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The DUCATI 2004 range


From the beginning of its foundation, Ducati has put complete energy into the development of cutting-edge technology and passion for racing. Our efforts have produced extraordinary results, giving us renewed strength to continually improve our motorcycles and satisfy our ever-demanding motorcycle enthusiasts. Ducati bikes arrive at client's door virtually direct from the racetrack. We achieve the best possible performance on the track to guarantee optimal performance on the road.

Moto GP

In 2003, Ducati has made its entry into Moto GP World Championship, the highest point of motorcycle racing, with the riders Loris Capirossi and Troy Bayliss and the factory bikes "Desmo Sedici". After 30 years, Ducati has started the challenge into the highest level of racing. Ducati has achieved high ranks from the opening race in Suzuka, and in the fifth race at Mugello Italy, Ducati recorded the max. speed of 332.4km/h which has exceeded Formula 1's max. speed, proving the quality of Ducati's technology. Subsequently, Ducati's ongoing entries into high ranks have made it the menace for the other makers entered in GP.



Nakameguro Okura Bldg. 1-26-9 Kamimeguro, Meguro-Ku Tokyo 153-0051




2003 has become the special year for Ducati in the field of Superbike World Championship as well. Not only Ducati has regained Constructor's Championship and Rider's Championship (Team Ducati FILA, Neil Hodgson) in Superbike World Championship, it has accomplished its 200th victory and marked a new honor to its glorious history. Ducati has now won a total of 12 World Superbike Constructors's Championship and 10 Riders's Championship in 16 years.


At the Ducati's booth in the 37th Tokyo Motor Show, we are using the same bike display-stand designed specially for the shows in abroad to create the same atmosphere. DUCATI PERFORMANCE accessories and apparels are displayed in the show-case at both sides of the reception to enhance the "passionate" colors of Ducati motorcycles, encouraging the "desmodromic" passions of Ducati fans. For the display bikes, we offer the representative models of five categories which have our unique technological solutions: tubular frame, twin-cylinder, L-shaped Desmodromic engine and unmistakable engine roar assure a motorcycle without peer.

Highlights of the exhibits
The Monster's success is distinguished by continuous technological and design evolution. For 2004, Ducati introduces the radical Monster S4R and 400ie.
Since its inception, the Monster has defined a new way of motorcycling. With their fully exposed and purposeful engines and body work, combined with Ducati sports bike "know how" they deliver a unique blend of style and performance.
The Monster family contains seven versions with one of four different fuel injected engines, each with their own special features to satisfy the needs of riders with varying levels. The entire family uses a Ducati Trellis frame derived from the Ducati Sport Touring family, all electronic instrument panels with integrated anti-theft immobiliser system and newly designed rear view mirrors. Furthermore, all models are environmentally responsible, exceeding the Euro2 clean air standards, and are approved for access to city centres that are closed to vehicles without catalytic converters. Apart from these shared features, many technical and style details of all the Monsters have been updated and improved.
Display bikes: Monster 400ie, Monster S4R
For 2004 the ST range has been completely updated both in style and technically, and includes and all new model.
A new front fairing increases rider protection at speed, without adding weight to the bike or detracting from its sport performance. Complimenting the improved ergonomics are powerful engines including a revised 996cc power plant for ST4s ABS, plus and all new 992cc three valve Dual Spark motor in the new ST3.
The new design features a taller front fairing than before and a new complex surface double curved headlight. This solution puts the Ducati Sports Touring bikes at the top of their class for their light intensity and pattern. An electrically controlled remote height adjustment, actuated by a simple control on the instrument panel, allows easy height adjustment for varying loads. In addition, all new this year is a fully electronic instrument panel with modern graphics, providing plenty of information about the state of the engine and the journey that is underway.

Ergonomics has also been significantly improved. Height adjustable handlebars, which have a range of 20 mm, allow the ST to adapt the rider's preferred position, as well as front brake and clutch levers that can be adjusted to four different positions. Seat comfort has been improved by new seat shape, advanced new padding and cover material, creating a more comfortable position for long journeys, as well as eliminating the passenger's tendency to slide forwards during braking.
The height adjustable exhaust system has been retained on the entire ST line. With the saddlebags attached, the silencers are in their lower "tour" position, but when out for a spirited sport ride the silencers can be raised to the "sport" position.
All ST models come with anti-theft immobiliser system as standard equipment and utilize advanced CAN line electronics. The CAN line solution brings simplifies and lightens the electrical system and wire harness
Display bikes: ST3, ST4s ABS

The Super Sport family represents the Ducati sport bike tradition. Through decades of constant design evolution, the Ducati Supersport models have become modern motorcycling icons - with a reputation for agility, great handling, smooth power delivery and versatility. In 2004, the Supersport family is presented in both 800cc and 1000cc versions and will be offered in full fairing versions only.
The essential air-cooled 90° L-Twin 2 valve engines, with their potent linear power delivery, high torque and simplicity of design. Although straightforward design, advanced electronic fuel injection, computer controlled engine management and the latest manufacturing processes ensure that remain highly dependable and keep maintenance costs low. Both the 800 and 1000 DS are equipped with smooth shifting six speed transmissions.

A signature Ducati Trellis frame compliments for confidence-inspiring road holding and stability. Light, rigid and beautiful, Ducati designers place welded triangulated thin wall ALS450 tubing only -- and exactly --where it's needed. The Ducati trellis frame gains its advantage through design, triangulation and material integrity -- not through volume as is the case with the more common extruded aluminium frames.
The entire Super Sport family is equip with premium Brembo Serie Oro callipers gripping dual 320mm discs up front and a 245 mm single disc in the rear. Steel braided brake lines are standard equipment to ensure responsive and potent stopping power.
Both models share a lightweight fully electronic instrument panel, and come standard with an advanced anti-theft immobiliser system.
Display bike: SS1000DS

Ever since the introduction of the original 851, the Superbike series has best represented Ducati's sporting soul. A family of motorcycles continues to give Ducati and Ducati fans great pride and satisfaction by way of racing championships and in road performance. Although each Ducati Superbike has set new standards of design and race winning performance, their evolution goes on year after year. For 2004, the 749 and the 999 are offered in three distinctly different versions standard, "S" and "R". The range presents several improvements, most notably this year the 749S: with a new Testastretta engine. and power increased from 103 to 110 Hp.
Fully adjustable riding position and controls ensure balance and symbiosis between rider and machine. The asymmetric exhaust system, which utilizes the available space incredibly efficiently while still allowing impressive power output and low emissions to easily meet the Euro2 emission standards. Another distinctive engineering solution is the use of CAN line electronic control. This emerging technology has allowed a significant reduction in the complexity and weight of the motorcycles wiring and electronic system, while improving performance and electronic data capacity.

A series of state-of-the-art technical solutions for the chassis and running gear are found on the Superbike family. The chain adjustment system using ?liders·on the swinging arm, allows chain adjustment without altering ride height, so not to compromise the suspension set up.
The whole Superbike 2004 range uses radial technology brake and clutch master cylinders with integrated hydraulic reservoirs, delivering progressive and linear power and feel. the Ducati Superbikes use the ?riple bridge·brake calipers with four pistons and four separate pads and lightweight 4.5 millimetre thick discs, mounted further outward to improve cooling in all conditions.
Display bike: 749R, 999S

The Multistrada, Ducati's new-generation sport bike that delivers extraordinary performance and design while offering the possibility to ride wherever there is pavement, has become one of the hottest topics in the motorcycle industry in years. Designed to stand up to and thrive on all road surfaces, the Multistrada represents a new family of bikes in the Ducati line.
During the development of the Multistrada, Ducati Design and R&D carefully studied two types of motorcycles: sport bikes, with their pinpoint handling, power and verve; and the big dual-purpose or enduro models, with their comfort and versatility. By combining their strengths, the formula for the Multistrada was born: a high performance, lightweight, comfortable and versatile sport bike - equally at home on mountain roads, highways, city streets and even at the occasional track day.
The outstanding performance of the Multistrada is not only the result of advanced design. It is also thanks to the 1000cc engine and the highest quality Superbike components. The Multistrada combines the signature Ducati Trellis frame, advanced Superbike suspension, race-bred brakes, a new single-sided swingarm and performance wheels and tyres.
Display bike: Multistrada1000DS
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