Collaboration with Rinkai Fukutoshin Machizukuri Council

TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2017 Rinkai Fukutoshin Stamp Rally
In collaboration with Disney/Pixar’s “Cars/Crossroads” available on MovieNEX

The Tokyo Waterfront City Association, in collaboration with Disney/Pixar’s “Cars/Crossroads,” will hold a rally to collect stamp seals at local Association member facilities. Collect “Cars” stamp seals to win exciting prizes!


The event will be held in conjunction with the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 to attract visitors to Tokyo Waterfront City Association member establishments and the Tokyo Motor Show, thereby promoting the Tokyo waterfront area.

Dates October 28 (Sat.)-November 5 (Sun.), 2017
(A total of 9 days, during the period the Tokyo Motor Show will be open to the general public.)
Event Details Nine different seal stamps will be available at stamping booths in 17 facilities including Tokyo Waterfront City Association member establishments. The first 10,000 participants who acquire at least three stamp seals will receive a limited-edition plastic folder at one of the lottery-drawing locations listed below. Participants will also be able to enter a prize-awarding lottery (number of entries equals number of collected seals subtracted by 2), in which 100 entrants will win exciting prizes including a “Cars Laser-Controlled McQueen” toy car.
  • Original plastic folder (example only)

  • “Cars Laser-Controlled McQueen” toy car (example only)

Stamp Booth Locations (17 total) (1)DECKS Tokyo Beach; (2) Aqua City Odaiba; (3) Fuji Television; (4) Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba;(5) Diver City Tokyo Plaza; (6) Museum of Maritime Science;(7) National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan); (8)Venus Fort;(9) Sona Area; (10) Yurikamome Ariake Station; (11) Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel;(12) Rinkai Line Kokusai-Tenjijo Station; (13) Panasonic Center Tokyo; (14) Hotel Sunroute Ariake;(15) TFT Building East; (16) Ariake Boat Terminal; (17) Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Tomica Booth (Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3)
Lottery Drawing Locations (1)DECKS Tokyo Beach; (2)Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Venue (Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3)

Tokyo Motor Show News Coupon

As part of the Tokyo Motor Show’s efforts to facilitate show visitors’ side trips to the surrounding Tokyo waterfront area, Tokyo Motor Show News, the show’s daily publication media, will contain discount coupons to nearby commercial facilities, such as restaurants. Coupons for the following establishments are planned to be offered.

Participating Facilities (1) Fuji Television; (2) Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel; (3) Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba;(4) Hotel Sunroute Ariake; (5) Aqua City Odaiba; (6) DECKS Tokyo Beach; (7) Venus Fort;(8) Panasonic Center Tokyo; (9) Tokyo Bay Court Club; (10) Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside;(11) Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari; (12) Tokyo Big Sight Al Porto

Special-Purpose Vehicles Exhibition

The Rinkai Holdings Group organizes the popular “Special-Purpose Vehicles Exhibition” to coincide with this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Vehicles used by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, police, fire departments, and the Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd. and Japan Automobile Federation safety cars are on display, alongside a rare “Audio Car.”

Dates Oct. 28 (Sat.) and Oct. 29 (Sun.), 2017
Venue East Promenade, Symbol Promenade Park
Organizer Rinkai Holdings Group: Tokyo Rinkai Holdings Co., Ltd.; Tokyo Teleport Center, Inc.; Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation; Tokyo Big Sight Inc.; Yurikamome Inc.; Tokyo Rinkai Heat Supply Corporation
Co-Organizer Tokyo Waterfront City Association
Support Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government; Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Cooperation Neoring, Inc.

The Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Commemorative Illumination

“The Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Commemorative Illumination” display will magnificently illuminate the pathway between the Tokyo Motor Show’s Tokyo Big Sight venue and the Rinkai Line’s Kokusai-Tenjijo Station.

Dates Oct. 25 (Wed.)-Nov. 5 (Sun.), 2017
Time 17:00-21:00 (ends at 18:00 when the Show closes at 18:00)
Location East Promenade to Yagura Bridge
Organizer Tokyo Rinkai Holdings Co., Ltd.; Tokyo Big Sight Inc.

Projection Mapping

In addition to the illuminations between Yagura Bridge and the Tokyo Motor Show venue, projection mapping is implemented, with the Tokyo Big Sight Conference Hall’s walls acting as a screen on which videos owned by Tokyo Big Sight, including “Tokyo Big Sight 20th Anniversary Content,” “Sporting Spirit,” and “Musical Clock,” is shown.

*Photo: 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Dates Oct. 25 (Wed.)-Nov. 5 (Sun.), 2017
Time 17:00-21:00
Location East Promenade to Yagura Bridge
Organizer Tokyo Rinkai Holdings Co., Ltd.; Tokyo Big Sight Inc.

“Otoku ni Let’s Go!” Yurikamome One-Day Pass and Same-Day Tokyo Motor Show Admission Ticket Package

This package will provide its purchasers with a Yurikamome one-day pass and a same-day Tokyo Motor Show admission ticket for a discounted price, and will include a booklet of discount coupons valid at Tokyo Waterfront City Association member establishments to help promote the Tokyo waterfront area.

Dates Oct. 28 (Sat.)-Nov. 5 (Sun.), 2017
Venue (sales) Yurikamome Line’s Shimbashi Station
Organizer Yurikamome Inc.