JPBMW Concept 8 Series

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The BMW Concept 8 Series is based on the new BMW 8 Series Coupe scheduled to go on sale in the near future, incorporating the essence of the BMW Coupe, particularly driving performance, luxury, and an amazing sense of presence. Fusing traditional designs and cutting-edge ideas results in an uncompromising, impressive sense of sportiness. The long engine hood, flowing roof lines, and unique curves of the tail panel form a beautiful silhouette. The interior simultaneously produces a dynamic and luxurious feeling by harmonizing the design of each component and materials. Merino leather, the selector lever with refracting facets that shine like a precious gem and the Swarovski iDrive Controller all combine to create a truly special interior space. The interior layout is carefully arranged to ensure that the focus remains on driving, including the driver, stoking the sense of expectation to discover something wonderful.

JPBMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

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The new BMW 6 Series features a fusion of high-performance aspects appropriate to a premium coupe. A flatter roof design and enhanced sporty body design brings out the appeal of the coupe, along with a BMW in-line six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine for luxurious comfort on long-distance drives. The interior features a somewhat high seat position and a special cockpit design for driver comfort while ensuring sufficient space. Plenty of foot room is available in the front and back seats, with a luggage room that can be expanded from 610 to 1,800 liters. Major improvements to aerodynamic performance, output, and optimized engine performance result in a model with a sportier driving experience and greater practicality.


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The new BMW M5 is a high-performance saloon developed by BMW M, featuring a balance of next-level powertrain, suspension, and aerodynamics and including the intelligent four-wheel drive system M xDrive. This model possesses extremely high maneuverability, delivering a feeling of amazing daily road handling performance in all conditions. A V8 bi-turbo engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology and a maximum output of 441 kW along with Active M Differential which electronically controls drive force distribution, effectively transmits the drive torque created by the high-performance engine to the road surface for performance driving. The carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof is just one design feature among many others that help keep the car lightweight despite being equipped with a four-wheel drive system, resulting in a truly high-performance model.

JPBMW Concept Z4

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The BMW Concept Z4 is a prototype design of a model scheduled to go on sale in the coming years, and expresses BMW’s sheer driving pleasure. A shorter engine hood and overhang made it possible to place the driver seat in a more central position than on conventional BMW roadsters. Originating with the strong presence of the air breathers behind the front wheels, the deeply chiseled side design depicts smooth curves that seem to have been formed naturally due to air flow around the vehicle, resulting in a streamlined, dynamic impression. The front kidney grille brings to mind the BMW 328 Mille Miglia, resulting in a design reminiscent of classic roadsters. The headlights feature a new two-light overlapping vertical design, and the curve of the engine hood extends to above the wheels, with a virtually seamless design in the front end creating a sense of tension. Most of the interior matches the color of the body, with the area around the driver rendered in black so as not to hinder the pure driving pleasure.


Currently available

The new BMW X3 features more appealing, dynamic styling and an improved drive train for sportier driving, along with luxurious accessories, resulting in a medium-range SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) for a new generation. The latest BMW design trends have been incorporated on this model including a large kidney grille and air breathers with a strong presence, resulting in a powerful off-road design and sportiness. Chrome accents adorn various sections of the interior and an embossed “X” and “X3” can be found on the rear door panel and center console, further asserting the X model identity. New functions include the latest iDrive navigation system and cutting-edge semi-autonomous driving functionality, safety features, and driver support features. The 2.0L in-line four-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo engine delivers dynamic driving enjoyment unique to SAVs.