The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013
- The Doors Open on Friday, November 22 at Tokyo Big Sight -

  • JNR-2013-48
  • November 7, 2013

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Chairman: Akio Toyoda) will hold the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 from Friday, November 22 through Sunday, December 1, 2013 (General Public Days begin Saturday, November 23) at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Koto-ku. This will be the second Show held in Tokyo since it was moved back for the first time in 24 years with the previous 42nd Show in 2011.

There are two Press Days on Wednesday, November 20 and Thursday, November 21. On Special Guest Day November 22 (Fri), there will be an Opening Ceremony and Show Tour by Patron, Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko of Mikasa, as well as a Reception.

The theme of the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 is “Compete! And shape a new future.” This will be a comprehensive show, exhibiting passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, Carrozzeria, vehicle bodies, parts, machinery and tools, automobile-related services, as well as SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013.

A total of 177 exhibitors / 180 brands (38,239 m2 of exhibition space) from 12 countries will participate. All 14 Japanese automobile manufacturers and 15 brands will exhibit, as well as 18 foreign manufacturers and 20 foreign brands (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles). In the Passenger Cars category, Volvo Car of Sweden returns to the Tokyo Motor Show and Tesla Motors of the U.S. will exhibit for the first time.

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 will execute the various initiatives below for a 16-day long “Motor Week” centered on cars and motorcycles to generate excitement for the overall Odaiba area. We aim to attract as many visitors as possible to surpass the previous 42nd show attendance of 842,600 visitors.

1.Odaiba Motor Festival

Odaiba Motor Festival will be held at facilities in the Odaiba area, aiming to offer youth and families more opportunities to come in contact with and sense the appeal of cars and motorcycles. This will be held on November 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun), the week before the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show opens, as well as during the Show. Highlights include the “ODAIBA Motor Parade” that will take place on public roads, the car/motorcycle show “Cirque de Mobi,” and many other diverse events, including at the satellite venue MEGA WEB. This car/motorcycle event in the overall Odaiba area will boost excitement for the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show.

2.Mobilityscape Tokyo (Media Event)

As a first this year, we will hold the media event Mobilityscape Tokyo for press members from both Japan and abroad on November 19 (Tue), the day before Press Days. The objective of this event is to promote the competitive strength of Japan’s auto industry as well as the appeal of Japan’s manufacturers as the “Japan Brand” to the world. The agenda will include a series of speeches by top executives from five chair and vice-chair company members of JAMA, a talk panel, and a photo session with top executives from the 14 JAMA members and top executives of the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 co-organizers. At a reception after these sessions, historical vehicles and products from the 14 JAMA members will be on display, with company top executives providing explanations of these products. There will also be opportunity for domestic and international press to mingle with top executives from the various companies.

3.Preview Night

Preview Night is being introduced for the first time with this show. Admission will be limited to 10,000 visitors on the night of Special Guest Day (Friday, November 22) from 17:30 to 20:00. For an admission fee of 3,000 yen, visitors can enjoy the Tokyo Motor Show without the crowds.

4.Collaboration with CEATEC JAPAN 2013 and the 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013

Of three international events taking place this fall, CEATEC JAPAN 2013 (October 1-5) and the 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013 (October 14-18) have already been held. The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 (November 22-December 1) will follow as the final installment to promote Japan’s creative manufacturing and innovation to Japan and abroad. Specifically, the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 will hold the last one among the series of symposiums held at each event with the shared theme of automated driving at its venue.

On Exhibit

76 World Premieres will be exhibited

This show is expected to feature 76 World Premieres (40 passenger cars, 3 commercial vehicles, 24 motorcycles, 3 Carrozzeria and 6 vehicle bodies) and 81 Japan premieres (40 passenger cars, 4 commercial vehicles, 33 motorcycles, 2 Carrozzeria and 2 vehicle bodies).
(The 42nd Show in 2011: 53 world premieres (27 passenger cars, 3 commercial vehicles, 14 motorcycles, 5 Carrozzeria and 4 vehicle bodies) and 82 Japan premieres (54 passenger cars, 3 commercial vehicles, 24 motorcycles, and 1 Carrozzeria))

Organizer Themed Project

A panoramic view of the future with cars that connect

<SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013 (West Hall 4, etc.)>

“SMART MOBILITY CITY 2011” was an organizer-driven project introduced in the previous Show, and “KURUMA NETWORKING: Vehicles connecting with people’s lives and society” will be the theme of “SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013.” In this second installment, we will present “Next Generation Vehicles and the Social Systems with Which They Interact” with a focus on ITS.
The format will be more in-depth and easier to understand with test rides, exhibits from various industries and international symposiums, as well as core exhibits by the organizer.

Major visitor events and services

Broadening the car/motorcycle fan base with diverse visitor-participation, hands-on events

<Special Events>
  • Passenger Car Test Ride Program by Professionals' Driving
  • Motorcycle Test Ride Program
  • Tour of the Tokyo Motor Show Guided by Automotive Journalists
  • Tokyo Motor Show Symposium 2013
  • Special Viewing for Elementary and Junior High School Children, Guided by AJAJ Members
  • Diverse events on stage
  • Best of the Future <New>
    Visitors serve as judges for this program, voting to decide the top three for “Best of the Future” among the various exhibits at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. (Jointly organized by: TOKYO FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Fuji Television Network, Inc., and The Yomiuri Shimbun)
<Related Events>
  • “PlayStation® 3”/Gran Turismo Booth
  • Tomica Corner
  • Soap Box Mock Car Construction and Time Trials
  • COTY DAY (Car of the Year Japan Final Voting Session and Award Ceremony)
  • World Food Cup (Food corner to enjoy cuisine from around the world)
  • The Kuruma Family <New>
    The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 supporter “The Kuruma Family” has been formed to serve as ambassador of the Show. They will pitch the appeal of the Show at various opportunities, such as TV commercials, events, mini dramas, and information shows by Fuji Television.
<Visitor Services>
  • Special Viewing for People in Wheelchairs (2nd Press Day: afternoon of Thursday, Nov. 21)
  • Diverse information offered through three official websites
    The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 Official Website
    SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013 Special Website
    Odaiba Motor Festival with the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 Website <New>
  • Daily Publication of the Tokyo Motor Show News (Edited and issued daily onsite)
  • Internet Program Produced by Students: MEGA WEB presents Navigation Station (Odaiba Naviste!) <New>
    Students will create programs targeting youth from the MEGA WEB stage and broadcast them to Japan and abroad as Internet programs.
  • Sale of Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook and Eco-bags
  • Sale of Official Merchandise
  • Sale of Exhibitor Premium Merchandise
<Collaboration with Tokyo Waterfront Area>
  • Issuance of Coupons (for discounts at restaurants etc. in the area)
  • Tokyo Waterfront Area Stamp Rally
  • Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2013
  • Working and Rare Cars Exhibition
  • Tokyo Motor Show Commemorative Illumination

List of Exhibitors
Number of Exhibits