Near future prospects (-2050)・The society created by EV and the role of design

  • Nov. 4(Sat.)
  • 10:30-13:00(Design Contest)
  • Conference Rooms 605-608
  • Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles

Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles(APEV)is a private organization which promotes EV / FCV / PHV based on the concept of“To leave the beautiful Earth for our children in the future”. At this symposium, we will think about“The society created by EV and the role of design”with the audiences. In the morning, APEV conducts Final Screening, Award Ceremony and Exhibition of “EV Mobility Design Contest for International Students”. In the afternoon, the symposium “Near future prospects (-2050): The society created by EV and the role of design” will be held. In the symposium,the judges of the design contest will discuss mobility in the near future and how future society will be, based on the contest result of the morning part.

Head of Screening Committee/Panelists
Shiro Nakamura(Design consultant, CEO, SHIRO NAKAMURA DESIGN ASSOCIATES Co., Ltd.)
Screening Committee /Panelists
Ken Okuyama(Industrial Designer CEO,Ken Okuyama Design)
Screening Committee /Panelists
Akihiro Nagaya(Executive Officer, Chief General Manager, Design Center, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.)
Screening Committee
Shigeaki Tanaka(Deputy Director-General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Screening Committee
Masayuki Shima(Senior Deputy Director-General, Road Transport Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Screening Committee
Nobuhiro Tajima(Representative Chairman and CEO Tajima Motor Corporation APEV Chief Commissioner)
Toshio Yamashita(CEO, INTERROBANG DESIGN INC. APEV Commissioner)