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TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017(West Exhibition Hall)

Toyota Motor Corp.


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Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


A featured exhibit of the Tokyo Motor Show organizers, Tokyo Connected Lab 2017 invites
visitors to discover the future of mobility̶a mobility connected to people’s lives and to
information that transcends the notion of merely moving people from one place to another.
Honda has long been involved in mobility and energy research with the aim of forging new
connections. Here, we turn our attention to connecting mobility and the family. By allowing
people to live and move around simultaneously, the Honda Home-Mobility Concept, like other
innovative proposals presented here, helps expand the time families are able to spend together
deepening ties, achieving a seamless mobility that expands the possibilities of family life.
Honda̶moving forward to enhance lifestyles with new value.

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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


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KDDI Corp.


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The WHILL booth will showcase the latest “WHILL Model C” with its six-color variations. The visitors will be able to test drive this model, as well as experience the Automatic Braking function of WHILL NEXT. Jointly developed by Waseda University and NTT, a driving assist system that assesses driving patterns from technical and phycological perspectives based on the driving data of Model C, will be also exhibited.

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IHI Corp.


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Vehicle Information and Communication System Center


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The Association of Hydrogen Supply and Utilization Technology


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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Road Bureau


The TCL MLIT Road Bureau booth introduces services provided by ETC 2.0, the world's first infrastructure-vehicle cooperative system.
In addition to basic services such as ETC, and support for traffic congestion, safe driving, and disasters, ETC 2.0 offers new services including "smart tolls" that enables discounts on inter-city expressways and temporary exit from expressways, to support safer and more comfortable driving.
ETC 2.0 will affect all of our lives as it is rolled out across Japan. Come and experience the ever-evolving ETC 2.0 that will dramatically change driving life.

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Hatapro, Inc.


HATAPRO, INC. provides hardware development for the era of loT/big data and AI-based predictive analytics solutions, creating new value alongside its customers and partner companies.
ZUKKU is an owl-shaped robot that stands a mere 10cm tall. With its battery and SIM card specially designed for use with the IoT, it can obtain various information via a constant connection to the cloud, and also features voice recognition and AI that allows it to distinguish a person's sex, age, emotion, and so on from the image provided by its camera. It also interacts with signage and other devices. It can be set up on the street or inside a facility, and using voice recognition tailored to the characteristics of the person in front of it, provides easy to understand guidance.
Developed with "39Meister" joint project with NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

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Ninebot Inc.


The NextGen balancing robot is on display which is not equipped with accelerator and brake, running by the shift of the gravity center. It is the first time that handle-type E(Elite),hands-free-type MiniPro and single-wheeled-type OneS2 are exhibited in Japan. The test ride of hands-free-type Ninebot MiniPro is held in the booth, take the opportunity to try the futuristic vehicle.

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Global Mobility Service, Inc.


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Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.


AGC displayed “an Automobiles of the Future Integrating
Windshields and Interiors with Information Displays” featuring
glass-based digital signage, infoverre™ and a transparent glass
projector screen, Glascene™. Our demonstration ”Test drive the Future” take you to the driving scene in Tokyo.

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MS Solutions Co., Ltd.


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