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From 2020 on VW is planning to introduce the new EV-series “I.D.”. The “I.D. BUZZ” is one of the line-up models, making the microbus concept real. The design closely resembles to the Volkswagen Type 2 which has born many fans and subcultures mainly in Europe and the U.S. in the 60s and 70s. The driving system, which is using 2 electric motors, is creating a system power of 275kW, and the lithium-ion battery below the floor is enabling the vehicle to drive up to 600 km.


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Since its sales start in 1974, the “Polo” has been sold over 1,400,000 cars worldwide. The 6th Polo generation, the first Polo to be constructed and produced based on the Volkswagen MQB, had its world premiere this year in August. Thanks to the increased body length, width and wheel base, the comfort in the rear seat and the luggage room volume have increased remarkably compared to its predecessor. It has been reborn as an even greater all-round compact car. Additionally to the even more fearless and present exterior, the new cockpit also freshly fascinates with a daring touch panel.


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It has been 41 years since the first “Golf GTI” debut. Now a model conveying this spirit to presence has been born. With its light body weight of less than 1t and its 1.0 TSI engine with 115PS and 200Nm, you can really say the “up! GTI” is a car to fully enjoy driving pleasure. By mounting an electric wastegate control equipped turbo charger and a particulate filter, the 3 cylinder engine with a 999cc displacement is considering performance as well as the environment. This car lets people driving it not only enjoy by the energetic driving performance. Also the interior with design details proving it to be a “GTI” family member and lively design items that only can be found in an “up!” lets passengers enjoy visually.

JPArteon R-Line

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The “Arteon” was first shown to the world at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show as Volkswagen’s new flagship model. It fascinates all people looking at it by its sporty and fast back style elegance. On the other hand it offers a lot of space on the inside, even in the rear seat. With a luggage room volume of 563~1,557ℓ it has a capacity similar to a station wagon. The “Arteon” is equipped with a 206kW (280PS) 2.0 TSI 4MOTION engine and the latest 7-gear DSG transmission.


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Based on the globally highly valued “Golf”, the “e-Golf” is an electric vehicle running on an electric motor. It has a 35.8kW/h driving force lithium-ion battery which has an increased volume compared to the previous model. Using the latest battery technology, the driving range has increased to 301 km (JC08 mode) with one charge. Additionally to the efficient zero emission driving performance, the “e-Golf” is silent as never before and runs with the electric motor specific strong driving performance even at low speed. Further, you can enjoy electric vehicle distinctive characteristics such as stable steering, which comes from the low balance point.


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The “Golf GTE” is mounted with a plug-in hybrid system which is running on an efficiently operating powertrain using a 100kW/150PS 1.4 TSI engine and a 80kW/109PS electric motor. It combines both an excellent driving performance rivaling the sports model “Golf GTI” and high energy efficiency. The “Golf GTE” has blue color accents which symbolize Volkswagen e-mobility. It is also appealing visually to be part of the sporty GT-family with its emphasized sporty interior which contains design features of the “GTI”.

JPGolf R Performance

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The “Golf R Performance” is a special version of the sport model “Golf R”, which has a maximum output 228kW (310PS) high power 2.0 TSI engine and a full-time 4WD 4MOTION as standard equipment. It comes with an exclusive Titanium exhaust system which has been developed in cooperation with the European exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič. Further, it has exclusive design 19-inch Aluminum wheels, carbon design door mirrors, carbon-patterned Nappa leather seats, heat dissipating perforated brake discs and performance brake pads with increased stopping power. This car will be limited to 100 units in Japan.

JPPassat Variant TDI

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The “Passat Variant TDI”, which is planned to be introduced to the Japanese market at the beginning of next year, shows an economic and powerful driving performance whilst having less CO2-emission volume than a gasoline engine. The common rail system makes a precise fuel injection at high pressure possible. Furthermore, by taking in an exhaust gas after-treatment system, such as EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), oxidation catalyst, SRC (Urea-type selective reduction catalyst) and DPF (Diesel particulate filter), it is also conform to the Japanese Post New Long Term which is the strictest regulation worldwide.

Passat GTE

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The “Passat GTE”, which combines energy efficiency and driving performance at a high level, is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.4ℓ TSI engine and an electric motor, just as the “Golf GTE”. The 1.4 TSI has a maximum output of 115kW (156PS) and a maximum torque of 250Nm. When running at full power in GTE-mode, in which the 85kW (115PS) electric motor and the engine cooperate, the car offers an excellent sporty driving performance specific to the GT-family.