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Parts, Machinery and Tools

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E2002

10 Pot Aluminum Monoblock Front Caliper (Prototype)
8 Pot Aluminum Monoblock Front Caliper (Prototype)
4 Pot Aluminum Monoblock Front Caliper (Prototype)
Electric parking brake for high performance vehicles (prototype)


Booth No.E3103

Products for Motorbike
Engine components, air and oil filter components, and mechatroncis for motorbikes (with internal combustion engine).
EV system for two-wheelers
BLDC motor and dedicated electronic controller for high system efficiency (> 93%)
Products for e-mobility
Vehicle electronics, such as control electronics for high-voltage heaters, AC/DC on-board charging unit, electronic control elements.

Bosch Corp.

Booth No.E3202

Connected Service Demonstrator
The Connected Service Demonstrator showcases various products that Bosch is focusing on for the future of mobility. Getting on this vehicle, visitors can directly feel how its products/services are beneficial to their own life. For instance, the Demonstrator has vehicle related services such as predictive diagnostics that analyze the condition of the vehicle's key components, and software updates over the air. In addition, user related services that operate with Bosch Smart Home solutions are also installed.
Premium Electric Power Assisted Bicycle Unit "Active Line Plus"
Touch screen with haptic feedback
Next generation head unit
A single computing platform driving multiple displays.
mySPIN - smartphone integration solution
Easy integration of smart-phones in vehicle infotainment systems for the two-wheelers and powersports segments
Fail-operational powerpack for automated driving
Electric motor and ECU (redundant design for fail-operational)
Gasoline Direct Injection components

Mitsuba Corp.

Booth No.E6007

Camera monitor system
Instead of the mirror, the driver is able to check the rear view with a display.
The information captured by the camera can be seen on a monitor, which is installed inside the vehicle.
The camera helps drivers to drive more safely by reducing the blind spot with
a wide angle view. The driver can also check obstacles in dark areas more easily.
Electric parking brake actuator
High output actuator for electric parking brakes. Compatible with disc brakes.
Attachable directly to the rear disc brake caliper.


Booth No.E6203

Mock-up Car
A comprehensive explanation of DENSO products that are incorporated into vehicles on the road today that cannot be seen directly via a mock-up car

Tohnichi Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E7102

Digital torque wrench tester DOTE4
Ideal for using torque wrench calibration.
Multicolor LED shows judgment status in three different colors.
Uniform loading device enhances the repeatability & accuracy.
Models available to cover a torque range of 2 to 1000N・m.
Units are selectable, cN・m/N・m/Kgf・cm/Kgf・m/lbf・in/lbf・ft.
Measurement data can be output by RS232C or USB.
Connecting cable is sold separately.

TONE Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8202

TONE SALE offers selected BX331 and BX230
Limited Colour whihc is NOTavailable in other paces are here.

◇TOOL CASE, BX331, Limited Colour Set is on sale for limited time!!
○Vivid and unique colour stands out(Lime Green)
○Classical and mature colour is coated(Solid Black)