December 22, 2016

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  • The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Show Theme and Theme Logo

The 45th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show will be held from Friday, October 27 through Sunday, November 5, 2017, and the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association is pleased to announce its theme which provided the inspiration for a new logo that we are also pleased to unveil.

Significant changes are taking place in the situation surrounding the automobile industry. Innovative technologies are emerging in rapid succession, and relationships between people and motor vehicles are diversifying. The Tokyo Motor Show will evolve as well, to become a more influential event playing a notably relevant role in next-generation mobility.

Extending the existing values of mobility is the vision that underpins our goal of redefining the show within the context of continuous evolution. In line with this, we will transcend the borders of the auto industry to integrate a multiplicity of concepts and technologies from a broad spectrum.

Such aspirations have informed our choice of theme and logo, with each one conveying a sense—which we believe will be prevalent in 2017—of progression into the future. We hope the following statement summarizing our commitment to link the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 to the future will find broad appeal among the public at large.

Organizer’s Statement

How will automobiles evolve?  Certainly there is no single, simple answer.  Although in the not so distant future motor vehicles may become very different from what we are familiar with today, the fact is that they move people—and not just in a physical sense.  They create exciting possibilities and offer continuous opportunity.  In their future evolution, automobiles will be able to move much more than just people and objects: they will be able to move society forward, transcending previous limitations to provide even greater possibilities.  That’s why the Tokyo Motor Show will look beyond motor vehicles themselves and transform itself into an event where cutting-edge knowledge comes together, giving rise to wholly new opportunities for innovation and business, where the mobility sector can discover its next directions in the context of our rapidly changing world.  It’s time to shift to high gear and set out on a borderless journey to redefine the very meaning of “automobile.”

Show Theme


This theme expresses the organizer’s aspirations for the Tokyo Motor Show to become an event that focuses on the broadly extended functional value and enjoyment of automobiles, attracting and integrating globally leading-edge knowledge and transcending industry borders to spawn new innovation and business.

Theme Logo


The new logo expresses the extension of mobility value by looking beyond the automobile industry in its conventional sense to embrace a broad spectrum of concepts and technologies.

To substantiate the show theme of “BEYOND THE MOTOR,” a wide range of enterprises involved in the future of mobility will be invited to participate in the show and programs will be developed with a stronger thematic focus.

The show will also offer innovative “hands-on” features that expand the direct-experience factor with advanced technologies including cutting-edge virtual reality, and conference events will bring together key figures in the development of next-generation mobility from many different sectors.

The transformation of the Tokyo Motor Show aims to draw an even wider audience than previously, while providing even more excitement and interest for returning fans and press members from home and abroad.

We invite you to look forward to the new Tokyo Motor Show, coming October 2017.

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