The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017
Announcement of a Promotional Blitz on Japanese Automakers’ Official Websites and Overview of Show Events, including the TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017 Special Exhibit’s Exploration of Future Mobility

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  • September 21, 2017

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) will hold the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 for ten days from October 27 (Friday) through November 5 (Sunday) this year at Tokyo Big Sight (in Tokyo’s Ariake waterfront area), under the theme “BEYOND THE MOTOR.” The show will open to the general public on October 28 (Saturday); press days will be October 25 (Wednesday) and October 26 (Thursday); and the “official ceremony day” on October 27 (Friday) will be graced by the presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko of Mikasa, who will officiate at the show’s Opening Ceremony.

For the first time ever, the official websites of all 14 domestic automakers will “blitz” a common promotional display

Japan’s 14 automobile manufacturers will be exhibiting their 15 vehicle brands at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. Extending the existing values of mobility is the vision that underpins the organizer’s goal of redefining the show within the context of continuous evolution, and this year’s show will be the starting point for this progression into the future of mobility “BEYOND THE MOTOR.” Accordingly, exhibits and events at the show will transcend auto industry borders to integrate a multiplicity of concepts and technologies from a broad spectrum.
    For 24 hours starting from 11 a.m. today, the websites of the 14 domestic manufacturers will promote the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 with a common, collaborative visual display incorporating all of their logos. This year’s show will also be promoted on the automakers’ social media accounts.
    (Visit the Tokyo Motor Show’s official website at

TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017: An interactive journey into the future of mobility and the innovations it will spawn

This exhibit will explore how the very meaning of mobility will be redefined when connected automobiles communicate with each other and with infrastructure through information and communication networks and artificial intelligence. What new values may emerge with the widespread use of connected vehicles and autonomous driving, and how will society change? The exhibit comprises three programs in which visitors will be able to experience and reflect on mobility’s future. In an adjacent area in the same venue, automakers, other private-sector entities and government agencies involved in the ICT, environment/energy, urban/housing development and advanced material sectors will exhibit their latest products, technologies, systems and services.
    (Link to a preview of the exhibit here

THE FUTURE—Visualizing mobility in the Tokyo of the future

On the basis of the answers of participants to questions posed to them and six key concepts (“social good,” “universal,” “move,” “drive,” “private,” “share”), this fully interactive event will reflect their ideas for an urban-centered “mobility society” of the future through 360-degree visual projections inside a giant dome (holding up to 300 people at a time), which will constantly change as a result of participants’ input. What role will mobility play, and what will it look like, in the vast urban conglomeration of Tokyo in the future? Join this dynamic experience to find out, through simulation and graphics.

THE MAZE—Connecting with a futuristic Tokyo

Discover what you’ll be able to do when cars, drivers, and total city infrastructure all connect! This event enables 30 visitors at a time to individually travel through a fully connected, maze-like Tokyo of the future driving their own connected cars. Participants find their way through the maze to the designated goal while sharing information through vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, in this virtual reality experience that uses 30 sets of interconnected PlayStation® VR systems. It’s AMAZing!

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THE MEET UP—Exchanging ideas about the future of mobility

Produced in collaboration with the online news site NewsPicks, THE MEET UP is a series of talk sessions that will build on the “BEYOND THE MOTOR” theme. Leaders and innovators from a wide range of backgrounds will discuss, from their distinct perspectives, the future of mobility and the new opportunities it could bring. An idea-pitching event on “next steps” for mobility will be part of this program, involving members of the general public who will participate on the basis of the particular ideas they pitch.

Note: Tickets for this event require a Tokyo Motor Show admission ticket and must be obtained in advance; tickets are free of charge and will be available from September 21 (Thu.) on the Tokyo Motor Show Official Online Ticket Service (etix) site.

Expanded test-drive/ride programs in more venues

The test-drive and test-ride programs at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show will move from their previous Tokyo Big Sight venue to various new venues (see below) in the neighboring Rinkai Fukutoshin area and will also increase in number. Visitors will be able to enjoy many different driving/riding experiences, from “personal” and “micro” to “next-generation” and “heavy-duty.” From the first day the show opens to the general public on October 28, free shuttle-bus service and universal-design taxis will provide transportation between Tokyo Big Sight and the test-drive/ride venues (a distance of about 1.5 km).

Venue Period Available Program
Center Promenade Oct. 28 (Sat.)-Nov. 1 (Wed.), 2017 Personal mobility test ride
Odaiba Special Event Venue Oct. 31 (Tue.)-Nov. 1 (Wed.), 2017 Micro-mobility test ride (dedicated course)
Micro-mobility test ride (public road)
Next-gen technology experience
“Extreme” ride-along experience
Off-road ride-along experience
Electric cart test ride
Commercial vehicle ride-along experience
Personal mobility test ride
MEGA WEB “Ride One” site Nov. 1 (Wed.)-Nov. 5 (Sun.), 2017 Passenger car test ride
Motorcycle test ride


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