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This is an EV truck model proposed by Isuzu Motors.
Not only the features friendly to environment and human-beings, such as zero emissions and low noise, it boasts its function to electrically operate the equipment mounted on its rear deck. In addition, it uses a large capacity battery responding to the next-generation rapid charging technology. With its sufficient functions as a work truck , we are sure this model opens the new era for commercial vehicles supporting collection and delivery business.


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This is a 6x6 all-wheel-drive vehicle with single wheel tires on all the axles to ensure high rough road performance.
It features the minimum ground clearance, approach angle, and departure angle designed to be larger than ordinary trucks. Thus, this model boasts its tremendous traversability against rough terrain, weak ground and obstacles. Having such high performance and rigidness, this model will do a great job in the areas hit by major disasters such as forest fires, heavy rains and floods.

WPDesign Concept FD-SI

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With the concept of future delivery , we reviewed the delivery networks from a new perspective to express how exciting the future delivery could be.
We focused our attention on the group intelligence found in insects, and applied it to the collection and delivery method. 
The exterior is a honeycomb-like design. The cargo space is also structured like a honeycomb featuring a good compromise between strength and space needed for storage. As the packing style of the cargo, the hexagonal boxes to be piled up have been adopted.
In the cabin, the controllers are gathered in the center of the instrument panel, and the steering wheel is retractable. The seat is placed in the center to enable the driver to move smoothly, achieving high operability and comfortable living space.

GIGA ISUZU 80th Anniversary Edition

Currently available

As the driver's buddy or president's right hand, the heavy-duty truck, GIGA, is evolving constantly.
It is geared with a constant monitoring system which transmits the data for remote analysis to ensure safe driving. In addition, its advanced safety devices including the new function, Smart Glide + g , which utilizes map information, realize a higher level of safety and fuel-saving.
The exhibited vehicle is a model commemorating the 80th anniversary of Isuzu.

FORWARD ISUZU 80th Anniversary Edition

Currently available

The medium-sized truck, FORWARD, pursues a higher level of fuel economy, friendliness to environment and safety.
It has achieved the fuel efficiency of 10% higher than the standard set in 2015, realizing the one-rank higher performance. In addition, the advanced safety devices which come standard*, contribute to safe travelling.
The exhibited vehicle is a model commemorating the 80th anniversary of Isuzu Motors.

ELF ISUZU 80th Anniversary Edition

Currently available

The light-duty truck, ELF , boasting its excellent fuel economy, has achieved the top sales volume for 16 consecutive years in the 2 - 3 ton class.*
The keyless ride aiming at more ease in getting on and off the vehicle and the suspension seat that leads the driver to the most appropriate driving position, have been adopted to pursue further user-friendliness.
The exhibited vehicle is a model commemorating the 80th anniversary of Isuzu.
* Based on the 2001 - 2016 new vehicle sales volume in Japan, sourced from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association and Isuzu Motors Limited.


Reference exhibits

MU-X passenger pickup vehicle (PPV), developed to meet unique local needs, is sold globally in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and South Africa.
MU-X's superior durability is capable of withstanding punishing road conditions. Its spacious cabin is the largest in the class. With a 3-ton towing capacity, it tackles both on and off road adventures.


Currently available

The heavy-duty transit bus, ERGA , boasts its improved exhaust gas aftertreatment system and fuel economy. Its LED headlights, introduced for better night visibility and longer service life, cut down your maintenance cost.
And its barrier-free and universal designs ensure more safety around the priority seats and more ease in entry and exit. In addition, the driver’s leg space has been enlarged so that the work environment for the driver is improved.


Currently available

GIGA is now powered by the pPNLT compliant inline 6-cylinder engine. Fuel efficiency is achieved through optimized air pressure boosting and engine cooling plus greater fuel injection system. Moreover, the use of steel pistons has made the engine more durable than ever. Coupled with a new aftertreatment system, it's truly a clean low fuel-consuming engine!


Currently available

Brand-new engine designed for D-MAX , Isuzu's world-renowned 1-ton pickup. It is also the heart of MU-X passenger pickup vehicle (PPV), a derivate of the popular D-MAX.
The 1.9-litre engine is compact and light-weight, yet it boasts its class-top fuel efficiency achieved by raising the power and torque per liter of displacement to the maximum extent possible. Thanks to the smaller displacement, it is environmentally friendlier, complying with Euro 6, the world most stringent emission standard.

MJX12 Transmission(Smoother-Gx)

Currently available

Multi-speed splitter range transmission (12 speeds forward + 2 speeds rearward) to be mounted on heavy-duty trucks.
The electronically-controlled AMT named Smoother Gx helps to reduce drivers' fatigue.
It comes standard with the “Smart Glide +G” system, enabling fuel-efficient cruising of one rank higher. Using the GPS which tracks the current position of the vehicle (displaying the route on a map), it calculates the gradient of the road ahead to automatically select the best gear including neutral coasting.

MVL6 Transmission

Currently available

Brand-new 6-speed transmission designed for D-MAX , Isuzu's world-renowned 1-ton pickup. It's also a drivetrain for MU-X passenger pickup vehicle (PPV), a derivate of the popular D-MAX.
Both excellent driving performance at low speeds and fuel savings at high speeds are achieved by the revolutionary gear ratios. Further, downsizing has made it possible to keep the weight down, as light as a 5-speed manual transmission.



MIMAMORI is a telematics system, specially designed for commercial vehicles, used to transmit vehicle operation data on the Internet. Such vehicle data is analyzed remotely to offer useful guidance to the drivers and fleet owners for raising awareness to compliance with traffic rules, safety and eco-driving.
Moreover, the remote watchful eye is kept on vehicle conditions at all times. The advanced genuine maintenance service PREiSM , first integrated in GIGA 2015 model, uses the collected data to identify unusual symptoms to proactively prevent vehicle breakdowns. Always looking into the future, beyond the road ahead, Isuzu continues to support customers' uptime maximization.
[PREiSM is a compound word to denote taking preventive (PRE) measures to avert failures is an integral part of Isuzu's practice (ISM).