UD Trucks

Quon 4x2 Semi-tractor

Currently available

The all-new Quon semi-tractor has joined the line-up. It is equipped with a powerful 11-liter engine “GH11TD” complying with Japan’s 2016 exhaust gas regulations.

Quon 6x2 Cargo (special exterior design model)

Currently available

The all-new Quon features advanced functionality, and an impressive, dynamic exterior design. UD Trucks’ goal was to develop designs that make drivers proud and happy to drive Quon.

Quon 6x4 Dump Truck

Currently available

The electronically controlled automatic transmission “ESCOT-VI” eases operability, reduces levels of stress and fatigue while driving, and contributes to driver safety. Performance is further improved on snowy roads and in muddy areas.

Quester 6x4 Semi-tractor

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The heavy-duty truck Quester excels on endurance. It's a reliable truck – durable and easy to maintain, with outstanding fuel efficiency. It's a complete solution, with first-class service and genuine parts customers can trust.

WPGH8 engine

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UD Trucks will equip heavy-duty Quon trucks with 8-liter downsized engines in the second half of 2018 complying with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations. The downsized engine is lightweight, compact, and to meet wider range of customers’ needs for body-building.

GH11 engine & ESCOT-VI

Currently available

The Quon’s driveline, featuring the clean GH11 engine with increased horsepower and torque and the electronically controlled automatic transmission ESCOT-VI with enhanced fuel efficiency, is available for all models. The driveline uses advanced technology for high levels of fuel efficiency and smooth driving comfort with minimal fatigue.

Quon interior display

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The cockpit is renewed pursuing high level of comfort for any drivers. The new designs allow drivers to interact with Quon more smoothly and enable safe, comfort and efficient driving. At Tokyo Motor Show, three different interior design concepts will be exhibited. The spots can be photo spots and you can download the movie you shot as well.