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Parts, Machinery and Tools

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E2002

Magneto Rheological Fluid Brake System (Prototype)
Disc brake pad which uses high performance biomass polymer

NTN Corp.

Booth No.E3203

NSK Ltd.

Booth No.E3302

Concept for Flex Corner Module
The Concept for Flex Corner Module was born from our R&D efforts toward creating new technologies for a future abundant in electric and autonomous vehicles. Three ground-breaking technologies have been incorporated within this concept:
1.Wheel Hub Motor Fit: A next-gen vehicle drive system that shifts the vehicle motor to inside the wheel
2.Parallel Link type Active Suspension: A suspension system with 5 independently moving actuators enabling optimal suspension geometry throughout
3.Electric Brake Booster: An essential component for braking in electric vehicles
This unique combination of technology covers all types of vehicle movement (driving, steering, and braking) and improves stability and comfort, thus giving rise to a motion that feels closer to the heart.
Parallel Link type Active Suspension
The Parallel Link type Active Suspension system combines NSK’s world-class ball screw technology with a motor to enable a range of motion so free you might consider it a living being. In addition to standard left-right turning, this system can adjust the wheels to have a negative camber angle, which allows for greater stability at high speeds. Also, the actuators are able to be repositioned (extend, contract, etc.), making it possible to change the vehicle wheelbase. The shorter the distance between front and rear wheels, the tighter a vehicle can turn, which also makes it easier to parallel park. Parallel Link type Active Suspension can reduce vibrations while driving, and delivers a much wider range of motion through all four wheels.
Wheel Hub Motor Fit provides driving force from within the wheel itself. It is a practical application of technology that NSK crafted from scratch one step at a time. There are many benefits to miniaturizing the motor and embedding it directly into the wheel. NSK’s technology features a two motor system, which can be controlled in tandem to change gears through a mini internal transmission mechanism. This allows the motors to provide power or speed as the situation demands. The driving force applied to each tire can be controlled individually, allowing greater control over the vehicle, thereby improving collision avoidance capabilities and increasing vehicle stability. NSK is continuing development to further reduce the size and adapt the technology to be suitable for a broad range of vehicles.

Keihin Corp.

Booth No.E3401

Cell Voltage Sensor
・Contribute to reduction of system cost and harness weight by FPC (Flexible Print Circuit) connection between battery electrode and cell voltage sensor and bus-bar plate integration technology.
・Contribute to improvement of cabin layout by low profile component, single sided implementation that achieve 13mm thin design.
・Contribute to improvement of fuel efficiency by achieving compact and light weight with the smallest CVS board.
Intake Module
・Reduce soot in exhaust gas by switching port and direct injection and contribute to the clean gas emission.
・Capable of setting suitable for port figure in an engine head and a fuel combustion room.
Electronic Control Throttle Body Next Generation Model
・A high-accurate throttle angle sensor and a compact motor with high-speed responsiveness for engine output control realize improvement of fuel efficiency and pleasant drivability.
・Achieve global-top-class compact size/light weight with optimized material.
・Flexible variation due to a common valve driving device.
Direct Injector for Gasoline Engine (35MPa)
・Available under high pressure of 35MPa.
Global-top-class injector in the atomization (particulate fuel), operational fuel pressure and high responsiveness.
・Optimization of spray performance along with an engine combustion room reduce soot, which contributes to the clean gas emission.
・Lots of selection of injector flow rate corresponding to various engine displacements.

Sonic Design Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E3402

Display of car audio system speaker (Mercedes-Benz use etc.)

TS Tech Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E4001

ExerRide Seat
Created with a concept of “get healthy while driving,” this seat detects a passenger’s physique and center of gravity when he or she sits down and redistributes pressure from the parts of the body touching the seat in order to correct the passenger's posture. Additionally, a module in the seat cushion facilitates core exercises based upon the motion of the vehicle and the passenger's physical data. With this function to promote exercise, passengers can mitigate a lack of daily exercise and enjoy the benefits of an improved posture and recovery from fatigue.
Comfort Zone (seat)
An example of a brand-new mental approach, this vehicle interior aims to relieve passengers of stress and give them the sensation that they are floating. All passengers need to do to experience exceptional comfort in this interior is sit in a seat. As an additional feature, a passenger's heart rate is displayed as a means of assessing his or her current level of relaxation.
Smart Seat for Motorcycles
We have addressed problems experienced by motorcycle riders, such as difficulty mounting a seat that is too high or knee discomfort when riding on the highway, by designing a seat that automatically adjusts to provide the optimal seat firmness and height when mounting and dismounting or while riding. Although we can't offer test drives inside the Motor Show venue, visitors to the booth can still experience the merits of this seat by donning VR goggles.
Manned Spacecraft Seat Concept
We present a quantitative safety method for human space flight--developed through an industry-government-academia project headed by Tokyo University, JAXA and TS TECH--designed help astronauts, many of whom are Japanese, return safely to Earth. Using in-house passenger safety assessment technology for vehicle collisions, we established a quantitative safety method for human space flight based on numerical simulations of impact during landing following reentry. We are exhibiting a prototype model of a spacecraft seat created using this method.

Mitsuba Corp.

Booth No.E6007

Contactless Anti-pinch Syatem
This Contactless Anti-pinch System detects an obstacle before it is pinched.
We are developing new technologies like this for safe and secure use of opening/closing
systems such as power window, power sunroof and power slide door.
In-wheel motor for small electric vehicle
Compact and lightweight in-wheel driving motor for small EVs with small-diameter tires.

Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E6009

Driver Monitoring Camera
Connected Gateway

Hitachi Metals Ltd.

Booth No.E6104

Soft Magnetic Material Products for EV・PHEV
These characteristic materials and application products are used effectively in a variety of fields, including vehicles and electronic products.
Silicon Nitride Substrate for Power Module
Having excellent strength and high thermal conductivity and silicon nitride substrate contribute to reduce size and improve the reliability of power module.
Hitachi Metals challenge to increase thermal conductivity compared to current silicon nitride using key technology based on impurity control, decreasing defect and crystalline control.
Aluminum Motor Housing with Water Cooling Circuit for Electric Vehicle(EV)
Complicated aluminum casting acheving high-stiffness and high efficiency.
Installd with cooling circuit around housing,acheiving high-cooling efficiency.

Used for driving motor(EV/HEV)


Booth No.E6203

A Wireless and Mobile Virtual Reality Demonstration “Future Tech Lab – the 3 keys to the cars of tom
Up to 6 visitors, wearing VR headsets and sensors, can simultaneously experience the demonstration using the most advanced VR system. You can see firsthand DENSO’s latest technology developments through it. *

* The Future Tech Lab will set a limit on the number of participants for each demonstration and have height and other safety requirements. Reservation tickets will be distributed at DENSO’s booth.
Automotive Business Fields & Exhibits
Exhibits picked up from the four business fields Electronics, Powertrain, Thermal, and Information & Safety.

Tohnichi Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E7102

Digital torque wrench TONY®
Friendly character interface communicates with operator.
Communicates with operator by voice guidance, LED lights, and vibration.
Wireless charging with special stand.
Digital torque wrench CEM4.0+
3.5 inch TFT LCD touch screen display.
Operator identification with facial recognition system.
Multi communication interface.
Increased HMI (Human Machine Interface). Tool tells you by the beep, light and vibration.

YP System Co., Ltd

Booth No.E7103

 SHOBO LIFE SABER is simple design but high performance.

Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E7201

d'Action 360 Drip-proof case
Water-proof case for d'Action 360 (releasing in this winter)

Especially developed to broaden the usage scenes of d'Action 360.

・IPX4 Water Resistant design which can endure sudden rain and snowfall of outdoor activities such as bicycle, ski and snowboard
・Compatible with commercially available mounts, built-in female screw
・Operation buttons are accessible with the case
・Easy design just tightening the upper and lower case
d'Action 360 Omnidirectional Model
An omnidirectional camera sample using d'Action 360.

Connecting two d'Action 360 together using a special mount to achieve omnidirectional recording.

・Spherical 360-degree video recording without blind spot by stitching two videos from each d'Action 360
d'Action 360 Omnidirectional Model
An omnidirectional camera sample using d'Action 360.

Connecting two d'Action 360 together using a special mount to achieve omnidirectional recording.

・Spherical 360-degree video recording without blind spot by stitching two videos from each d'Action 360
360 ShotBot
A face detecting autonomous desktop robot for d'Action 360: 360 ShotBot .

・Detects human faces from d'Action 360 video stream through smartphone app, and robot moves to the detected direction
・Moves around when there is nobody around the robot
・We expect and recommend that the robot will be used to take random photos and videos using face detection function in a place where people gather
Anyone can install correctly! Auto-ISOFIX child car seat.
Background:Even child car seat with high safety performance will not demonstrate their safety performance unless it can be installed correctly.
We propose the safety feature that reduces the installation errors by Auto-Installing child car seat.

To install, push the ISOFIX bars to the seat. Wait for the bard to be pushed into the seat, and leg support to be extended to the floor. All these processes will be run automatically.

To detach, place hand over the sensor, the leg support rises and unlatches the ISOFIX bars automatically.

New technology:Auto ISOFIX & leg support extension mechanism, Installation & Uninstallation confirm sensor, Non-touch sensor
(Patent pending).
Mom friendly! Voice user interface (VUI) controlled child car seat.
Background: A drive with only mom and a baby is quite common, however babies are a big worry while driving. We propose a voice operated child seat that can help in controlling sunshade and reclining function of the seat for a safer drive.

Specifications: Seat rotation, reclining and sunshade (open / close) can be controlled by speaking into a microphone with predetermined phrases.

New technology: Voice controlled child car seat
An AI chatbot service that instantly answers the questions of our child seat products via LINE app (messaging platform)

This chatbot is designed for moms who aren't familiar with cars. Easier to ask questions about Car Mate child seats 24/7, and wherever they are.

You can feel free to ask technical information about compatibilities, after-sales support and so on anywhere / anytime through the familiar LINE app. Currently, not every question can be answered correctly, but the bot becoming smarter, even at this moment during the Motorshow!
RÄZO OnboadCam
Haven't you ever wanted to make a cool and unique video of you driving on a race track? Our RÄZO brand is proud to introduce a new iPhone App, RÄZO OnboardCam . By shooting videos with this App, you can easily make videos with gauges of your driving information, such as 'Driving Speed', 'Acceleration', 'Lap time' and so on. Dedicated sensors for steering angle and pedal pressure sensor device will be released in 2018(sold separately). You can use this App to record and improve your driving skills. Also, don't forget to share how you drive on social network!

Sawafuji Electirc Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8101

Hydrogen production equipment
We have developed the prototype device to create hydrogen at low-cost, ecological with high efficiency from ammonia.
Plasma Membrane Reactor is structured to produce high-purity hydrogen from ammonia using plasma which allows the process to be done in the room-temperature, ordinary pressure and non-catalyzed. The proto-type is made up of plasma membrane reactor and plasma generating high voltage power source. The plasma membrane reactor produces hydrogen that is 99.999% pure. The hydrogen pulled out from the device was supplied to fuel cell and the generation was successfully done. The process will sure smooth out the storage of ammonia and supply the hydrogen wherever and whenever it is needed. This device is highly expected to widespread in several areas. For instance, for industrial purpose, residential fuel cell generators and fuel cell vehicles(FCEV).

Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8302

Comfortable Adjuster (by Transformation)
On the autonomous driving vehicles, in the aim of making passengers relaxed until reaching to the destination, this Comfortable Adjuster was created under the concept of More flexible, More comfortable . With this seat, a driver can experience the comfortableness as if you are just relaxing in the living room or the field of grass.
Convenience Seat System
The seat system of JUST FIT has the concept of making car-sharing more convenient and comfortable. With this seat, a driver can actually experience the convenience of the system which detects driver's body form/physique and automatically sets the driving position.
Driver Monitoring System
Driver Monitoring System has a concept for monitoring a driver to detect whether a driver is physically possible to drive when the autonomous driving vehicle(system) demands the change to the driving by human-being.
With this seat, a driver can actually experience to be monitored his/her condition by camera.
aLQ (Walking Aid)
Motor-less walk support device(on sale: co-development with Nagoya Institute of Technology)