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Booth Highlights
BMW, which is promoting a premium brand strategy worldwide, will divide its booth at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show into two sections: one displaying BMW brand products, and the other MINI brand products. Centering on the new 5 Series just launched in July this year, the BMW brand section will showcase the 6 Series, X3 and X5 minor change models, the first to be offered in Japan and Asia. And, in addition to the BMW M3 CSL, which incorporates lightweight technologies used in F1 racing, the booth's attractive product lineup will include the Z4, launched just this year, the 7 Series, augmented by the 760Li with its 6-liter, world's first V12 direct injection gasoline engine with valvetronic, and the 3?Series, that reflects the latest minor changes.
The other half of the display will feature the MINI brand. The MINI, which debuted in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, has been a big success in the United States, Europe, and Japan as a premium small car. The MINI, which even today, more than a year since its launch, is achieving registration figures of more than 1,000 vehicles a month in Japan, has been accepted by consumers, whose needs are diversifying, as a smart, youthful, sharply contoured, fashionable and classless car. In addition to the MINI One, MINI Cooper, and MINI Cooper S models, the MINI display will also include a special model fitted with a special kit developed by John Cooper Works.



BMW Group Japan
1-10-2, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba 261-0023


The BMW Motorrad Booth will display 16 models as well as BMW rider's equipment and a large number of accessories. In addition to the R 1200 CL, K 1200 GT, and R 1150 R Rockster, which debuted in Japan in spring 2003, the booth will present the R 1200 C Montauk for reference exhibit, unveiled for the first time in Japan. Come and see BMW Motorrad's dynamism and exciting quality for yourself.

Highlights of vehicles on show
Vehicles to go on display (BMW car models planned to be exhibited)
7 Series 760Li/ 745i X5 X5 4.4i
6 Series 645Ci (two vehicles) X3 X3 3.0i (two vehicles) (reference exhibit)
5 Series 545i/ 525i M Model M3CSL
3 Series 330Ci Cabriolet Individual (reference exhibit) Z4 Z4 3.0i
  325i Touring, 318ti BMW WilliamsF1 FW25 (Special exhibit)
New 6 Series

Introducing a new dream car, the 6 Series Coup· BMW is not just continuing the heritage of the first legendary 6 Series (1976-1989), but is also maintaining the Company's long tradition of large luxury coupés. This new fascinating sports car characterised by its exclusive style and design language will set new standards in the luxury sports coupé market.

New 5 Series

BMW's 5 Series, which became a best seller all over the world, re-emerges after fully remodeled for the first time in eight years. The new 5 Series, which has already started deliveries in Europe and has become a core model for BMW, beautifully combines sporting, elegant and powerful-looking exterior to set a new benchmark in its class. Just take the wheel to experience its dynamism to the full. Supporting the new 5 Series' incredibly lively styling is the sophisticated overall concept of innovative technologies including aluminium/steel hybrid body structure, Dynamic Drive that suppresses body roll to a minimum in bends, and Active Front Steering, which continuously varies the steering angle according to the vehicle's speed. This new 5 Series is built on the BMW equation of "faster, safer, and more efficient."

New X3 (reference exhibit)

The new BMW X3 combines the outstanding agility of a typical BMW with the wide range of practical uses offered by a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). This represents the first premium offering in the class of SAVs beneath the X5, and by adopting the all-wheel drive system called xDrive for electronically controlling the distribution of torque front-to-rear, X3 comes to market to conquer the world's roads both on and off the beaten track. In addition, the modern design language with interacting concave and convex surfaces gives the X3 a youthful and fresh appearance. Its unique position within the BMW model series is underlined by a wide range of characteristic features such as the newly interpreted, classic "Hofmeister KINK" in the rear side windows.

New X5

The comprehensive improvements performed by BMW on the successful X5 model will finally be available for all to see from autumn 2003. Four years after its launch, the first Sports Activity Vehicle is still enjoying steadily growing popularity. To ensure that this trend is maintained, the engineers and designers of the off-road sports vehicle from the BMW X family got together to devise a thorough revision package, which gave rise to a number of innovations, both technical and visual. Exterior as well as interior design was modified, and while the engine was changed to the one with the latest technology including VALVETRONIC and bi-VANOS, xDrive system was also adopted in the same way as X3.

BMW WilliamsF1 FW25 (Special exhibit)

BMW Williams F1 FW25, which has obtained remarkable success in 2003 Formula 1 World Championship, attract audience at Tokyo. "BMW P83" is the simple code-name of the power source from Munich driving the BMW WilliamsF1 Team to success. BMW's F1 Plant operates right at BMW's main location in Munich, fully integrating the resources of the Research and Innovation Center only a stone's throw away. Benefiting from this support, BMW was able to, right from the start, develop efficiently state-of-the-art F1 engine system and components in-house and knowledge they acquire in this process goes straight back into series production.

Vehicles to go on display (MINI models planned to be exhibited)
MINI One, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works

The MINI Booth will showcase the characteristics of the trendy, premium MINI brand, set off against a lively big city background like a cut jewel. We hope you will enjoy this very private and multi-faceted sensual experience. At the nucleus of the MINI brand is exciting brand value, and to drive a MINI is to experience excellent safety, reliability, and the immediately responsive feel of a go-kart. For those who value originality, part of the MINI appeal is the ability to freely combine colors and trim.

photo photo
Vehicles to go on display (BMW Motorrad's models planned to be exhibited)
Luxury tourers K 1200 LT, R 1150 RT
Sports tourers K 1200 GT, K 1200 RS, R 1150 RS, R 1100 S
Enduro/Funduro R 1150 GS ADVENTURE, R 1150 GS, F 650 GS Dakar, F 650 GS
Roadsters R 1150 R, R 1150 R Rockster
Cruisers R 1200 CL, R 1200 C Classic, R 1200 C Montauk (reference exhibit)
Scarver F 650 CS
R 1200 CL

The R1200CL is a luxury cruiser model whose original shape proclaims individuality. The R 1200 CL package offers all the long-distance touring amenity equipment, which usually makes up a tourer, in a powerful-looking cruiser body. The upper part of the windshield, which forms an "M" shape, sends the airstream either side of the rider's head to keep the helmet visor area free of any bugs or dirt. The R 1200 CL is powered by a flat twin 1170-cc engine, which develops maximum output of 61 ps (45 kW) and maximum torque of 98 Nm. The gearbox teamed with this engine is a newly developed six-speed.

R 1150 R Rockster

Known as a "street fighter," this is a street-style naked bike, which has no fairing and exposes the functional beauty of its parts. While keeping faith with its "street fighter" roots, the R 1150 R Rockster emerges as a vibrantly colored sports bike with a bold design incorporating a sophisticated sportiness. The heart of the bike is a water-cooled flat twin engine, which develops maximum output of 85 ps (63 kW) at 6,750 rpm, and maximum torque of 98 Nm at 5,250 rpm.

K 1200 GT

The "GT" of the model name stands for "Gran Tourismo," and this model lives up to that promise in offering rider and passenger comfortable touring performance and sporty handling. The new BMW K?1200 GT is the third in the BMW K Series of four-cylinder models, following on from the K 1200 RS and the K 1200 LT. The K 1200 GT power unit is an in-line four-cylinder DOHC engine, which earned a fine reputation in the K1200 RS, and develops maximum output of 96?kW (130 ps) at 8,750 rpm.

R 1200 C Montauk (reference exhibit)

This is a purist cruiser without a fairing, instead using just a beautifully designed transparent windshield. Though a pure, classic design motorcycle, the Montauk is equipped with a whole range of the latest features and innovative technologies. It is a motorcycle simply wonderful to ride thanks to its supreme handling and behaviour, a motorcycle which at the same time offers the highest standard of safety and environmental care. Like all BMW motorcycles, the new R1200 C Montauk naturally offers an ABS option; digital motor electronics and a closed loop-type three dimensional catalytic converter are standard.

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