The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017
-Show Exhibitors and New Signature Event “TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017”-

  • JNR-2017-09
  • May 22, 2019

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Chairman: Hiroto Saikawa) will hold the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 for ten days from Friday, October 27 through Sunday, November 5, 2017 (open to the public from Saturday, October 28) under the theme of “BEYOND THE MOTOR” at Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Koto-ku).

All 14 manufacturers/15 brands of Japan and 13 manufacturers/19 brands from abroad (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles) to exhibit

A total of 150 companies/organizations from ten countries will gather at Tokyo Big Sight for this comprehensive show that includes passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, carrozzeria, vehicle bodies, parts, machinery and tools, as well as automobile-related services. Volvo will return in the passenger car category and Harley-Davidson in the motorcycle category, while the Swedish commercial vehicle maker Scania will exhibit for the first time. At the Tokyo Big Sight venue, exhibit space will increase this year with the addition of East Halls 7 and 8.

New Signature Event “TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017” to be held for the first time

We will hold the organizer-themed exhibit “TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017” as a new signature event of the Tokyo Motor Show. Three hands-on programs will provide easy understanding from the customer perspective, with opportunities to experience the social ties and new values spawned by future mobility society.
In a large dome-shape 360-degree visual projection space where approximately 300 people can share an overview experience at once, we will execute an interactive exhibit of automated driving, car sharing, personal mobility, smart logistics, and other elements of the mobility society projected for the megacity of Tokyo in 2020 and beyond. Comments by visitors will also be reflected through a mobile app survey to create a dynamic visual experience.
The second program will be a VR exhibit using a network-type VR system where about 30 people can experience a test ride in the same virtual space. In a situation similar to playing a game, they will sense the comfort and safety of cars that employ various connected technologies such as automated driving, vehicle-to-vehicle/road-to-vehicle/pedestrian-to-vehicle communication, and mobility services.
Talk events will comprise the third program. We will create venues where business and trend leaders from the automobile industry as well as other industries and fields will discuss with visitors the reach and potential of a future mobility society. These will be streamed online as programs to disseminate information about future technologies.

Expanded test ride programs

The hands-on and experience-type test rides/drives that had been held within the Tokyo Motor Show venue will be greatly expanded and executed in the neighboring Tokyo Waterfront City area this year. We will offer more test-ride programs during the Tokyo Motor Show dates, including various mobility devices, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.

Various measures to be implemented to reduce congestion and to improve convenience for visitors

With the addition of East Halls 7 and 8, we will reevaluate the visitor flow path and broaden passages. We will also operate shuttle buses in the Tokyo Waterfront City area as well as between the East and West Exhibition Halls as part of our efforts to improve services from the visitor perspective.

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Outline of the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017
Exhibitors List(PDF)