Parts, Machinery and Tools (East Halls)

Sumitomo Riko Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E2001

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
SR Sensor Experience Area: Turn your vital signs (heart rate and breathing) into a beautiful illustr   Reference exhibits Our aim is to use our Smart Rubber (SR) Sensor, an all-rubber sensor developed independently by Sumitomo Riko, as a “driver-monitoring system” to detect the driver’s vital signs, such as heart beat and respiration.
For the exhibit, we have prepared a chair with an in-built SR Sensor. Visitors only need to sit in the chair to have their vital signs read by the sensor. The results of that reading will then be turned into a colorful illustration of an automobile that is unique to each visitor, and presented in the form of a sticker to all visitors who try out the chair.
See how our anti-vibration rubber cancels out engine vibrations   Reference exhibits Sumitomo Riko’s advanced-function anti-vibration rubber, the Electrical Active Control Mount, generates its own ability to cancel out engine vibrations to reduce vibrations, preventing them from passing through to the vehicle cabin and contributing to the vehicle’s comfort.
For the exhibit, we have prepared a model of a vehicle that has been fitted with this anti-vibration rubber, the effects of which can be switched on and off. Visitors will be able to observe the way the intense shaking of the cabin section in time with the engine’s vibrations comes to a complete stop.
Introduction of weight reduction initiatives: How light are Sumitomo Riko’s hoses?   Reference exhibits Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) hose is used for hoses that cool the car, such as radiator hoses and heater hoses. The low-gravity EPDM hoses developed by Sumitomo Riko achieves a 20% weight reduction compared to conventional hoses, contributing to better fuel efficiency and reduction of environmental impact.
This exhibit shows how much lighter a single vehicle would be if all of the cooling hoses were to be replaced with Sumitomo Riko’s low-gravity EPDM hoses. The weight difference will be represented by rubber balls, and visitors will be able to experience the difference in weight for themselves.
Feel the effects of the thermal-conducting, noise-absorbing urethane material, MIF.   Reference exhibits Electric vehicles have many parts, such as the motor, which generates heat and noises. Sumitomo Riko’s Magnetic Induction Foaming (MIF) is a thermal-conducting, noise-absorbing urethane material that was developed to reduce noise and protect components from heat.
The Sumitomo Riko booth will exhibit one motor that has been wrapped in MIF and another that has not. Visitors can see the difference in the surface temperatures (heat-conducting effect), and experience the difference in the noise generated (noise-absorbing effect) by the two motors.
Learn about the differences in the way thermal-conducting silicone and general- purpose silicone tra   Reference exhibits ur thermal-conducting silicone, which is currently under development, will prevent the kinds of faults caused by heat being trapped in heat-generating components such as electronic components and LED lights. This product has outstanding thermal-conducting properties, and will be able to conduct heat efficiently from the heat-generating components to heat sinks and other heat-dissipating devices.
The exhibit will present a comparison test in which a general-purpose silicone sheet and Sumitomo Riko’s heat-conducting silicone sheet will be placed on a heat source, and visitors will be able to touch the sheets and feel the difference in the way the heat is conducted.

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E2002

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
10 Pot Aluminum Monoblock Front Caliper (Prototype) JP Reference exhibits
8 Pot Aluminum Monoblock Front Caliper (Prototype) JP Reference exhibits
4 Pot Aluminum Monoblock Front Caliper (Prototype) JP Reference exhibits
Electric parking brake for high performance vehicles (prototype) JP Reference exhibits
Magneto Rheological Fluid Brake System (Prototype) WP Reference exhibits
Disc brake pad which uses high performance biomass polymer WP Reference exhibits

Jatco Ltd.

Booth No.E2003

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
”F06A”, the company’s first CVT model and the world’s first 2-liter-class steel belt CVT   Currently available
“JF011E”, a CVT for medium FWD vehicles   Currently available
“Jatco CVT7” for mini and small FWD vehicles   Currently available
“Jatco CVT8” for medium and large FWD vehicles   Currently available
“Jatco CVT8 HYBRID” for medium and large FWD vehicles   Currently available

NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E3006

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
  Currently available  
M10 High Performance Spark Plug   Reference exhibits  
Zirconia Oxygen Sensor   Currently available  
Wide Range Oxygen Sensor   Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Reference exhibits  
LTCC substrate for High Frequency Application   Reference exhibits  
NCEM-8016   Reference exhibits  

Yorozu Corp.

Booth No.E3008

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
  Currently available - Front suspension member, Rear beam, Front lower arm, which have been mounted on global vehicles  
  Currently available - Lightweight rear beam has adopted Tailor Welded Blank Method, a Yorozu’s specific stamping and forming method that is used for a panel created by welding two different-thickness metal plates
  Currently available - Cost-efficient rear beam that has adopted Full Curl Method, a sheet metal forming technique allowing three-dimensional hollow shaping

Schaeffler AG

Booth No.E3101

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Jaguar AJ200 UniAir   Others Engine cut model of Jaguar AJ200 with UniAir system;
There are below schaeffler products in this engine; Roller finger follower, Pivot element (Lush adjuster),Mechanical roller pump tappet. Rolling bearing for camshaft
48V P2 hybrid (paraxial)   Others 48V P2 hybrid (paraxial)  
Intelligent Ride Height Adjustment   Others - mechatronic system
- Motor, 1-stage gear set with idler gear, ball screw drive
- semi-continuous adjustment by innovative locking concept (locking contour on idler gear)
- max. 20kN actuation force
- modular system for McPherson and multi-link-axle, for connection to damper or car body possible
Intelligent Active Roll Control   Others Possible to control vehicle roll by the electromecanical actuator which is equipped on anti roll bar. The system realize comfortable and sporty at the same time. Also the system offers, depending on the required vehicle dynamic strategy, an under-, or oversteering vehicle behavior.  
OLED Mechatronics   Others Introduce Schaeffler's mecchatronics expertise; Fast and precise electric camshaft phasing unit, actuators for the mobity for tomorrow, Intelligent active roll control.  
OLED E-Drive   Others Electric mobility at Schaeffler.
Hybrid Module with integrated power electronics, iEDS, e-axle with integrated power electronics, EDS, and -eWheel Drive.
Formula E Show Car   Others Formula E Show Car  

Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E3102

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Brake parts and Aluminum parts for Auto, Brake system for Motorcycle   Currently available  


Booth No.E3103

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Products for Motorbike JP Others Engine components, air and oil filter components, and mechatroncis for motorbikes (with internal combustion engine).  
EV system for two-wheelers JP Others BLDC motor and dedicated electronic controller for high system efficiency (> 93%)  
Products for Commercial Vehicle Application   Others Products that contribute to fuel savings, such as the world's first map controlled thermostat, controllable fan and pump drives, indirect cooling system, and others.  
Products for passenger car   Others Lightweight pistons, pistons with DLC coating, and piston ring pack, which are essential for friction-loss optimization.  
Products for e-mobility JP Others Vehicle electronics, such as control electronics for high-voltage heaters, AC/DC on-board charging unit, electronic control elements.  


Booth No.E3104

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Future Concept Vehicle (FCV)   Others JTEKT showcase their latest technologies of Steer-by-wire, In-wheel motors and Retractable-column module with Future Concept Vehicle (FCV).  
JTEKT 360 VIRTUAL REALITY “JGOGGLE2”   Others Followed by TMS2015, JTEKT continues to showcase their technologies with VR experience. JGOGGLE2 features autonomous driving and you will feel like you are driving without steering wheel operation.  
LEXUS LC500 cutaway model   Others LEXUS LC500 has been launched in the market since March, 2017.
The cutaway model showcases JTEKT's latest technologies of RP-EPS, hub unit, TORSEN differential, etc. controbuting to the supreme driving performance of the vehicle.

Exedy Corp.

Booth No.E3105

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
YAMAHA YZR-M1 #25   Reference exhibits We will put the YZR-M1 #25 on display, the motorcycle of MotoGP Racer Maverick Viñales, equipped with a clutch developed by EXEDY. He already won 3 GPs during this MotoGP season; in Qatar, Argentina and France and currently ranks 3rd in the overall ranking.
EXEDY B-Max F317 Formula 3 Race Car   Reference exhibits Also on display is the EXEDY B-Max F317 Formula 3 car driven by EXEDY employee Ai Miura during the 2017 season. She placed 4th at the Okayama International Circuit in round eight of this year's Japanese Formula 3 Championship, equaling the highest ever result achieved by a female racer in Japanese Formula Racing.

Continental Automotive Corp.

Booth No.E3201

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
MKC1 - HAD (MK100 HBE)   Reference exhibits  
1-Channel ABS Mini-MAB   Reference exhibits  
MK 100 MB   Reference exhibits  
Intelligent Battery Sensor   Reference exhibits  
V2X Communication   Reference exhibits  
Fixed Type Caliper Gen 2   Reference exhibits  
EPB-CI 135   Reference exhibits  
Cube   Reference exhibits  
HFL G6 Live Demonstration   Reference exhibits  
5th Camera Generation Live Demonstration   Reference exhibits  
Giant DMD Head Up Display   Reference exhibits  
Intelligent Interior Platform (IIP)   Reference exhibits  
3D Digital Cluster Surfaces   Reference exhibits  
Curved Center Stack System   Reference exhibits  
5G - Connecting to Future Mobility & Immarsat   Reference exhibits  
Key as a Service   Reference exhibits  
eHorizon/RoadDB presentation   Reference exhibits  
Holocube eHorizon   Reference exhibits  
Powertrain E-Mobility Exhibit   Reference exhibits  
ABB Charging Station   Reference exhibits  
Powertrain 48 Volt Electrification Exhibit   Reference exhibits  
Powertrain Interaction Table   Reference exhibits  
Electrically Switchable Engine Mount   Reference exhibits  
Lightweight Rear Transmission Crossmember   Reference exhibits  
Conti Sense & Conti Adapt   Reference exhibits  
Max Contact MC6   Reference exhibits  
Premium Contact 6   Reference exhibits  
Virtual Reality Experience (VR Glasses and animation)   Reference exhibits  

Bosch Corp.

Booth No.E3202

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Connected Service Demonstrator JP Reference exhibits The Connected Service Demonstrator showcases various products that Bosch is focusing on for the future of mobility. Getting on this vehicle, visitors can directly feel how its products/services are beneficial to their own life. For instance, the Demonstrator has vehicle related services such as predictive diagnostics that analyze the condition of the vehicle's key components, and software updates over the air. In addition, user related services that operate with Bosch Smart Home solutions are also installed.
Premium Electric Power Assisted Bicycle Unit "Active Line Plus" JP Reference exhibits  
EV-station JP Reference exhibits  
neoSense JP Reference exhibits Touch screen with haptic feedback  
Next generation head unit JP Reference exhibits A single computing platform driving multiple displays.  
mySPIN - smartphone integration solution JP Reference exhibits Easy integration of smart-phones in vehicle infotainment systems for the two-wheelers and powersports segments  
Fail-operational powerpack for automated driving JP Reference exhibits Electric motor and ECU (redundant design for fail-operational)  
Electric Power Steering Servolectric® - EPSapa (paraxial servo unit)   Currently available Electric power steering for SUVs and light commercial vehicles  
Gasoline Direct Injection components JP Reference exhibits  
Dosing system for Adblue in SCR systems Denoxtronic5   Currently available  
Milli-wave radar (mid-range, long-range), Multi-purpose camera, Stereo video camera   Currently available  
Mercedes Benz Rescue Assist 2.0 App   Currently available  

NTN Corp.

Booth No.E3203

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
WP Reference exhibits
Electric Motor and Actuator   Reference exhibits Combine its core technologies of bearings and ball screw product technology with motor design technology and electrical control technology for controlling vehicles to develop the “Electric Motor and Actuator” series. The product lineup features common components and specifications, and available with variations in shape and size, which eliminates the need for individual designs for a shorter development time.
Electromechanical Brake System with Parking Brake   Reference exhibits A braking system that operates the brake pads with an electric motor and separate linear drive mechanism for finer and safer brake control. Regenerative braking coordinated control helps to improve electrical efficiency of EV and HEV. The addition of a parking brake function further increases convenience.  
“Ultra-low Friction Sealed Ball Bearing” for automotive transmissions   Reference exhibits Achieved an 80% rotation torque reduction when compared to conventional products and provides a low torque effect equivalent to non-contact sealed type by adopting a newly developed contact seal which arranges arc-shaped (half-cylindrical shaped) micro convexes at regular intervals on the sliding contact section of the seal lip. During rotation an oil film is formed between the sliding surfaces of the seal and inner ring due to the wedge film effect of the micro convexes. This greatly reduces the drag torque of the seal. Also, because the convexes are microscopic, they prevent harmful hard foreign matter from entering the bearing.  
ULTAGE Tapered Roller Bearing for Automotive Application   Reference exhibits The optimal design technology for the shape of tapered rollers that maximize the rolling operating life has been modified and improved as a more compact series lineup. This optimal design gives the bearing a high-load capacity that is 1.3-times higher than the conventional product, and improves the rated life by 2.5-times or more. Sliding contact zone between the rollers, inner ring and retainer are also optimized, which raises the permitted rotational speed by approximately 10% to offer the world's highest level in high-load capacity and high-speed rotational performance.  

Advics Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E3301

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Electronically Controlled Brake System   Currently available Maximize energy regeneration brake system in deceleration for HV, EV, FCV etc.
Available to expand for automated driving support function.
Disc brake for motorsports   Currently available Commercial version of the brakes used in the vehicle won the class title of 24 Hours Nürburgring  
6 speed transverse manual gearbox for high torque application   Others Maintaining the overall length of the world's top class, and improved fuel consumption by weight reduction.
Light and Comfortable Shift Performance by Shift Structure Improvement.

NSK Ltd.

Booth No.E3302

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Concept for Flex Corner Module WP Reference exhibits The Concept for Flex Corner Module was born from our R&D efforts toward creating new technologies for a future abundant in electric and autonomous vehicles. Three ground-breaking technologies have been incorporated within this concept:
1.Wheel Hub Motor Fit: A next-gen vehicle drive system that shifts the vehicle motor to inside the wheel
2.Parallel Link type Active Suspension: A suspension system with 5 independently moving actuators enabling optimal suspension geometry throughout
3.Electric Brake Booster: An essential component for braking in electric vehicles
This unique combination of technology covers all types of vehicle movement (driving, steering, and braking) and improves stability and comfort, thus giving rise to a motion that feels closer to the heart.
Parallel Link type Active Suspension WP Reference exhibits The Parallel Link type Active Suspension system combines NSK’s world-class ball screw technology with a motor to enable a range of motion so free you might consider it a living being. In addition to standard left-right turning, this system can adjust the wheels to have a negative camber angle, which allows for greater stability at high speeds. Also, the actuators are able to be repositioned (extend, contract, etc.), making it possible to change the vehicle wheelbase. The shorter the distance between front and rear wheels, the tighter a vehicle can turn, which also makes it easier to parallel park. Parallel Link type Active Suspension can reduce vibrations while driving, and delivers a much wider range of motion through all four wheels.
WHEEL HUB MOTOR FIT WP Reference exhibits Wheel Hub Motor Fit provides driving force from within the wheel itself. It is a practical application of technology that NSK crafted from scratch one step at a time. There are many benefits to miniaturizing the motor and embedding it directly into the wheel. NSK’s technology features a two motor system, which can be controlled in tandem to change gears through a mini internal transmission mechanism. This allows the motors to provide power or speed as the situation demands. The driving force applied to each tire can be controlled individually, allowing greater control over the vehicle, thereby improving collision avoidance capabilities and increasing vehicle stability. NSK is continuing development to further reduce the size and adapt the technology to be suitable for a broad range of vehicles.
TRACTION2 DRIVE   Reference exhibits For the electric vehicle market to further expand, the price needs to come down, and the driving range needs to go up. To address these needs NSK is developing the Traction Reducer, which is a transmission that transmits power without any gears. The Traction Reducer conveys rotational force through a special oil which hardens for just an instant when compressed. This allows the drive to run silently regardless of the torque or rotation speed. By pairing this ground breaking traction reducer with a high speed traction motor, electric drive systems can be even further reduced in size and weight. The smooth motion of the Traction Reducer also contributes to better fuel economy in electric vehicles.
ELECTRIC BRAKE BOOSTER   Reference exhibits The Electric Brake Booster is an essential component in realizing an electric-powered brake that enables excellent regenerative braking and automatic emergency braking systems. There are several competing designs of electric brake boosters, but the most promising is the ball screw type electric brake booster. Since ball screws convert between rotational force and linear force with high efficiency, the power of the motor can be rapidly applied as braking force, allowing for highly precise control, which is vital to further advancing breaking systems and electric brake boosters. Brakes are generally viewed as devices which simply slow down and stop movement, but electric brakes open up new possibilities, including independently controlling each tire. By discretely controlling the braking force applied to each of the four tires of a vehicle, turning performance can be greatly improved. NSK will continue to contribute to the evolution of braking systems through its ball screw technology.
BEARING FOR ELECTRIC SUPERCHARGER   Reference exhibits By using a specially designed cage and NSK-developed material, this bearing can operate in high temperature environments at ultra-high speeds (1 million dmN).  
STAINLESS STEEL BEARING FOR HYDROGEN CIRCULATION PUMP   Reference exhibits By using NSK’s proprietary ES1 stainless steel, this bearing has longer life, higher durability, and higher resistance to hydrogen penetration than bearings made with conventional stainless steel (SUS440C).  
THIN THRUST NEEDLE BEARING FOR PLANETARY GEAR MECHANISM   Reference exhibits By using some of the smallest rollers available today (Φ1mm x 1.8mm length), this bearing can be used in place of (or to replace) a washer, and can reduce 70% or more torque when compared to using a washer in the same position.  
SUPER LONG-LIFE NEEDLE ROLLER FOR AUTOMOTIVE TRANSMISSIONS   Reference exhibits This roller features improved reliability in low-viscosity lubrication conditions. The increase in reliability is realized by hardening the outermost surface layer of the roller using special processing to increase the durability, and improving the oil film retention performance of the roller by forming an oil well in the surface.  
CREEP RESISTANCE BEARINGS (AUTOMOBILE TRANSMISSION BEARING WITH SOLID LUBRICANT FILM / NEXT-GEN CREE   Reference exhibits This bearing features a combination of technologies including a solid lubricant film, optimized bearing rigidity, and optimized O-ring contact pressure. These technologies work to reduce creep wear across all creep modes.  
6TH-GENERATION LOW-FRICTION TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS   Reference exhibits By improving the surface roughness of the roller heads and the large rib, friction is reduced by up to 60 percent at low speeds, and by 10 percent on average for high rotation speeds.  
HIGH PERFORMANCE GREASE FOR HUB UNIT BEARINGS   Reference exhibits By reducing the grease’s base oil viscosity at normal temperatures, torque is reduced. Further, by reducing the temperature dependency of the base oil viscosity, the reliability is improved at higher temperatures and fletching is reduced at lower temperatures.  
HIGH RELIABILITY HUB UNIT BEARINGS WITH A LABYRINTH SEAL LIP AND FLANGE   Reference exhibits The shielded seal (non-contact labyrinth type seal and flange) suppresses the accumulation of salty mud water in the seal side-lip area, improving sealing performance while keeping an increase in friction to a minimum.  
RACK TYPE EPS   Reference exhibits This ball screw rack EPS combines NSK’s advanced technical know-how in bearings, ball screws, and EPS systems. Optimization of the design has achieved reduced size, reduced weight, lower cost, low operation noise, and excellent handling feel. Further, the inclusion of a redundant E/E system improves safety: power steering assistance never stops even if the first fails.  
PAWL TYPE ONE-WAY CLUTCH   Reference exhibits This new one-way clutch is used in the lubricant-free environment connecting the engine and transaxle in a hybrid vehicle system. It functions to prevent reverse rotation of the engine when a two-motor hybrid is operating as an electric vehicle, enabling longer electric operation. In addition, when the engine is running, it reduces drag torque by 90% during idle running, contributing to improved fuel economy.  
DOUBLE-INPUT TYPE ONE-WAY CLUTCH   Reference exhibits Two one-way clutches are combined axially or radially into a single unit. This combination is configured to automatically take two inputs, and provide a single output. This clutch structure enables the clutch and peripheral components to be reduced in size.  
TOROIDAL CVT FOR GENERATOR   Reference exhibits  
COLOR DESIGN SOLAR PANEL   Reference exhibits Unlike the black solar panels that make up most of the market today, the color design solar panel can be made with vibrant colors, which opens up the possibilities for more creative applications. These colorful solar panels can be used for interior design, posters, stained glass, and other decorations, and they can generate power using the basic amount of light available indoors to power a variety of sensors and electronic devices. As a mechanical component manufacturer, NSK is contributing to the advancement of renewable energy by leveraging its Motion & Control technology toward the development of bearings used in solar cell manufacturing devices as well as large bearings for wind power. NSK is committed to contributing to the development of a sustainable society through application of its core technologies to state-of-the-art renewable energy technology through the development of bearings and other mechanical components.  

Keihin Corp.

Booth No.E3401

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Cell Voltage Sensor WP Reference exhibits ・Contribute to reduction of system cost and harness weight by FPC (Flexible Print Circuit) connection between battery electrode and cell voltage sensor and bus-bar plate integration technology.
・Contribute to improvement of cabin layout by low profile component, single sided implementation that achieve 13mm thin design.
・Contribute to improvement of fuel efficiency by achieving compact and light weight with the smallest CVS board.
Power Control Unit   Currently available ・Improve mountability by industrial top class high power output and compact design(output density of 43.6kVA/l) and achieve vehicle layout with wide cabin space.
・Achieve direct mount onto transmission by damping and vibration resistance design and reduction of component parts.
Battery Management System   Currently available ・Achieve optimized cruising distance by extending the battery SOC (State Of Charge) with cell voltage detection technology improvement and built-in cell voltage sensor function.
・Contribute to improvement of fuel efficiency and cabin layout by compact, light-weight, and low profile resin case.
・High reliable design to prevent cell overcharge in accordance with function safety standard “ISO26262 ASIL-D”.
Management Electronic Control Unit   Currently available ・Realize the multi type electronic control unit which can be mounted on various powertrain types by commonly using electronic system management and electronic control unit of gasoline engine.
・Developed by the process in accordance with ISO26262 which is a functional safety standard of electronics/electricity field in Automotive.
Intake Module WP Reference exhibits ・Reduce soot in exhaust gas by switching port and direct injection and contribute to the clean gas emission.
・Capable of setting suitable for port figure in an engine head and a fuel combustion room.
Electronic Control Throttle Body Next Generation Model WP Reference exhibits ・A high-accurate throttle angle sensor and a compact motor with high-speed responsiveness for engine output control realize improvement of fuel efficiency and pleasant drivability.
・Achieve global-top-class compact size/light weight with optimized material.
・Flexible variation due to a common valve driving device.
Direct Injector for Gasoline Engine (35MPa) WP Reference exhibits ・Available under high pressure of 35MPa.
Global-top-class injector in the atomization (particulate fuel), operational fuel pressure and high responsiveness.
・Optimization of spray performance along with an engine combustion room reduce soot, which contributes to the clean gas emission.
・Lots of selection of injector flow rate corresponding to various engine displacements.
Port Injector   Currently available ・Achieve industry-top-class compact/light weight. Improvement of flexible vehicle design.
・Low operational noise contributes to improve the vehicle commodity.
・Available for various types of vehicle due to fuel control/ injector flow selection suitable for engine conditions.

Intake Manifold   Currently available ・The smallest packaging enables engine to be compact, which contributes to the flexible vehicle design.
・Improvement of output performance and drivability. Contribution to silence characteristic and low fuel consumption.
・Possible to design inner/Outer geometries to satisfy with performance suitable for vehicle and engine design.
Large Flow EGR Valve   Currently available ・Contribute to improve thermal efficiency by expanding recirculate exhaust gas volume.
・Contribute to reduce NOx and improve fuel efficiency by high accuracy control of high response linear solenoid.
・Realize the best EGR flow rate control by using poppet valve to reduce leakage rate.
HVAC Unit   Currently available Contribute to top class wide space, comfortability, and environment for K-car.
・Expanding foot space of passenger seat by placing fan and motor in the unit center.
・Achieve compact, light-weight, improved cooling and warming function, and low noise by optimized component arrangement and fluid analysis.
・Extend idling stop time by keeping cooling performance at idling stop by cold storage evaporator and contribute to fuel efficiency.
Cold Storage Evaporator   Currently available ・Reduction of the number of tanks by improving the balance of cold storage and cooling with asymmetry structure of uneven shape of cold storage tank.
Achieve light weight, high performance, and low air resistance.
・Contribute to extend idling stop time by cold storage tank structure that achieves gradual cooling.
Electronic Control Unit for Small Motorcycle   Currently available ・Industry-leading class with small parts configuration, and contributing to freedom of vehicle design by small size.

・To provide customized original control technology for each customer, we achieve a wide variety of vehicle characteristics.

Throttle Body for Small Motorcycle   Currently available ・Specialized for small motorcycles, light weight compact size It is realized
・The optimal starting device can be selected from the usage conditions such as temperature and altitude.
・Simple and lightweight structure contributes to weight reduction of car body and improvement of fuel economy.
Fuel Pump Module for Small Motorcycle   Currently available ・Filter replacement is easy to structure, it is possible to correspond to various destinations.
・By installing the filter clogging detection function, it is possible to notify the user of dust clogging of the filter.
Electronic Control Throttle Body for Large Motorcycle   Currently available ・A dedicated gear ratio for motorcycles is adopted to throttle drive unit to achieve high throttle responsiveness.
・high quality and reliability are achieved by assuming various usage environments.
・Place the motor and injector between the throttle body, Improve design freedom around cylinder head of V twin engine.
・Optimally arrange the throttle drive unit according to 4cylinders, contributing to frame layout and weight saving.
Electoronic Control Unit for Large Motorcycle   Currently available ・High-end model implements high value added function for motorcycles.
・Optimize high density implementation and parts layout. It has control functions such as electronic control throttle body, cruise control, quick shifter, dual clutch transmission, electronic fuel injection by cooperative control of multiple CPUs. Achieve compact design enable to mount on a motorcycle.

Sonic Design Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E3402

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Display of car audio system speaker (Mercedes-Benz use etc.) WP Currently available  

TS Tech Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E4001

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
ExerRide Seat WP Reference exhibits Created with a concept of “get healthy while driving,” this seat detects a passenger’s physique and center of gravity when he or she sits down and redistributes pressure from the parts of the body touching the seat in order to correct the passenger's posture. Additionally, a module in the seat cushion facilitates core exercises based upon the motion of the vehicle and the passenger's physical data. With this function to promote exercise, passengers can mitigate a lack of daily exercise and enjoy the benefits of an improved posture and recovery from fatigue.
Comfort Zone (seat) WP Reference exhibits An example of a brand-new mental approach, this vehicle interior aims to relieve passengers of stress and give them the sensation that they are floating. All passengers need to do to experience exceptional comfort in this interior is sit in a seat. As an additional feature, a passenger's heart rate is displayed as a means of assessing his or her current level of relaxation.
Smart Seat for Motorcycles WP Reference exhibits We have addressed problems experienced by motorcycle riders, such as difficulty mounting a seat that is too high or knee discomfort when riding on the highway, by designing a seat that automatically adjusts to provide the optimal seat firmness and height when mounting and dismounting or while riding. Although we can't offer test drives inside the Motor Show venue, visitors to the booth can still experience the merits of this seat by donning VR goggles.
Manned Spacecraft Seat Concept WP Others We present a quantitative safety method for human space flight--developed through an industry-government-academia project headed by Tokyo University, JAXA and TS TECH--designed help astronauts, many of whom are Japanese, return safely to Earth. Using in-house passenger safety assessment technology for vehicle collisions, we established a quantitative safety method for human space flight based on numerical simulations of impact during landing following reentry. We are exhibiting a prototype model of a spacecraft seat created using this method.
Seat for the Harley-Davidson Roadster (XL1200CX)   Currently available The first Harley-Davidson model to be equipped with a TS TECH seat.
Driver's seat for the Honda NSX   Currently available The seat for the NSX, Honda’s top-tier sports car. This seat takes into account the hip point, which is relatively low for a commercially-available model.
Driver’s Seat for the Honda Civic Type R   Currently available The seat for the Honda Civic Type R. This seat delivers a balance of usability and hold.

Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E5002

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  

Tachi-S Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E5003

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Concept Seat X-3   Reference exhibits TACHI-S will present its vision for the future by proposing a seat intended for autonomous driving level 3-4. The seat is the embodiment of the concept of driving posture with less stress on bodies, how to respond to autonomous driving mode changes, and a structure which enables the reduction of the seating surface thickness, into a shape of the future seat.  

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.

Booth No.E5004

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Drawing design to show our technologies related to futuristic cars   Reference exhibits  
Model car equipped with Sumitomo Electric Group’s products that will support the realization of futu   Reference exhibits  

Samvardhana Motherson Group

Booth No.E5005

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Camera Monitoring System   Reference exhibits <Function / feature>
· High performance 1.3 megapixel camera
- Driving Assist System that automatically recognizes the rear vehicle in the blind spot and lane and notifies the driver
· In-car display automatically adjusts brightness according to driving environment
· Compact and lightweight compared to a door mirror.
· During reverse gear, parking guideline display
· Pan / tilt function
Exterior Mirrors   Currently available  
Exterior Mirrors   Reference exhibits Prototype  
AST (Advanced Serface Technology) side turn indicator board   Reference exhibits Technology: 2K moulded side turn indicators coated with high quality PVD metallisation, „REACH“ compliant substitute for electroplated chrome, multiple surface finishes (bright, satin, black chrome), option for light transparency for hidden-till-lit features.  
Door Panel    Currently available Technology: single stage process – combination of injection moulding and compression moulding, 50% PP + 50% NF (Flax), Grammage: ar. 1450g/m², TPO2 Foil glued with thermoplastical PP-Hotmelt, weight reduction compared with inj. moulding: 30%
Cockpit    Currently available PVC-Slush skin backfoamed on PP-GF carrier. Slush moulding, injection moulding, back foaming, scoring, punching, welding, assembly of Instrument Panel, Glove Box and hang on parts
Form Stable Wiring Harnesses   Currently available In-house developed Wiring Harness with protection from dirt, moisture, oils & chemicals and withstand upto 130 °C in continuous operation.
PU Based special injection moulding with very high vibration resistance meeting the vibration requirement of Engine & Transmission area.
Battery Equalizer   Currently available Chassis mounted electronic device designed to equalize the battery Voltage.
CAN Based Main voltage Line monitoring and SMART DC/DC converters with battery state of charge (SOC) diagnostics for limiting the unbalance of typical lead acid batteries.
Battery Cable Access System   Currently available Smart Junction box with circuit protection for routing and distributing power from the battery box to other Modules.
Intelligent Battery cut-off system to engage or dis-engage the electrical system of the vehicle in dependency of signal from the vehicle.
Smart Power Distribution Centres   Currently available High density power distribution module to satisfy power distribution requirement of any vehicle.
Low Voltage detection by incorporating smart electronics functionality.
High Current Fuse Module   Currently available Optimized power distribution system for handling Higher currents.
Battery Mountable with multi-fuse which is easy to upgrade/configure.
Aluminium Battery Cable   Currently available Battery Cables with 15 Sq mm or higher sizes manufactured with Specialised Ultra-sonic Welding Process complying 40Kg+ crimp force.
Customised Terminals can be developed for any stud / Angle ( 45°, 120° etc.).
Battery Terminals   Currently available Battery Cable Connection complying USCAR can handle current of 250Amps.
Wire Size : 50 mm Sq ( AWG 1/0) & Axial Holding Force : 1100N.
Multimedia Cable   Currently available Impedance matched with requisite Infotainment System connection compatible with USB 2.0/3.0 .
Injection Moulded Hard Case & TPE over moulding to retain standard tab in Outer case.
ABS Cable   Currently available ABS Connection for Commercial Vehicle with TPE Injection moulding over crimped contact.
Wire complying to ISO 14572 with PUR Insulation & can sustain vibration/Shock 30g.
Wheel Speed Sensor Cables   Currently available In-House developed customised sensor cables meeting high demands on tolerances specifically in connection areas.
Over molding of various grommets and connectors on single wire as well as multicore cables.
High Voltage Connection System and Junction Box   Currently available Sealed, Robust and Highly Reliable High Voltage Connection System and Junction Box Solution for Hybrid bus.
In-House Design / Validation and Manufacturing.
Pillar Application   Currently available Design and function plastic part developed and produced in series production by SMIA Germany
3 C part with feasible black high gloss surface and function for fixation and sealing
IMD Part (interior and exterior)   Currently available Design plastic part developed and produced in series production by SMIA Germany
In-mould decoration (IMD) technology enable wide variety of decorations
Roof moulding   Currently available Co-extrusion enables bonding of up to seven different materials.
Combination of plastics with other materials
Scuff plate   Currently available Back moulded stainless steel / aluminium production system
Metal forming and cutting during the moulding process. Cost and weight reuduction compared to a full metal part.
Illuminated scuff plate   Reference exhibits In-house developed illuminated scuff plate small packaging with stainless steel surface and the possibility of different colours.
Technology and series production out of one hand.
Front grill   Currently available Front Grill with Honeycomb Structure
Centre console   Currently available Floor Console with Painting
Design to cost
Cluster Meter   Currently available Cluster Meter with Piano Black
Roof Rails   Currently available In-House Product Designing with replacement of Aluminium Bar to Plastic Bar
Injection Moulding Process
Louvers   Currently available Design to cost
Black: side and rear
Outside/Inside and Grab Handles   Currently available Injection Molding with Gas Assist Injection Molding process
In-House Product Design with A-sensor
In-House Painting Facility for Body Color

Mitsuba Corp.

Booth No.E6007

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Direct drive wiper system   Currently available A wiper system that does not need a link mechanism. Arm & blade are directly connected to the output shaft.
We have the world's first wiper system with a brushless motor.
It is compact, lightweight, quiet, and highly controllable.
Splash free washer system   Currently available Our Splash-free washer system can clean the glass without obstructing the driver's view.
Water is sprayed from the washer nozzle, which is integrated in the tip of the wiper arm, towards the movement direction of the wiper blade.
In cooperation with the ECU of the wiper motor, the timing of the injection of the washer liquid can be controlled. The consumption of washing water has also been greatly reduced, due to the optimization of the injection amount according to the vehicle speed and outside air temperature.
New MITSUBA flat blade   Currently available A stylish flat type wiper blade which fits the design of every vehicle.
Compared to our previous products, we reduced the cross-sectional shape, improved high-speed performance and improved the appearance from the inside of the vehicle.
Camera monitor system JP Reference exhibits Instead of the mirror, the driver is able to check the rear view with a display.
The information captured by the camera can be seen on a monitor, which is installed inside the vehicle.
The camera helps drivers to drive more safely by reducing the blind spot with
a wide angle view. The driver can also check obstacles in dark areas more easily.
LED high-mount stop lamp   Reference exhibits An LED lamp generally emits a single pointed light, but by optimizing the lens cut and using an inner lens with light guidance, we were able to implement an LED light that emits an evenly distributed surface light.
LED turn signal lamp   Currently available An LED lamp generally emits a single pointed light, but by optimizing the lens cut and using an inner lens with light guidance, we were able to implement an LED light that emits an evenly distributed surface light.
Contactless Anti-pinch Syatem WP Reference exhibits This Contactless Anti-pinch System detects an obstacle before it is pinched.
We are developing new technologies like this for safe and secure use of opening/closing
systems such as power window, power sunroof and power slide door.
Power tail gate actuator   Reference exhibits This is a spindle type actuator, which can electrify your tailgate by replacing the gas pressure springs.
By optimizing the built-in spring and internal friction of the actuator, it is able of holding the gate whilst allowing manual operation.
We shortened the length of our actuator, when the tailgate is closed, so that it can fit into every vehicle.
CAN and LIN communication is equipped in the ECU, so it can cooperate with other ECUs.
Active force pedal actuator   Reference exhibits A system that gives counterforce to the accelerator pedal, to draw attention to the drivers that they are stepping on the pedal with too much force.
By separation from the pedal unit, it becomes easier to set options and make additional settings during a face lift.
WR series motors   Currently available WR series motors are the world's smallest and lightest class motors used for power windows, power seats, sunroof systems, etc.  
Electric parking brake actuator JP Reference exhibits High output actuator for electric parking brakes. Compatible with disc brakes.
Attachable directly to the rear disc brake caliper.
Power pack corresponding electric power steering motor   Reference exhibits Compact, lightweight, high output and highly reliable brushless EPS motor.
An ECU can be attached. It is also possible to separate the motor drive circuit into
2 systems.
Electric Oil Pump (100W)   Currently available This 100W class electric oil pump can correspond to the hydraulic supply demand.
A controller-integrated motor with a high tolerance of a maximum acceleration of 15G and of an ambient temperature of 105℃, which can be installed anywhere.
With Mitsuba's original sensorless drive system, it can be activated even under high load conditions.
Electric Oil Pump (30W)   Reference exhibits Vehicles that have a start-stop system, need pumps in order to keep the hydraulic pressure and to circulate cooling oil for the generator while the engine is stopped.
This compact and lightweight controller-integrated electric oil pump is developed for such needs.
In-wheel motor for small electric vehicle WP Reference exhibits Compact and lightweight in-wheel driving motor for small EVs with small-diameter tires.
Low-profile Driving Actuator   Currently available Extremely low-profile and lightweight driving actuator for ultra small EVs. It can be used as an in-wheel driving unit with its integrated flat motor and high reduction gear.
Low power consumption allows lower battery capacity and longer operation time of the device (longer mileage).
Electronic control unit   Currently available We develop smart motors that contribute to safety and comfortability improvement.
This advanced ECU is developed from our knowledge as a professional car motor maker.

Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E6009

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Driver Monitoring Camera WP Reference exhibits  
Non-contact pulse sensor   Reference exhibits  
3D-LIDAR WP Reference exhibits
Connected Gateway WP Reference exhibits

Toyota Boshoku Corp.

Booth No.E6102

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
H u m a n c e n t e r e d d e s i g n "VODY"   Reference exhibits Placing the focus squarely on humans, these interiors constantly adapt to conform to the driver's and passengers' needs.
This connection of human and vehicle allows occupants to experience an entirely new type of mobile space.
Multi-purpose mobile space "MOOX"   Reference exhibits Providing new value with freely adaptable seat configurations and stimulation of the five senses.
LEXUS LS seats and interior components   Currently available Experience quality design and comfortable interiors with improved operability and ride comfort suitable for LEXUS models.  
TB Sports Seat   Reference exhibits Toyota Boshoku's original sports seat. Toyota Boshoku employs the company's
proprietary technologies to create seats offering hold performance with well-balanced support for the entire body and a soft, supple feel.

Hitachi Metals Ltd.

Booth No.E6104

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
NEOMAX® Series Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets   Currently available NEOMAX™ magnets,comprised primarily of iron, boron, and rare earth elements (principally neodymium), are the worlds strongest and highest-performance magnets. We will contribute to higher performance and downsizing of motors by reducing heavy rare-earth contents which has limited availability and improving
heat resistance and magnetic properties.
NMF™ Series Sintered Ferrite Magnets   Currently available Ferrite magnets, the principal component of which is iron oxide, have outstanding cost performance and are most widely used in motors found in automotive electrical equipment.
Since the NMF™ 15 Series in particular has the world’s foremost magnetic properties for a mass-produced ferrite magnet and a low temperature coefficient of coercive force, it can be put to use in a broad range of applications, including starter, power window, cooling fan, electric power steering, and windshield wiper motors.
Amorphous Magnetic Materials for Motor   Currently available Extremely low core loss(1/8 core loss against electrical steel 35A300 at 400Hz
compared to our company's products)and high permeability(DC maximum
permeability≧10,000 with non-field annealing).
High efficiency at low load and high speed rotation.
Helping to Improve the Life of EV/HEV Drive Motor   Currently available These two types of enameled wires enable to increase the life span improvement of partial discharge resistance due to invertersurge) of EV/HEV inverter-fed motor.
❶Inverter surge resistant enamelled wire
 Increasing the life span by suppression of insulation coatings erosion due to
partial discharge.
❷High PDIV enameled wire
 Increasing the life span of enameled wire by suppression of partial discharge
and improvement in PDIV.
Soft Magnetic Material Products for EV・PHEV WP Currently available These characteristic materials and application products are used effectively in a variety of fields, including vehicles and electronic products.  
Silicon Nitride Substrate for Power Module WP Currently available Having excellent strength and high thermal conductivity and silicon nitride substrate contribute to reduce size and improve the reliability of power module.
Hitachi Metals challenge to increase thermal conductivity compared to current silicon nitride using key technology based on impurity control, decreasing defect and crystalline control.
Clad Foils for Next Generation Batteries   Currently available The liquid battery using of Si active material and all-solid-state battery are researched to increase the high capacity and downsizing.
These products are developed in accordance with the required properties for these next generation batteries.
Clad Metals for Electrode Connections   Currently available These cladding materials are suitable for use in connecting materials with different properties (e.g.,aluminum, copper) in cathodes and anodes. Cell
interconnection (resistance welding, ultrasonic welding,
and laser welding) can be accomplished in a smooth, efficient way.
Aluminum Battery Cases for Electric Vehicles(EV)   Currently available Thin-walled large aluminum casting achieving high-stiffness and high-air tightness.
Keeping the high-tightness and high-air tightness with the largest integral molded article made of aluminum casting.
There is a possible a lot of flexibility and functional in a design (radiation of heat, safety mechanism).

Used for battery unit (EV)
NMS™ 600CM High-Toughness Ductile Iron Castings   Currently available NMS™ 600CM of castings have excellent low-temperature toughness and extremely accurate dimensions and can be proposed in a near-net-shape state. They contribute to the production of thin-walled automobile components that are

Used for vehicle suspention components
High-Toughness Ductile Cast Iron HNM™ Series OMEGA KNUCKLE   Currently available A hollow structure can help to reduce weight.
The product can be manufactured at multiple production bases of our NM business, enabling a stable global supply.

Used for vehicle suspention components
SCUBA™ Lightweight and Fashionable Aluminum Wheels   Currently available Our SCUBA™ aluminum wheels are created by employing high-precision CAE technology. They are very strong, rigid, and light (15% lighter than our previous products) and contribute to fuel savings as well as reduced CO2 emissions.

Used for vehicle suspention components
Aluminum Motor Housing with Water Cooling Circuit for Electric Vehicle(EV) WP Currently available Complicated aluminum casting acheving high-stiffness and high efficiency.
Installd with cooling circuit around housing,acheiving high-cooling efficiency.

Used for driving motor(EV/HEV)
Sialon Ceramics Die-Cast Sleeves   Currently available excellent molten metal heat-retention properties and extrusion stability.
Sialon die-cast sleeve will contribute to not only Quality improvement of die-cast products but also Energy saving of production site.
Friction Stir Welding(FSW) Tools   Currently available Nearーnetーshape production by precision casting.
Newly developed cobalt-based alloy ”MAST®”with high high-temperature strength is available for solid-state joining of high melting point materials, such as steels and titanium alloys.
High Performance Die casting Die Steels “DAC™” Series   Currently available In compliance with diversification of die casting technology, variety of steel grades
are prepared in order to best fit for each individual application.

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E6107

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
High Resolution Adaptive Driving Beam: It perfectly controls the light distribution pattern.   Reference exhibits
Road Projections for pedestrians: It can communicate with pedestrians.   Reference exhibits
Road projections for following vehicles: It prevents the rear-end collision.   Reference exhibits
Stress-free HMI: It aids the driver to focus on driving.   Reference exhibits


Booth No.E6203

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
A Wireless and Mobile Virtual Reality Demonstration “Future Tech Lab – the 3 keys to the cars of tom WP Reference exhibits Up to 6 visitors, wearing VR headsets and sensors, can simultaneously experience the demonstration using the most advanced VR system. You can see firsthand DENSO’s latest technology developments through it. *

* The Future Tech Lab will set a limit on the number of participants for each demonstration and have height and other safety requirements. Reservation tickets will be distributed at DENSO’s booth.
Mock-up Car JP Reference exhibits A comprehensive explanation of DENSO products that are incorporated into vehicles on the road today that cannot be seen directly via a mock-up car
Automotive Business Fields & Exhibits WP Reference exhibits Exhibits picked up from the four business fields Electronics, Powertrain, Thermal, and Information & Safety.  

Toyota Industries Corp.

Booth No.E6401

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Car Air-Conditioning Electric Compressors   Currently available A car air-conditioner is essential for driving in comfort. Toyota Industries holds the no.1 share of compressors for car air-conditioners in the world.  
Rear Inverter   Currently available The rear inverter plays an important role by supplying power the rear motor, which drivers the rear wheels.  
DC-DC Converter   Currently available The DC-DC converter converts the high voltage of the HV battery to 14V, and supplies power to light, wipers, and other on-board equipment.  
AC Inverter   Currently available The AC inverter converts DC voltage from the battery to AC voltage for household use, and enables various household appliances to be used in inside the vehicle.  
On-Board Charger   Currently available The on-board charger converts household AC voltage to DC voltage to charge high-voltage on-board batteries.  
Multi-Car Charging Stands for PHVs and EVs   Currently available The charging stands can charge PHVs and EVs of various automakers and can charge multiple vehicles using a multiple charging system.  
Air Compressor for FCV   Currently available The air compressor is a crucial functional component that supplies the air necessary for fuel cell vehicles to generate electricity.  
Hydrogen Circulation Pump for FCV   Currently available The hydrogen circulation pump recirculates a portion of the hydrogen that did not undergo a chemical reaction during electric power generation in the fuel cell stack.  
GD engine   Currently available Toyota Industries Corporation participates in development of Toyota's GD engine and handles production. The engine achieves the world’s highest level of maximum thermal efficiency.  
VG Turbocharger for GD engines   Currently available The turbocharger model optimized for GD engines developed by an experienced engine manufacturer.  
High performance turbocharger for rallies   Reference exhibits The turbocharger increased RPM range for racing.  
Plastic Glazing   Reference exhibits The plastic glazing contributes to reducing vehicle weight. It is 50% lighter than tempered glass.  
Vitz Rally Car   Reference exhibits We are entering in the JAF Japanese Rally Championship to express the joy and excitement of handling the steering wheel as drivers like, in addition to the known fuel-economy and comfort of the Vitz (Yaris outside Japan).  

Koito Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E6402

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Next-Generation Concept Model   Reference exhibits Toward forthcoming autonomous driving society, KOITO proposes next-generation lighting technology. We will keep providing safety and reliance by realizing communication between people and vehicle. Our next-generation lamps not only illuminates appropriate place with appropriate amount of light. Using LiDAR sensors and cameras, KOITO’s next generation lamps support safe driving by detecting surroundings of the vehicle covering 360 degrees.  
Lamp with Built-in Sensors   Reference exhibits Wide varieties of sensors are essential for automotive safety and autonomous driving. Integrating LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors into headlamps and rear combination lamps located on four edges of the vehicle, these lamps help sensors to improvingly detect pedestrians and traffic covering 360 degrees around the vehicle. They serve for avoid car accidents under various driving conditions.  
Next-Generation Lamp for Motorcycle   Reference exhibits KOITO explores to improve safety and expand headlamp design of motorcycles by taking our extensive experience with automotive technology. Looking ahead autonomous driving society in the future, we propose next-generation lamps with built-in LiDAR sensors and cameras, which more than functions as lighting devices.  
Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) Headlamp   Reference exhibits Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) is a headlamp system that ensures wide visibility for drivers by enabling to drive with high-beams all the time while avoiding glaring to oncoming vehicles or vehicles ahead. ADB's installed camera recognizes vehicles driving ahead, working together with various sensors, and achieves fully automatic light distribution control.  
LED Headlamp   Currently available KOITO’s LED headlamp features an exclusive optics control system and optimum lighting system of our own, to deliver world-class brightness and low power consumption. LED headlamps are widely adopted to hybrid and electric vehicles, and also to mini vehicles and motorcycles.  
Lamp Module   Reference exhibits Integrating each lamps and peripheral structures into a module, the lamp module realizes smaller size, lighter weight and lower cost.  
LED Rear Combination Lamp   Currently available Using LEDs as the light source, LED rear combination lamp offers higher power efficiency, longer life, and better space-saving than the conventional incandescent-type lamps. Those features help to enhance safety, and increase fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Moreover, it realizes innovative designs by using surface light-emission or half-mirrored structures.  
Global Products   Currently available The KOITO Group consists of 32 companies located in Japan and 11 overseas countries. We provide products and services to customers all over the world, through our global network led by five major regions of the world (Japan, North America, Europe, China, and Asia). By accurately capture the customer's need in different countries, KOITO Group is expanding its development and production system. Based on the stance of “customer-first”, KOITO is pursuing better operations to keep Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD) to the highest level.  
Commercial Products   Currently available By leveraging technology for four-wheeled vehicle and motorcycle, KOITO is also commercializing products for buses and trucks, etc.  

Alpine Electronics Inc.

Booth No.E7101

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Alpine Style Premium Space Design   Currently available Alpine provide you 「Alpine style premium space design」, the concept of our mind making up people’s car life by desinging the in-vehicle space excusively by car lines most, through the products and movie at our booth.
Will introduce you the latest car specific navigation 「BIG X 11 series」 with select and engage functions instantly via voice commands, with new clear-black display which is the 2.4 times higher sensitivity WXGA display at the touch and try area, and also introduce the movie of Alpine customize car lines which are fully cordinated interior and exterior based on the concept of “Sport”, “Spartan”, “Sharp”, “Simple” and “ Smart”.

Tohnichi Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E7102

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Digital torque wrench TONY® WP Reference exhibits Friendly character interface communicates with operator.
Communicates with operator by voice guidance, LED lights, and vibration.
Wireless charging with special stand.
Digital torque wrench CEM4.0+ WP Reference exhibits 3.5 inch TFT LCD touch screen display.
Operator identification with facial recognition system.
Multi communication interface.
Increased HMI (Human Machine Interface). Tool tells you by the beep, light and vibration.
Digital torque wrench tester DOTE4 JP Currently available Ideal for using torque wrench calibration.
Multicolor LED shows judgment status in three different colors.
Uniform loading device enhances the repeatability & accuracy.
Models available to cover a torque range of 2 to 1000N・m.
Units are selectable, cN・m/N・m/Kgf・cm/Kgf・m/lbf・in/lbf・ft.
Measurement data can be output by RS232C or USB.
Connecting cable is sold separately.
Daily tool management system   Reference exhibits New daily tool management system with tablet PC, torque wrench checker called LC3 and torque wrenches equipped with RFID tag.  
Digital torque wrench CEM3-WF   Reference exhibits New digital torque wrench communicating with Wi-Fi system.  
Digital torque wrench LD/LDS   Currently available LD : Preset click type torque wrench with torque sensor.
LDS : Upper model of LD. Can perform Pass/Fail judgment and operating instruction with LED lights.
Radio frequency torque wrench FH256MC   Currently available Upon reaching the set torque, a completion signalis transmitted by radio wave.
Wireless wrench eliminates space limitations.
Light-weight aluminum case serves superior durability to plastic counterparts.
Answer-back system allows user to check the communication status.
Frequency hopping system enhances transmission reliability.
Legal certifi cate for radio transmission acquired for Japan, North America, EU, China and others.
Data transfer torque wrench FD/FDD   Currently available Wireless transfer of tightening torque data at the time of clicking. Immediate pass/fail decision offers highest level of workability. FDD facilitates tightening work with even higher reliability backed by two rounds of tightening detection function.  
Click type torque wrench   Currently available Basic torque wrench used to tighten bolts.
A clear “click” sound by internal toggle mechanism signals tightening completion pon reaching the set torque.
Click type torque screwdriver   Currently available RTD is designed to ratchet freely after reaching the set torque to prevent applying over-torque.
Toggle clutch torque detection mechanism for enhanced durability.
Easy torque adjustment with scale.
All models include the locking mechanism which prevents changing of torque during use.
Digital torque wrench   Currently available Improved visibility with the dual displays of LCD and LED.
LCD screen is viewable under the direct light, while LED screen is vivid in dark places.
Saved data can be output through USB cable.
Power torque wrench   Currently available Conventional two-step tightening of impact wrench + torque wrench can be executed with one wrench, which greatly improves work effi ciency.
Provisional tightening is processed with the air motor operation, and completed in high accuracy by manual torque wrench work.
Accuracy improved with final tightening completed by manual torque wrench operation.

Asteer Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E7103

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Hot Press Parts   Reference exhibits
Fuel-Line Parts   Currently available
Radiator hose   Others
Drive shaft boot   Others
Steering rack boot   Others
Cylinder head cover gasket   Others
Dust cover boot   Others
Rubber pad for car lift   Others
Intake manifold gasket   Others
Hub cap   Others
Engine mount   Others
Water reserve tank   Others
Torque rod bush   Others  
SHOBO RESCUE   Currently available SHOBO RESCUE is 3 function which are window breaking and sheet
SHOBO LIFE SABER WP Currently available  SHOBO LIFE SABER is simple design but high performance.  

Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E7201

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
d'Action 360 (Drive Action Recorder)   Currently available d'Action 360 is an industry-first, 360-degree camera that can be used for both dashboard camera and action camera (From an internal investigation). It has won several awards such as “Good Design Award”, “Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun (Daily Automotive Newspaper) Product Award 2017”.

・Covering both the sides and the back of your vehicle, never miss any sudden moments with the ultra-wide field of view
・With security add-on (sold separately), the security camera function monitors your vehicle during while the engine is turned off
・Turn d'Action 360 into an action camera with the battery add-on (sold separately)
・Playback recordings on your smartphone via built-in Wi-Fi
・Free ”d’Action VR” app enables you to play videos in a VR experience

New technologies: Heat-resistant design that can be used for continuous recording in vehicle. If the camera body reaches high temperature, frame rate will be automatically changed to prevent unexpected shutdown (Patent pending).
d'Action VR   Currently available d'Action 360 is an industry-first, 360-degree camera that can be used for both dashboard camera and action camera (From an internal investigation). It has won several awards such as “Good Design Award”, “Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun (Daily Automotive Newspaper) Product Award 2017”.

・Covering both the sides and the back of your vehicle, never miss any sudden moments with the ultra-wide field of view
・With security add-on (sold separately), the security camera function monitors your vehicle during while the engine is turned off
・Turn d'Action 360 into an action camera with the battery add-on (sold separately)
・Playback recordings on your smartphone via built-in Wi-Fi
・Free ”d’Action VR” app enables you to play videos in a VR experience

New technologies: Heat-resistant design that can be used for continuous recording in vehicle. If the camera body reaches high temperature, frame rate will be automatically changed to prevent unexpected shutdown (Patent pending).
d'Action 360 Drip-proof case WP Reference exhibits Water-proof case for d'Action 360 (releasing in this winter)

Especially developed to broaden the usage scenes of d'Action 360.

・IPX4 Water Resistant design which can endure sudden rain and snowfall of outdoor activities such as bicycle, ski and snowboard
・Compatible with commercially available mounts, built-in female screw
・Operation buttons are accessible with the case
・Easy design just tightening the upper and lower case
d'Action 360 Omnidirectional Model WP Reference exhibits An omnidirectional camera sample using d'Action 360.

Connecting two d'Action 360 together using a special mount to achieve omnidirectional recording.

・Spherical 360-degree video recording without blind spot by stitching two videos from each d'Action 360
d'Action 360 Omnidirectional Model WP Reference exhibits An omnidirectional camera sample using d'Action 360.

Connecting two d'Action 360 together using a special mount to achieve omnidirectional recording.

・Spherical 360-degree video recording without blind spot by stitching two videos from each d'Action 360
360 ShotBot WP Reference exhibits A face detecting autonomous desktop robot for d'Action 360: 360 ShotBot .

・Detects human faces from d'Action 360 video stream through smartphone app, and robot moves to the detected direction
・Moves around when there is nobody around the robot
・We expect and recommend that the robot will be used to take random photos and videos using face detection function in a place where people gather
CONCEPT KURUTTO AI (AUTO ISOFIX) WP Reference exhibits Anyone can install correctly! Auto-ISOFIX child car seat.
Background:Even child car seat with high safety performance will not demonstrate their safety performance unless it can be installed correctly.
We propose the safety feature that reduces the installation errors by Auto-Installing child car seat.

To install, push the ISOFIX bars to the seat. Wait for the bard to be pushed into the seat, and leg support to be extended to the floor. All these processes will be run automatically.

To detach, place hand over the sensor, the leg support rises and unlatches the ISOFIX bars automatically.

New technology:Auto ISOFIX & leg support extension mechanism, Installation & Uninstallation confirm sensor, Non-touch sensor
(Patent pending).
CONCEPT KURUTTO VO (VOICE OPERATION) WP Reference exhibits Mom friendly! Voice user interface (VUI) controlled child car seat.
Background: A drive with only mom and a baby is quite common, however babies are a big worry while driving. We propose a voice operated child seat that can help in controlling sunshade and reclining function of the seat for a safer drive.

Specifications: Seat rotation, reclining and sunshade (open / close) can be controlled by speaking into a microphone with predetermined phrases.

New technology: Voice controlled child car seat
AILEBEBE QA Bot WP Reference exhibits An AI chatbot service that instantly answers the questions of our child seat products via LINE app (messaging platform)

This chatbot is designed for moms who aren't familiar with cars. Easier to ask questions about Car Mate child seats 24/7, and wherever they are.

You can feel free to ask technical information about compatibilities, after-sales support and so on anywhere / anytime through the familiar LINE app. Currently, not every question can be answered correctly, but the bot becoming smarter, even at this moment during the Motorshow!
Self-winding  Non-metallic Tire Chain   Reference exhibits “Biathlon” is the Best-selling non-metallic tire chain in Japan.

We're proud to announce the new “Biathlon” tire chain model.

Integrating a self-winding mechanism, it is easier and safer for even those who have never used a tire chain before.

While keeping the same durability and anti-slip performance it also improves driving comfort and installation simplicity.

A new concept of tire chain installation provides simplicity and driving comfort (Patent pending).
RÄZO OnboadCam WP Currently available Haven't you ever wanted to make a cool and unique video of you driving on a race track? Our RÄZO brand is proud to introduce a new iPhone App, RÄZO OnboardCam . By shooting videos with this App, you can easily make videos with gauges of your driving information, such as 'Driving Speed', 'Acceleration', 'Lap time' and so on. Dedicated sensors for steering angle and pedal pressure sensor device will be released in 2018(sold separately). You can use this App to record and improve your driving skills. Also, don't forget to share how you drive on social network!
Warning system for wrong-way driving   Reference exhibits A joint project of three NEXCO Expressway Companies (East / Central / West Nippon Expressway Company Limited) sought ideas from the public for wrong-way driving prevention. Our idea has been chosen as one of 28 winners from 100 submissions. Now we are doing practical experiments about reverse run warning using a Bluetooth low energy beacon in Odawara-Atsugi Road (a toll road in Kanagawa Pref.). We will continue to develope the system to be more accurate and at low cost.  

Sawafuji Electirc Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8101

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Hydrogen production equipment WP Reference exhibits We have developed the prototype device to create hydrogen at low-cost, ecological with high efficiency from ammonia.
Plasma Membrane Reactor is structured to produce high-purity hydrogen from ammonia using plasma which allows the process to be done in the room-temperature, ordinary pressure and non-catalyzed. The proto-type is made up of plasma membrane reactor and plasma generating high voltage power source. The plasma membrane reactor produces hydrogen that is 99.999% pure. The hydrogen pulled out from the device was supplied to fuel cell and the generation was successfully done. The process will sure smooth out the storage of ammonia and supply the hydrogen wherever and whenever it is needed. This device is highly expected to widespread in several areas. For instance, for industrial purpose, residential fuel cell generators and fuel cell vehicles(FCEV).

Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8104

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Engine Bearings,Bush,Vacuum pump,Metal gasket   Reference exhibits  

Iwata Bolt Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8105

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
IB LOCK SCREW   Currently available Reasonable looseness-stop screw  
Self Lock bolt   Currently available Reasonable anti-looseness&anti-falling off bolt  
Uniform Pressure Screw nut   Currently available Reasonable anti-looseness&anti-falling off nut  
Hexagon tamper-resistant Socket head/Iwata bolt Tamper-Resistant   Currently available Tamper-proof and anti-theft high performance screw.Can be fastened with normal screwdrivers.  
Tapping Bolt   Currently available Thread Forming Bolt.  
Weld bolt for High Strength steel sheet   Currently available Weld bolt winning high reliability,reduces current shunt in welding on high-tensile steel plates.  
Earth Bolt   Currently available Earth Bolts to energize electric currency through bearing surface and threaded portion at the same time bolts are fastened.  
Earth Nut   Currently available Earth Nuts to energize electric currency through bearing surface and threaded portion at the same time bolts are fastened.
Piercing Nut   Currently available Nut in place of the current welding nut press forming and making a hole for itself.  
Non cam out Cross Recess fastener / Iwata Bolt Hexagon Socket fastener.   Currently available Progressed cross recess and screw driver bit to prevent come-out of screw/The hexagon socket with recess penetration functionality.  
Angle Absorb bolt   Currently available Prevent threads-stick and adhesion between female threads and male threads.  
Serma Gard   Currently available Surface plating with a strong anti-corrosion under condition of salt spray,high temperature and other conditions.  
Iwata bolt High strength Tapping screw   Currently available High strength tapping screw superior lag-destruction.  
Iwata bolt Tapping screw for plastic-type-1/type-2/type-JASO   Currently available The tapping screw for glass-added resin.  
Flat Fix bolt   Currently available Poercing bolt of which head does not stick out.  
Adjustment Point bolt   Currently available  
Firm Fix bolt for Thin sheet   Currently available  

Datasystem Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8201

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo

TONE Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8202

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
TOOL   Currently available TONE is a brand tool company manufacturing work tools, bolt tightening, torque maintenance tools for high-quality and a variety of products.
TOOL CASE   Currently available Make it tidy with our case, chest, and cabin! Arranged various types of design and
clour for tool storage, meeting various customer needs.
TORQUE WRENCH   Currently available Torque wrenches TONE developed are durable, no-need-power battery, much less break down, because of the mechanic dial. In addition, set number can be seen directly, which is also a factor of much less misuse. The safe quality with calibration certificates approved by TONE. Various types of wrenches, such as adjustable type, are lined up!
DIGITORQON TDT-SERIES   Currently available Digitorqon TDT-SERIES , electric type torque wrenches that anyone can use quite easily and measure, display, manage tightening torque. The minimum 6N・m to max 850 N・m are lined up for 9 kinds. They can be used for industry factory, big truck, car, normal industry machines. There are 2 kinds measurement mode, Peak mode , Truck mode , which are changeable. Just one torque wrench can be used for the same way as conventional preset, dial, and -plate-type torque wrench.
Peak mode : Max torque is up. Truck mode: Torque number is changing by the applied torque. LED lamp and buzz sound alerts when the applied torque is near to the set torque. Turns for both way. Tightened torque result can be save by 250 results. Saved data can be transferred into PC by cable and be displayed on the main body.
STAINLES TOOL   Currently available Rust resistant-high-quality Stainless tool that TONE high technical capabilities made, and made tightening bolts, nuts, cutting, clenching, bending come true by stainless.
TONE SALE JP Currently available TONE SALE offers selected BX331 and BX230
Limited Colour whihc is NOTavailable in other paces are here.

◇TOOL CASE, BX331, Limited Colour Set is on sale for limited time!!
○Vivid and unique colour stands out(Lime Green)
○Classical and mature colour is coated(Solid Black)

Calsonic Kansei Corp.

Booth No.E8203

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Human-Max VISION & AR Experience Mirai Scope   Reference exhibits Human-Max VISION is the interior mock-up that combines Cabin Innovation and Energy Management. By looking through the Mirai Scope device, you can experience the Smart Mobility Life in the future as if watching a drama.
Human-Max REAL   Reference exhibits Human-Max REAL is the next generation cockpit for the automated driving environment that realizes the Mobility Life tomorrow. You can experience EXCITEMENT & FREEDOM according to the driving mode in your test ride of the mock-up.  
High Quality Cockpit Module   Currently available The high-quality cockpit module product is exhibited, which has been acknowledged by the representative car manufacturer in the world. The module laid out precisely and densely is the proof of advanced design capability.  
Energy Management   Reference exhibits In order to realize a sustainable society, Calsonic Kansei improves practical fuel efficiency with total energy management technology. Technologies in the fields of thermal energy, climate energy and electric energy are exhibited, which maximize efficiency by eliminating energy loss.  
Heat Exchange Technology Experience   Reference exhibits The VG-FIN achieves high heat dissipation performance, compactness, and light weight. It is magnified and exhibited at the size you can see and touch. You can experience wonders of heat energy exchange that you cannot see usually.  
Motor Sports   Reference exhibits Calsonic Kansei has been continuing motorsports sponsorship for 36 years which is the world longest in the motor sports history (source: Calsonic Kansei). We show our passionate devotion for the motorsports activities with the real CALSONIC IMPUL GT-R and the past images.  
80th Exhibition   Reference exhibits Calsonic Kansei will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2018. We exhibit the history of 80 years with various leading products. Please feel the Calsonic Kansei's DNA of technological innovation and manufacturing that has been inherited in the history.  

Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8301

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Mu-Len LSR: Fantasista (For MAZDA Roadster (MX-5)   Reference exhibits Bucket type high rigidity low-position net seat
Adoption of a high strength pipe frame made of the pipe with our original heat treatment technology
Equipped with a newly developed high tensile steel slider with less rattles
Low Posi Lifter seat(Reference exhibit)   Reference exhibits Reclining type high rigidity low-position net seat
Equipped with a newly developed high tensile steel slider with less rattles
Equipped with a high rigidity recliner “D2000 Kai”
Structure with a seat height adjustment mechanism
CARBON Low Posi seat(Reference exhibit)   Reference exhibits Carbon shell type high rigidity low-position net seat
Equipped with a newly developed high tensile steel slider with less rattles
Equipped with a high rigidity recliner “D2000 Kai”
Structure with a seat cushion height adjustment mechanism
Mu-Len HDE 80 mm multi SUS seat Corresponding to EM-7 class (JIS A 8304:2001)   Reference exhibits Equipped with a magneto-suspension with 80 mm stroke
Equipped with a newly developed high tensile steel slider with less rattles
Equipped with a high rigidity recliner “D2000 Kai”
Structure with a seat cushion tilt adjustment mechanism
Mu-Len HDE 80 mm multi SUS seat Corresponding to EM-6/8/9 class (JIS A 8304:2001)   Reference exhibits Equipped with a magneto-suspension with 80 mm stroke
Equipped with a newly developed high tensile steel slider with less rattles
Equipped with a high rigidity recliner “D2000 Kai”
Structure with a seat cushion tilt adjustment mechanism
Mu-Len HDE 40mm SUS seat   Reference exhibits For light-duty trucks’ class
Equipped with a magneto-suspension with 40 mm stroke
Equipped with a newly developed high tensile steel slider with less rattles
Equipped with a high rigidity recliner “D2000 Kai”
Structure with a seat cushion tilt adjustment mechanism
Auto-ventilation seat,   Reference exhibits hich determines the condition of the user with APW sensor
and controls the fan for ventilation system

Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Booth No.E8302

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
Comfortable Adjuster (by Transformation) WP Reference exhibits On the autonomous driving vehicles, in the aim of making passengers relaxed until reaching to the destination, this Comfortable Adjuster was created under the concept of More flexible, More comfortable . With this seat, a driver can experience the comfortableness as if you are just relaxing in the living room or the field of grass.
Convenience Seat System WP Reference exhibits The seat system of JUST FIT has the concept of making car-sharing more convenient and comfortable. With this seat, a driver can actually experience the convenience of the system which detects driver's body form/physique and automatically sets the driving position.
Driver Monitoring System WP Reference exhibits Driver Monitoring System has a concept for monitoring a driver to detect whether a driver is physically possible to drive when the autonomous driving vehicle(system) demands the change to the driving by human-being.
With this seat, a driver can actually experience to be monitored his/her condition by camera.
aLQ (Walking Aid) WP Currently available Motor-less walk support device(on sale: co-development with Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Pioneer Corp.

Booth No.E8303

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
  Reference exhibits In the Concept Cockpit, which assumes a vehicle with Level 3 or higher autonomous driving technology on general roads, visitors can experience its entertainment functions and reliability and safety ones in collaboration with 3D-LiDAR. By using various types of in-vehicle HMI devices, the cockpit will provide visitors with the required information and optimized contents in the vehicle.  
3D-LiDAR, a driving space sensor that uses the MEMS* method   Reference exhibits We will exhibit 3D-LiDAR, our proprietary driving space sensor using the MEMS mirror. Visitors can view at the monitor an image of point cloud map data, which is generated by measuring the inside of the booth in real time.
* MEMS : Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Pioneer's initiatives for creating values and services by using location information   Others We will present our initiatives for creating various kinds of values and services that use location information being developed by Pioneer group, such as high-definition (HD) -maps for autonomous driving and the data ecosystem, which updates and operates the maps for autonomous driving using the 3D-LiDAR sensor technologies.  
Flexible OLED tail lamp & turn signal   Reference exhibits We will exhibit a tail lamp & turn signal using a flexible OLED lighting panels* that feature a light-emitting surface, a thin, light profile, and bendability, allowing more free design compared to conventional lighting.
* The flexible OLED lighting panel is developed by Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED, Inc.
Laser scanning HUD   Reference exhibits We will exhibit a laser scanning HUD featuring high brightness, contrast, and color purity. Visitors can see a highly visible HD display projected in front of the windshield.  
Telematics service utilizing a cloud platform for vehicles   Currently available We will present Intelligent Pilot, an ADAS solution using Pioneer's accident risk prediction platform, which can be mounted on-the-road vehicles, and Vehicle Assist, a driving management service for commercial vehicles.  
Latest in-vehicle devices from carrozzeria   Currently available We will exhibit the latest products from carrozzeria including CYBER NAVI, a high-end car navigation system equipped with further enhanced entertainment functions including high-resolution audio playing and advanced music streaming.