Parts, Machinery and Tools (West Halls)

Riken Corp.

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Low friction, high durability technologies   Others Low tension-thin piston rings, low friction geometries and DLC surface treatments for various parts
Low-leakage technologies   Others Low leakage transmission seal rings  
Lightweight material technologies   Others Lightweight knuckles using lightweight material technologies,high-strength cast iron materials, thin-walled hollow camshaft, high-strength aluminum parts  
High-load & bio-fuel engine corresponding technologies   Others  
EMC · Heat engineering technologies   Others Anechoic chamber、Noise suppression sheet

Mito Tool Mfg. Co., Inc.

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  Currently available  

Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd.

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Altia Co., Ltd.

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PrivateGarage,Lift,ScanTool   Others  

Molitec Steel Co., Ltd.

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  Currently available

Kyowa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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Universal joint , Steering joint , The free sliding shaft   Others KYOWA makes proposals not only joint but also intermediate shaft assembly.By integrating our own cold forging technology and thin film coating technology of our new unique idea, we have evolved to the next generation intermediate shaft - Free slide shaft - and realized small size and light weight , high function and durability , cost reduction at high level.

Matsui Universal Joint Corp.

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  Currently available  
  Currently available  

Nippon Thermostat Co., Ltd.

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  Currently available  

Rays Co., Ltd.

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VOLK RACING TE037DURA   Currently available Among a number of aluminum alloys, the strongest of them all is the Ultra Super Duralumin, which has been adopted for the TE037 DURA.
Maintaining the continuous metal grain flow through RAYS Original Design Mold Form Technology, the Ultra Super Duralumin demonstrates its original strength.
Gram Lights AZURE 57ANA   Currently available The newly adopted machining and high dimensional fusion of diamond cut, which we call: hybrid machining provides a new wheel appearance full of depth and dimension.
WEC Racing Wheel 2017   Reference exhibits Official wheel supplier of RAYS Forged Magnesium Racing Wheel for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 competing in the 2017 WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship) series.

Isamu Paint Co., Ltd.

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Car Paint Renovation!   Others

Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd.

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Piston Rings, Valve Seat Inserts, Cam Shafts, Sintered parts, MIM parts, Other   Others Engine parts for low fuel consumption and emission control

Sanwa Seiki Ltd.

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COMPRESSOR ASSY、AIR   Reference exhibits Based on our products, we will exhibit clutch mechanism, scroll mechanism, and products with improved cooling by enhancing the performance.

Kuzeh Corp.

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Tokyo Roki Co., Ltd.

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oil mist separator   Currently available ①High Performance Separation Efficiency:No performance down by clogging
②Maintenance Free:Reduce disposal waste and the burden on the user.
③Self-Cleaning(original function):The only product that have self-cleaning function
④Protect Freeze(original function):Protect freeze by heat of operation oil
converter   Currently available DPF catches PM and the catalyst cleans(burning)by oxidation reaction.  
intake manifold   Currently available PLASTIC INTAKE MANIFOLD
①Weight reduction is achieved using ADC(Aluminum Die Cast) parts made of plastic.
②The engine assembly process is simplified by reducing the number of
air cleaner   Currently available ・Engine aboveーmounted air cleaner
・Consideration to the air flow sensor characteristics by the element position and setting of rectification ribs.
oil cooler   Currently available Variety of oil cooler units
Small-sized oil cooler:Stainless steel;Aluminum
Medium and largeーsized oil coolers:External type;Internal type
Oil filter & Oil cooler module   Currently available ①Achieved the low cost with standard parts and simple structure 
②Downsized oil cooler with U-Flow method.
③Directly equipped with engines without adaptors.
④The change of layers of fins and coolers enables from small to heavy
 duty engines to be installed
EGR cooler   Currently available FOR DIESEL ENGINE:Reduced the cost by approximately 20% compared
with our conventional product;High efficiency + self-cleaning function;Provided high corrosion resistance.
FOR GASOLINE ENGINE:The newly developed high-density fin is adopted;The new structure reduced the number of laminated layers, realizing space saving and cost reduction.
fuel filter   Currently available Aluminum dieーcast body
①Equipped with recirculation valve for return fuel
②Unit-type recirculation valve
③High precision element available for common rail systems.
④Eco-friendly element
On-Vehicle Water Level Sensor   Currently available ・Converts output voltage with the change in electric resistance.
Possible to detect disconnections along with the presence/absence of water.
・By placing the detecting electrodes on the same axis, it becomes possible to install the sensor horizontally to the water level, making it easier to consider different installation layouts.
・Possible to detect mediums other than water, where the medium to be
detected has different resistance values. ※By changing internal criteria
Catalyst   Reference exhibits ①Oxidation Catalyst:Converts CO(carbon monoxide)、THC(hydrocarbons)、PM(particulates) in gasoline and diesel exhaust gases using noble metals.
②D.P.F.Catalyst:Captures PM in diesel exhaust gases using D.P.F.(filter)
and converts PM through catalyst oxidation.
③Three-Way Catalyst:Simultaneously oxidizes and reduces CO, THC, NOx(nitrogen oxides) in gasoline exhaust gases and converts them.
④Catalyst for SCR: NOx in diesel exhaust gas can be removed with zeolite type catalysts using a reductant(urea).

Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.

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Power Window Lift Motors   Reference exhibits The latest model of a high-torque power window motor achieving low mass and light weight.
Power Seat Motors   Reference exhibits Low mass and high torque motor contributing to weight reduction of your product.
Electric Parking Brake Motors   Reference exhibits Motor pursuing low vibration, long life and high rigidity for EPB applications.

Asahi Denso Co., Ltd.

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Smartphone Control Switch   Reference exhibits The smartphone can be operated by this control switch when the vehicle and the smartphone are connected through Bluetooth(BLE). The rider is able to operate the smartphone without taking hands off the handle grips while driving. The switch has 3 buttons and a 4-way joystick, with secure operational feeling by using mechanical switches.  
Products for CAN Communications   Reference exhibits We have developed switches with support for in-vehicle network communication such as CAN communication. Communications between ECUs are performed through the network, the number of wires required for vehicle control can be reduced to 4. Reduction of wire solves the problem of complexity of wiring, and also contributes to the downsizing of switches.  
Built-in Accelerator Position Sensor (Inside the Handle Pipe)   Reference exhibits Accelerator Position Sensor(APS) is a sensor that monitors the throttle position (the amount of throttle twist). APS is one of our core products and we have various experiences including APS for race motorcycles.Taking a step further, we have developed an APS built inside the handle pipe. By removing a sensor from the handle switch, the switch can be downsized and it improves the design flexibility.  
LCU(Load Control Unit)   Reference exhibits The actual load of the vehicle are able to be managed and controlled by this one unit. (Actual load of: headlight, turn signal lamps, horn, grip heaters, etc.) LCU is able to controls the ON/OFF operation in place of the handle switch, which leads to the downsizing of the handle switch. In addition, when LCU detects a load abnormality, for example a load abnormality caused by a broken lamp, it notifies the problem through CAN.