Can-Am Spyder F3-S

Currently available

“Can-Am Spyder”, a unique 3-wheeled touring motorcycle that features a Y-Type frame structure, providing the feeling of freedom and liberation through the open air and the prominent stability of a sports car. The “Can-Am Spyder” is a new type of mobility that offers the rider the overwhelming sense of joy from experiencing open air touring with great safety and security. The Spyder F3-S is equipped with a variety of automotive technologies such as ABS, a traction control system, a stability control system, as well as a 6-speed transmission with BRP’s prestigious Rotax 1330 ACE engine with electric pressure control. The Spyder F3-S is also equipped by default with an exclusive “S-shaped” trim body, dual black front wheels, a front fender with taxiing lights, and an electronic cruise control. The fact that riders can enjoy this unique motorcycle with a normal car license is also a huge advantage.

Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

Currently available

The model that was created in order to exclusively pursue the highest quality of riding experience. The “Can-Am Spyder RT Limited” promises both the rider and the passenger an above satisfactory open touring experience with its luxurious seats, smooth suspension, glorious looking chrome parts, and abundant storage space. Many will be eager about having an open air adventure on this motorcycle because all you need is a normal car license.

- An outstanding design through the utilization of chrome accents, 12 spoke wheels, exhaust chips, and installment of heat shields
- The rear air operated suspension automatically adjusts the optimum ride quality according to the weight of the rider, passenger, luggage, etc.
- Pursues passenger comfort with the Y-Type frame structure that ensures security, an ergonomically designed backrest, an adjustable footboard, and an independent audio system that passengers can operate
- Features a 4-speaker audio system allowing both the rider and the passenger to enjoy AM/FM radio, iPod, etc.

Sea-Doo RXT-X 300

Currently available

The ultimate performance model equipped with the most powerful Rotax 1630 ACE engine in the history of Sea-Doo manufacturing. Featuring 300 horsepower, the adoption of the S3 hull, and a variety of functions that demonstrate outstanding stability, riders can enjoy a smooth, secure, and active ocean cruising experience. This model is ideal for touring or even racing, thanks to its attractive and responsive operability. Whether it be with friends or family, up to 3 people can ride and enjoy cruising on this model. This is all made possible by the 300 horsepower that the Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 has to offer.

- Intelligent Brake and Reverse Technology (iBR) with reduced stopping distance of approximately 49 meters*
- Intelligent Throttle Control Technology (iTC) which allows the rider to choose from 3 different riding modes
- A closed loop cooling system to prevent invasion of seawater and foreign matter into the engine
- An anti-theft system with digital coding specific to one boat

*Value based on BRP internal test results.

Ski-Doo Summit X165

Currently available

The 2017 Summit model was designed to focus on the rider’s experience and enjoyment. The REV Gen4 platform and the Rotax 850 E-TEC engine takes the rider to a whole new level. Performing tricky movements and complicated maneuvers are made easy on the deep powder snow, all made possible by the snowmobile’s excellent balance between power and fuel efficiency, as well as the adoption of an amazing platform that excels in great stability and operability.

- The ease of roll-up is realized through bending the structure of the tMotion rear suspension within the tunnel, as well as bending motion of the track edge
- Adopted an advanced mountain thread which makes it easy for the rider to handle all expected situations in a snowy environment
- Features slim body panels, a bottom pan tunnel, a running board, and an open tunnel end that are all optimized for movement on snowy mountains