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Highlights of the Ford Booth

Ford Motor Company celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 16, 2003. Founder Henry Ford started with a dream of “producing cars for a mass market.” An automobile that would make his dream come true was born in 1908: it was the Model T.

With the advent of the Model T, people could now discover a world 20 miles away. It was a moment when the impossible was made possible.
As Ford embarks on a new century, it is committed to the unchanging spirit,“No Boundaries.”

Ford Japan Limited will introduce the “new Fiesta” into the Japanese market next year in addition to the Focus and Mondeo which are developed by Ford of Europe.




Ford Japan Limited
Shuwa Kamiyacho Building 8F, 3-13, Toranomon 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001


The Fiesta provides superior levels of interior roominess, styling, safety, and driving dynamics. When the Fiesta debuts in the Japanese market next year, it will complete wide product lineup from the B segment compact car to a specialty vehicle and SUV. The Fiesta RS Rallye, packed with technologies that Ford perfected in motor sports, will also be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Japan will also see for the first time the Ford GT, a super car being manufactured to commemorate Ford's 100th anniversary. The Ford GT won the Le Mans 24 Hours, considered to be the most demanding race in the world, four years in a row in the latter half of the 1960's. The legendary machine has been given new life with Ford's latest technology and engineering. Called the “Living Legend,” the Ford GT boasts a body that is sure to rekindle the passion in those who remember the Ford GT.

The Ford booth will showcase the following commercially available models:

  • The SUV lineup composed of the Ford Explorer, which defines the category called "SUV," and the Ford Escape, which is developed according to Ford's unparalleled SUV designing philosophy
  • The Ford Mustang, the American specialty car that inherits the same DNA from the first model released in 1964
  • The pair of European cars Focus and Mondeo provide users with the joy of being in control with driving dynamics unmatched in their respective classes
Fiesta (reference) (one unit)

The Fiesta is a European-made compact car that was developed to satisfy superior levels of interior roominess, styling and safety with outstanding driving dynamics. By locating the four wheels as close to the four corners as possible, Ford has realized a long wheelbase and wide tread, and spacious interior and luggage room, without increasing vehicle size. The exterior is a simple and well-balanced design that expresses the Fiesta's package efficiency and superior driving quality. The interior was developed with the top priority on obtaining an ergonomically superior driving position. Round air-conditioning vents are placed on the dashboard to provide an accent and complement the visually intriguing and cozy interior.

The highly-rigid body was developed to ensure multiple absorption channels of collision energy so cabin space is left intact in the event of a collision. The Fiesta conveys collision energy not only through lower channels, but also the upper channels, body panels, and then to the A-pillar, to disperse the shock of collision. For suspension, the Fiesta features McPherson struts up front and twist beam in the rear. The rear suspension realizes superior handling characteristics while maximizing interior package efficiency.
The power plant is a 1.6-liter Duratec 16V that produces maximum output of 100 hp.
The Fiesta boasts a history in excess of a quarter of a century since the first model was introduced in 1976. During this period, more than 10 million Fiestas have been produced, breaking many sales records in the European market. Also, in the United Kingdom, the Fiesta was one of the top three best selling cars for 20 years.
Fiesta RS Rallye (reference) (one unit)

The Fiesta RS Rallye is a rally machine that brings out the full motor sport potential in the Fiesta. Ford is aiming at obtaining homologation for the Fiesta RS Rallye so it can participate in the 2004 World Rally Championships (JWRC.) On the exterior is a design that expresses pursuit of speed to the maximum.
Wider and lower than the base vehicle, Fiesta 3-door, the Fiesta RS Rallye also features an assortment of racing parts including an aggressive front grill, additional air intakes on the hood and roof, and a set of 18-inch magnesium wheels.
The interior, prominently features are Sparco racing seats in vivid blue. The cockpit also features a rugged integrated roll cage, rally instruments, and control switches.
The 1.6-liter Duratec 16V that powers the car features a head, block, and sump that are made entirely of aluminum. By combining a cross-ratio, Hewland 6-speed sequential transmission to the power unit, the engine power is conveyed to the front axle.
This Fiesta RS Rallye was developed by Ford Team RS led by Jost Capito. The team is responsible for motor sports in Europe, including Formula One and WRC and for the development and engineering of road cars and competition vehicles for Ford's three high performance brands - ST, RS, and Cosworth.

Ford GT (reference) (one unit)

A legend, the Ford GT won Le Mans 24 Hours four years in a row starting in 1966 and took the motor sports world by storm and has made an enormous impact on the history of high performance cars. In celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Ford Motor Company, the legendary machine has been revived as a modern road car named the“Ford GT.”The body, which was designed by Living Legend Studio, brings back the excitement of the late 1960's. Development was supervised by a "dream team" of superior engineers within Ford. The dream team includes, as a technical advisor, Carol Shelby, who is a legend himself. The design reminiscent of the 1960's Ford GT, inherits the classic exterior of the Ford GT while utilizing such modern equipment as HID headlights. The interior pays respect to the Ford GT by providing classical toggle switches on the instrument panel. The dream team also made an aggressive use of the latest materials, including Azdel composite material, which is highly wear-resistant and recyclable, for door panels for the first time in the industry.
The rigid aluminum space frame that incorporates numerous new technologies in the manufacturing process is fitted with double wishbone suspension, front and rear, and mounted with a mid-ship 5.4-liter V8 supercharged DOHC engine that generates 500 hp. The engine performance is delivered to the pavement by 315/40ZR19 rear tires via a 6-speed manual transmission.

Escape V6 3000 XLT (reference) (one unit)

The Escape is a compact SUV based on Ford's extensive experience in developing SUVs. The Control Trac IITM AWD system automatically distributes torque to the rear wheels when the front wheels slip. The driver can also engage the differential with the flip of a switch while the vehicle is in motion. The system is an excellent feature on such slippery surfaces as snowy roads. The bumpers feature an under guard design to convey the Escape's high off-road performance.

Explorer/Mustang (available for sale) (one unit each)
Explorer Centennial Edition
Mustang Centennial Edition

On its 100th anniversary, Ford Motor Company has started another 100-year journey while reflecting on its origin, the Model T. The Explorer Centennial Edition and Mustang Centennial Edition are special models released to commemorate the 100th year anniversary.
Besides being a pioneer of the SUV category, the Explorer has shaped the market. The Explorer Centennial Edition is specially-equipped with two-tone full leather seats available only in this edition, chrome-plated aluminum wheels, roof rails, and a 100th year anniversary ornament.

The Mustang has been recognized as a symbol of specialty cars since the first Mustang appeared in 1964 and its traditional design, concept, and sprit have been passed down to the current model.
The Mustang Centennial Edition is a GT model powered by a 4.6-liter V8 engine, specially fitted with two-tone full leather seats available only in this edition and a 100th anniversary ornament.

Focus ST170 (available for sale) (one unit)

The Focus ST170, whose “ST” stands for “Sport Technologies,” is a high performance car that was developed by Ford Europe's special vehicle development department (presently Ford Team RS) based on the Focus. The Duratec ST engine generates 173 hp. This engine offers not only more horsepower, but also the utmost drivability with its fine-tuned intake and exhaust systems.
The Focus ST170 is equipped with a Getrag 6-speed manual transmission, which provides the driver with the joy of being in control of the car and promises maximum performance from the engine. To accommodate the higher engine performance, the Focus ST170 also features tuned suspension and brakes.

Mondeo Sedan V6 GHIA Aero (available for sale) (one unit)

The Mondeo was developed after a thorough research of what users want. The model features superior safety performance, refined driving quality, and spacious interior package.
The Mondeo Sedan V6 GHIA Aero on exhibit is equipped with a 2.5-liter V6 DOHC engine and automatic transmission with 5-speed manual mode. On the exterior, visitors will find an RS full aero kit, large 17-inch tires, and 5-spoke aluminum wheels. The sporty exterior is a testament to its refined driving quality.

No. Description Remarks No. Description Remarks
1 Fiesta Reference 5 Mustang Centennial Edition Available for sale
2 Fiesta RS Rallye Reference 6 Explorer Centennial Edition Available for sale
3 Ford GT Reference 7 Focus ST170 Available for sale
4 Escape V6 3000 XLT Reference 8 Mondeo Sedan V6 GHIA Aero Available for sale
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