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Toyota Auto Body

Booth No.WB01

Exhibit Name WP / JP Category New Function / Feature Photo
LCV(Light Commercial Vehicle) CONCEPT WP Reference exhibits Designed to be compact, flexible, and multi-use; the LCV is a new concept in multi-vans that raises convenience to new levels, whether you are a passenger or using it for work, while also providing the durability, economical operation, and loading capability required of a commercial vehicle. The appeal of the LCV is fully expressed in three distinct vehicle styles: the “D-CARGO CONCEPT”, which provides support for even more comfortable delivery operations, the “BUSINESS LOUNGE CONCEPT”, a hired vehicle designed specifically to provide a refreshing environment for business people, and the “ATHLETIC TOURER CONCEPT”, which was designed to provide even greater freedom of travelling for wheelchair athletes.
WONDER-CAPSULE CONCEPT WP Reference exhibits Toyota Auto Body is a pioneer in the field of personal mobility and in the near future world that we have imagined this capsule vehicle will help bring us closer to a borderless society of people, vehicles, and cities. On the assumption that the age of car sharing and ride sharing is close at hand, the functionality and convenience of sharing has been condensed into this minimum-size capsule vehicle. This is a two-seat form of ultra-compact mobility that provides the required movement to the desired place at the necessary time.