The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 Closes on a Successful Note Promoted the excellence of Japanese manufacturing by appealing the brand value of “Japan” and “Tokyo”

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  • December 1, 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 (Organizer: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.; Chairman: Akio Toyoda), which was held from November 22 (Friday) to December 1 (Sunday) for ten days (same duration as the previous 2011 show) at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Koto-ku, closed today at 6 PM on a successful note.

Chairman Akio Toyoda commented, “I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the many people who visited the Tokyo Motor Show, and to everyone who worked to put this show together. Here in Tokyo, I believe we succeeded in promoting to those in and outside of Japan the elements of fun that vehicles have to offer, and the underlying vitality of Japanese manufacturing. We will continue to give our combined efforts to make the future of our society with vehicles even more attractive.”

 Attendance exceeded the previous show with a total of 902,800 visitors

The theme for this show was “Compete! And shape a new future.” with participation from a total of 178 companies and 181 brands exhibiting from 12 countries worldwide. Passenger cars on display included 76 world premiere models and 81 Japan premiere models. The total number of visitors reached 902,800, which was an increase of 7% from the previous show (2011) that had 842,600 visitors.

The number of media attending from both within and outside of Japan was 10,300, which was a 10% increase from the previous show of 9,400. This increase in media attendance showed the high level of interest generated by this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

For the first time this year, a Preview Night was offered on November 22 (Friday) on the night of the Special Guest Day. This attracted 8,600 visitors, providing yet another appealing option for enjoying the Tokyo Motor Show.

A first-time-ever event to raise the enthusiasm for the Tokyo Motor Show

Top executives of the automobile industry gathered together for “Mobilityscape Tokyo”

“Mobilityscape Tokyo” was held for about 1,000 members of the press from both Japan and abroad on November 19 (Tuesday), one day before the start of the Press Days for the Tokyo Motor Show. The theme of the event was the recovery of Japan’s automobile industry after the Great East Japan Earthquake and its power of innovation. It included a consecutive speech session featuring top executives from five chair and vice-chair company members of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and a talk session, as well as a photo session with top executives of all 14 members of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and top executives of four co-organizers of the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013. A reception was also held for members of the press from Japan and abroad, attended by top executives of all of the companies. At this reception, technical specialists from each of the 14 member companies of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association jointly unveiled the “Last Pine Tree, a Symbol of Hope,” which was created by their united effort using sheet steel as a symbol of recovery from the earthquake disaster. It was also on exhibit at the Tokyo Motor Show venue.

Odaiba Motor Festival increased the excitement in the entire Odaiba area

Odaiba Motor Festival was held in the Odaiba area, where the venue for the Tokyo Motor Show is located, from November 16 (Saturday) before the start of the Tokyo Motor Show through December 1 (Sunday), with the greater part of the programs held on the weekends. The festival offered “ODAIBA Motor Parade,” a parade on public roads with a line-up of 60 vehicles including classic legendary cars and racing cars, as well as a variety of other events featuring cars and motorcycles. These events gave many visitors to the Odaiba area a chance to come in contact with cars and motorcycles and directly sense their appeal.

Experiencing the mobility society of the near future – SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013

In continuation from the previous show, the organizer-themed project SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013 was offered under the theme of “KURUMA NETWORKING: Vehicles connecting with people’s lives and society” to give a comprehensive look at the mobility society of the near future. The project also offered test rides of personal mobility and micro mobility vehicles, as well as demonstrations of advanced driver assistance systems and other programs to give visitors a feel for what our mobility society would be like in the future that is soon to come.

Visitor satisfaction reached 90.1%

The Tokyo Motor Show this year offered a variety of hands-on and visitor participation-type programs for visitors to get the most out of the show, including regular events offered at previous shows such as: passenger car test ride program by professionals’ driving; motorcycle test ride program; Tokyo Motor Show Symposium; and tour of the Tokyo Motor Show guided by automotive journalists. Furthermore, fireworks and other programs in the Odaiba area created a general sense of excitement in the entire vicinity. The combined effect resulted in achieving a visitor satisfaction level of 90.1% (Previous show : 86.3%) for this Tokyo Motor Show, with 86.6% (Previous show : 82.8%) showing an inclination to visit the next show, thus succeeding in taking the first step leading into the next success of the Tokyo Motor Show.

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 has closed having successfully appealed the brand value of “Japan” and “Tokyo” to those within and outside of Japan by promoting the excellence of Japanese manufacturing.

The next 44th Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled for autumn 2015 at the Tokyo Big Sight. Show outline including its dates will be announced next spring.

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