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Honda IeMobi Concept
In the society of the near future, everything and everyone will be digitally connected. Honda wants those connections to be warm, face-to-face interactions. The Honda Home-Mobility Concept aims to seamlessly connect home and car by realizing a free flow of electric power and entertainment information between the two. What’s more, while parked it provides approximately 1.5m x 2.0m of space that can serve as an extra room. Whether hosting a friend or picking up groceries on the weekend,
the Honda Home-Mobility Concept can enhance any lifestyle, offering mobility possibilities limited only by one’s imagination.
Honda FureMobi Concept
The Honda Friend-Mobility Concept is about people interacting
with people. The size of an electric wheelchair for one, this concept vehicle’s innovative layout means it can smoothly transport two people down the sidewalk or across the house. It’s designed to encourage totally natural interaction, because passengers stay in close contact from the moment they get in to the time they step out, plus the emotional bond it creates fosters a positive outlook that leads to improved social interactions. Forging deeper and more intimate person-to-person communication is what makes this mobility concept the starting point for new connections between society and individuals.
Honda ChairMobi Concept
The Honda Chair-Mobility Concept was born from the desire to offer everyone the opportunity to move about freely, moving in complete harmony with other people, just as if they were walking together. It’s compact enough to squeeze through tight spaces, nimble enough to turn on a dime, and stable enough to maintain the user’s equilibrium even going uphill. Plus, the height of the seat is freely adjustable, from normal chair height to eye level with pedestrians. Offering a range of up to one mile of completely free, unimpeded movement, the Honda Chair-Mobility Concept reconnects individuals to society. And because it’s at home in any space, from a shopping mall to a café, it realizes Honda’s goal of adding extra comfort and enjoyment to everyday life.
Honda Ai-Miimo Concept
Honda is committed to creating products that enable people to lead exciting, more fulfilling lives. The Honda Ai-Miimo Concept is the ultimate expression of that commitment. Based on Honda’s Miimo intelligent robotic lawn mower, this new concept offers users total daily lifestyle support through machine-to-human communication. The Ai-Miimo Concept was developed to be more than just a convenient, time-saving appliance. It’s also a partner that enriches lives and put smiles on people’s faces, just like a beloved family member or favorite pet. It’s a wish that is expressed in every detail of this unique, friendly design.