JAMA Digital Engineering Seminar

  • Nov. 2(Thu.)
  • 13:00-17:30
  • Conference Rooms 607
  • Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
    Electronic Information
    Exchange Committee

At JAMA's Electronic Information Committee Digital Engineering Subcommittee, we work as an industry on issues that cannot be solved by an individual company, taking the fundamental philosophy to lead a high quality and new Japanese "Monozukuri (manufacturing)" by practical validation of cutting edge technologies taking future trends and enhancing a solid foundation into consideration by standardization beyond industries, we are taking on the challenge of cutting edge technology research activities, collaboration activities and standardization activates to capture needs early on, as well as, working on activities to discover and deploy new activity themes for which even greater practical benefit can be expected.In the seminar that we held, we decided to explain about each of the activity accomplishments and future activities of the Digital Engineering Subcommittee.

Masahiro Iino(Chairman of Digital Engineering Subcommittee)
Koichi Zama(Vice Chairman of Digital Engineering Subcommittee)
Shuji Saga(Vice Chairman of Digital Engineering Subcommittee)
Hiroyuki Umetani(Chairman of CAE-WG)
Hiromi Shimada(Task Leader of 3DAMS Transmission to JIS)
Ken Takeda(Task Leader of Standardization for Tolerance-Analysis Tool and Data)
Yousuke Kikuchi(Task Leader Electronic Control System Development Related Data Exchange)
Takeo Senko(Task Leader of BOM Data Exchange)
Takenori Kawakata(Chairman of Digital Engineering Visualization WG)
Masaya Ozawa(Chairman of LTAR-WG)
Ayumi Tada(Task Leader of CAE Cloud)