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Parts, Machinery and Tools(West Exhibition Hall)

Riken Corp.


This year marks the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Riken Corporation, a manufacturer of automotive parts, such as piston rings, valve seats, camshafts, seal rings for, A/T,CVT, & Turbochargers, chassis parts, including steering knuckles. In addition to automotive parts, Riken Corporation manufactures a variety of other components, including those used for air-conditioning compressor and heat engineering applications.
At the RIKEN booth, our product portfolio will be on display, including a full line of piston rings, from small diameter parts to large diameter parts. With the help of CG and an engine cut model, you will be able to easily understand where and how our parts are used on the vehicle. We are also pleased to announce that we will be displaying pistons manufactured by Riken's global partner, KS Kolbenschmidt, including examples of power cylinder systems that use Riken rings and KS pistons.
We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Riken booth!

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Mito Tool Mfg. Co., Inc.


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Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd.


KTC will show future tools. Please come to our booth.

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Altia Co., Ltd.


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Molitec Steel Co., Ltd.


We exhibit electric vehicle infrastructure products in this show.
Our regular electric charging station for electric vehicles comes standard with a retractable cord reel that can easily retract a 7 m long electric cable.
We have electric charging stations available in various types such as a no-billing type, billing type and gate post type, whichever meets customer needs.
At this motor show, we will exhibiting for the first time a high power electric charger with authentication billing.
We will also be showing a concept model that can retract the charging cable besides electric charging stations.

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Kyowa Kogyo Co., Ltd.


As a specialized manufacturer of joints, KYOWA has been researching and developing the cold forging process of the yoke which is a component part of the steering joint since the 1970s, realizing a cold forging manufacturing method for an asymmetric yoke which was generally considered impossible.Since being adopted as a steering joint for automobiles in 1982, we are continuing research and development on a daily basis for further improvement of quality and cost reduction.This time, we exhibited demonstration machines to realize the steering feeling of this high-function joint.Please come and experience the KYOWA joint.

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Sugiura Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


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Matsui Universal Joint Corp.


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Nippon Thermostat Co., Ltd.


Nippon Thermostat has been aiming to be the company contributing to human, environment and society, setting a goal of the product making from the viewpoint of auto manufacturer, with the keyword of "Temperature Control" since the foundation in 1954. This time, we exhibit the engine with one of our main products, Electric Control Thermostat. The various items contributing to furl efficiency, such as open valve, oil valve and sensor are also exhibited, as well as Thermoelectric Module as an item for the next generation. Explainers stay at our booth throughout this period. Please feel free to make a question if any. We are heartily looking forward to your visit.

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Rays Co., Ltd.


Display of various wheels utilizing RAYS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Numerous attractive RAYS wheels including those made of Magnesium, Ultra Super Duralumin, as well as aluminum forging technology, and cast wheels made through modeling properties and finished with original surface treatment technology. OEM products for various car makers using this technology will also be exhibited. Please feel free to stop by our booth.

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Arconic Japan Ltd.


ARCONIC (formerly known as ALCOA) will introduce dissimilar material fastening technology at the booth. We have prepared various products range of HUCK series of products which are well known to Aerospace industry. Also we will unveil brand new Cordless Battery HUCK installation tool at the booth too.
Besides, our most recent state of art technology, RSR, will be unveiled at the booth. Which could make dissimilar material (AL+UHSS, AL+Composite, AL+UHSS+Steel etc) joint with robust quality of each joint. We will prepare real Automotive body parts which were assembled by RSR at the booth too.

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Isamu Paint Co., Ltd.


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Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd.


At our booth, we exhibit DLC coating piston rings, dimple liners and motor cores for EV.

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Sanwa Seiki Ltd.


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Kuzeh Corp.


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Tokyo Roki Co., Ltd.


TOKYO ROKI develops products that helps meet various environmental regulations.
Our high interest in “Clean & Saving”that embrace environmental conservation on a global scale while offering customer-focused solutions allows us to introduce our newest products to the world with great confidence.

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Daido Metal Co., Ltd.


Our company is an "integrated bearing manufacturer" that produces and sells "bearings" used in various industrial fields such as automobiles, ships, construction machinery and general industries. We structures a production and sales system at 5 poles such as Japan, North America, Europe, Asia and China. Bearings used for automobile engines have the top share in the world.
Moreover, our lead-free bearings which are adopted widely by automobile manufacturers have high evaluation from customers.

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Fine Sinter Co., Ltd.


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Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.


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IPF Corp.


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Asahi Denso Co., Ltd.


For more than 50 years, the Asahi Denso group has been working together with customers around the world to develop, design and produce superb products, and our customers have come to have confidence in our products.

We see the mission of the Asahi Denso group as creating an ongoing flow of Human Machine Interface (HMI) products acclaimed as "Cool" by the rest of the world, that transcend cultural differences, through our "Open the Way" spirit.

This year, we introduce our technologies and products focusing on 4 categories: smartphone connection, human machine interface, security, and vehicle management.
Please visit Asahi Denso booth and experience our products.

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