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Honda Automobile Highlights

Honda continues to pursue the challenge expressed in our corporate slogan: The Power of Dreams. At the 37th Tokyo Motor Show we proudly present the new world of Honda automobiles, which starts with the new Odyssey. At Honda we are reaching out to realize our unlimited potential to innovate, and to create cars that will bring more freedom and more pleasure to more people. And with free thinking and liberating technology, we are creating a new world of value. At the Honda display we introduce our vision of the future of the automobile-born of the fusion of free thinking and innovative technology-starting with the new Odyssey.
We also introduce a wide range of powerplants that combine superb environment-friendliness and driving pleasure,
the products of Honda's original innovative technologies.
Honda's free thinking and liberating technology are extending the joy of mobility to more and more people worldwide.
Do come and share the experience with us at the Honda display!



Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
2-1-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8556 JAPAN

Honda Display Highlights

The display will feature a visual presentation of the key features of the new Odyssey and the car itself, which is to be released just before the Motor Show, along with several concept vehicles that help express our vision of a freer, more liberated future. We present the new world of Honda automobiles, which opens with the new Odyssey.

New Odyssey / ASM Stage
  • New Odyssey (Production vehicle)
    Among the first minivans, the original Odyssey offered great new value. Now, the Odyssey has been reborn, breaking through pre-conceptions with free thinking to achieve even more attractive new value. The new Odyssey offers the generous interior dimensions of a minivan along with improved handling and riding comfort, thanks to a low-floor platform created using innovative Honda technology. The elegant exterior is a fresh new conception of the minivan. Inside, the cabin is luxurious, the cockpit highly advanced. The new Odyssey brings one era to an end and announces the opening of another. It is the first of new world of Honda automobiles, and offers new value transcending the minivan category. The new Odyssey-sure to bring genuine satisfaction to all who encounter it.
  • ASM (Prototype)
    The ASM represents a new image for the minivan that fuses advances in design and technology with legendary Honda quality.
    A minivan offering the ultimate in quality, the ASM provides the ideal dimensions for elegant city driving one demands of a car, and thanks to Honda's innovative low-floor platform also offers outstanding cabin space that accommodates eight in comfort for relaxed freeway travel. The latest iteration of Honda's IMA system, the powerplant features a V6 engine with Variable Cylinder Management for driving pleasure and environment-friendliness.
    The double-wishbone suspension delivers enhanced driving performance and a level of relaxation and comfort reminiscent of an ocean cruiser. The ASM-a truly comfortable hybrid 8-seat saloon minivan with all the space and comfort one could want or even imagine.
Concept Vehicle Stage
  • HSC (Concept vehicle)
    The HSC, a pure sports car, is the latest inheritor of the Honda sports DNA which originated with the S500, Honda's first automobile, a two-seat sports car. The HSC was created to deliver the joy of a sports car and the thrill of free-spirited driving in a package that anyone can handle. The long wheelbase and short overhangs help maximize performance, and the lightweight, compact V6 engine, located mid-ship for better handling, is designed for high efficiency and delivers ouput in excess of 300 horsepower*.
    * Based on Honda in-house calculations
  • IMAS (Concept vehicle)
    A highly maneuverable, environment-friendly car that responds to the rider's every whim, the IMAS is designed to provide an invigorating, cutting-through-the-breeze feeling. The design concept was to combine environment-friendly performance with fun-to-drive sports-car performance in an advanced, lightweight, aerodynamic package. The body is made mainly of super-light carbon fiber and aluminum-the overall weight is just 700kg*. A sweeping aerodynamic shape helps achieve a drag coefficient(CD) of just 0.20.
    The efficient powerplant is a refined update of Honda's IMA system. Outstanding aerodynamics, light weight and a 'green' powerplant for bicycle-like freedom of movement-that's what the new-age lightweight IMAS sports car is all about.
    * Based on Honda in-house calculations
  • KIWAMI (Concept vehicle)
    Honda was the world's first automaker to bring a fuel cell vehicle to market. The Kiwami matches Honda's clean-performing fuel cell technology with the Japanese aesthetic of cleanliness to create an ideal sedan for the next generation. The beauty of a landscape as it changes hues with the seasons; the gentle murmur of a clean, flowing stream; the scent of a new season carried on the breeze .... The Japanese aesthetic sensibility and values are subtly expressed in this unique vehicle, with its quietly strong, minimalist stance.
    The advanced packaging technology that made the lower floor possible ensures a roomy interior despite the vehicle's low roofline. The interior design reflects the Japanese sense of a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere. The latest in clean fuel cell technology meets the beauty of traditional Japan in this new premium sedan.
Advanced Technology Stage

Honda sets its own high standards for cleaner emissions, improved fuel economy and other environmental targets, advancing engine technology toward a brighter future for society and the environment. At this stage, we present a V6 engine that features our Variable Cylinder Management system; the Honda IMA system; and other powerplants that represent the crystallization of Honda's advanced technologies. Also on display are cutaway models of the fuel cell system of the Honda FCX, the world's first production fuel cell vehicle. Also featured is the latest in pre-crash safety technology and other advanced Honda safety technologies that make mobility safer for everyone.

Motor Sports Stage

At this stage we present our involvement in motor sports, which offers a world of thrills and motion to people the world over.
Ever since we participated in our first Formula One world championship in 1964, we have continued to push ourselves to the limit on racing circuits around the world. This season marks the fourth year of our third era of Formula One racing, and, in the IndyCar series, our new challenge as an engine supplier. At the Honda display we present our Formula One and Indy race cars, as well as the racing version of the Fit for the One Make Race.

Welfare Vehicles

This stage presents the Almas series, an impressive range of vehicles that meet the needs of the physically challenged and their caregivers. Featured are the Odyssey Almas and the Life Almas, both equipped with a passenger lift seat. Also on display is the Monpal, a 4-wheel electric vehicle that can be maneuvered with an easy-to-operate lever.

Production Vehicles

This stage displays some of our finest new production vehicles, including the all-new Life, Inspire, StepWGN, Stream Absolute, S2000, and Accord Euro-R. From minicars to sports cars, Honda automobiles offers an exciting new world of possibilities.

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