featuring a new electric starter, this middleweight thumper looks great and starts easily. The classic tank emblems and buffed pedals and kick starter are quality details that every enthusiast can appreciate.

City Commuter Stage

On this stage are displayed a variety of city commuters. Offering excellent utility, these lightweight machines are easy and fun to ride. Solo or tandem, these rider-friendly two-wheelers can spice up your city life.

PS250 Exhibition Model (Prototype)

The 5th machine from Honda's 'N Project,' this rough & tough gofer is unique in style and conception. The long seat makes for comfy tandem riding, and when the tandem seat is lifted up it reveals a large storage space with plenty of carrying capacity.

Motorsports Stage

Motorsports are at the heart of Honda's challenging spirit. Honda has won more than 500 GP races, and the wins keep coming in MotoGP. On display here are our racing machines from various racing categories around the world. We also have a corner where you can climb aboard and feel like a winner.

RC211V (·3 MotoGP Entrant)

This 2003 model is a further development of last year's machine which dominated MotoGP, winning 11 events. The V5 4-stroke engine has been further refined, and Valentino Rossi and his team are now going after their 2nd title in a row.

VTR1000SPW ('03 Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race Entrant)

This is the machine ridden by Toru Ukawa and Hitoyasu Izutsu (Seven Star Honda) in Japan's biggest motorcycle race, the Suzuka 8-Hour. A similar machine ridden by Yukio Nukumi and Manabu Kamada (Team Sakurai Honda) won the race after completing 212 laps. This was the seventh consecutive victory for Honda in this prestigious event.

CBR954RR ('03 Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race Entrant)

A big hit with the fans, this Masked Rider 555 Honda was ridden by Tatsuya Yamaguchi and Yuki Takahashi to a fine 10th place in the Suzuka 8-Hour.

CBR600RR ('03 Suzuka 4-Hour Endurance Race Winner)

For the first time in history, more than 100 laps were completed in the 4-Hour race. The first bike to reach 101 laps - and race winner - was the Moto Win Racing machine ridden by Shingo Suzuki and Takuma Inagaki. Once again the victory podium was dominated by the CBR600RR, this machine? third consecutive victory in the 4-Hour race.

RTL ('03 All Japan Trials Entrant)

The 2-stroke engine gives this bike the instant acceleration needed for trials riding. Takahisa Fujinami , one of the top riders in the World Championship, rides this machine in the All Japan Trials Championship.

RN01 ('03 MTB Japan Series/World Cup Entrant)

This revolutionary mountain bike was a special R&D project. Featuring a motocross-type chassis, it won in only its 4th downhill race and showed exceptional performance.

Ecology / Safety / Security Stage

Honda is continually pursuing a variety of research projects to make bike life more enjoyable. When it comes to environmental, safety and security technologies, Honda is an industry leader. Here is a close look at some of Honda's advanced technology.

Dio Z4 FI Exhibition Model (Scheduled for release)

FI (Fuel Injection) uses electronic control technology to supply the engine with the ideal air/fuel mixture at all times. To reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel economy, Honda introduced the world's first FI system for the 50cc 4-stroke engine used in the Dio Z4 FI.

Honda ASV Riding Simulator

The ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle) is part of a Next-Generation Automobile Safety Development Project promoted by the National Transportation Ministry. Honda uses radio signal technology to communicate between vehicles and help prevent collisions. Why not go for a test ride and see what you think?

Ridng Trainer

To promote education and training for safe riding Honda is developing a riding trainer for use in dealerships. Connected to a personal computer monitor, it helps teach safe riding techniques by simulating the motions and sounds of an actual vehicle.


Honda has been developing ABS (Anti-Lock Brake Systems) and CBS (Combined Braking Systems) for some time. Both beginners and experts appreciate the perform-ance of these systems, examples of which are shown here.

Smart Key / Theft Prevention Systems

The Smart Key is an encoded key that communicates with a CPU built into the ignition system. This prevents any other key from starting the machine and greatly enhances security. Other security systems are also on display.

Motorcycle Theater Surround System

This remarkable audio system features a 5.1 channel surround sound that makes riding a more aural experience. Lightweight and compact, it has a 100-watt output. Of course, safety issues and noise considerations are an integral part of its design.

Riding Wear / Protectors

Offering safety, comfort and functionality, this attractively designed riding gear makes every ride more enjoyable. Take a close look at the various helmets, jackets and protectors on display.

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